January 19, 2015


Good morning!  Where did the weekend go?!  It just flew by, but I can’t complain about it because it was 60 degrees all weekend.  It was long overdue!  We even took Leighton to Shelby Farms for the first time yesterday.  We took Spike and Lola too, and Spike toted his frisbee around like the happiest little yorkie all afternoon.  We cannot wait for spring and summer to get here and for Leighton to get a little bigger so we can try out her new bike trailer she got for Christmas.  I’ve also heard great things about bike seats lately.  Has anyone tried them?
We took these pictures last weekend, and it was about half the temperature of this weekend so I bundled up in my faux fur cape and my Kismet Love Collection nursing scarf.  I love the houndstooth print on the scarf, and I love the mixture of black and brown in the outfit.  This was one of those looks that was quick and easy to throw on, but I think it made me look pretty pulled together (or as pulled together as I can be these days.)  = )  What did everyone else do this weekend?  Are you having spring fever like me?!

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