Casual Weekend

Casual Weekend

With warmer temperatures and spring headed our way, I have been in a pretty casual mood on the weekends.  Maybe it’s all the pencil skirts and dresses 50 hours during the week, but I am craving some light and airy casual attire come each weekend.  I can see myself basically living in either of these outfits this spring and summer.  I’m sure you’ve also noticed, but I have been crazy about baby blue, pink and lime.  Now I think it’s time to get pedicure and manicure with O.P.I.’s Bubble Bath nail polish so I can strap on some cute wedges.  What is your perfect casual weekend outfit?
  1. My casual weekend outfit is pretty similar, normally just an oversized tshirt with jeans and a cute bag. I don't think you can go wrong with that!


  2. Love the lime green heels! I wish I could pull off the floral hat, so cute! Your style is amazing!

  3. Adore the watch, and of course that t-shirt is perfect!

  4. vickie

    Love the pastel colors for Spring especially the PINK!!!

  5. If only it would warm up enough to wear a tshirt on the weekends! I wore a sweater, vest, and scarf today…BRR!!


  6. THOSE HEELS! Swooning…

    xo, Nina

  7. The mint bag is amazing!!

  8. My casual outfit today was a tank and shorts! So comfy 🙂

  9. That tee is too cute! XO