June 13, 2016

Makeover – Mineral Fusion Road Show at Whole Foods

This past week I heard that the Mineral Fusion Road Show was stopping by Whole Foods in East Memphis.  They will be there through Monday, June 13, and they are even doing complimentary makeovers.  I’ve never really had my makeover done by anyone before, so you better believe I jumped all over the opportunity to get glammed up!  Mineral fusion is a natural cosmetic line that is gluten free, cruelty free and hypoallergenic.  Some of the products are even 100% vegan.
Right now, all of the Mineral Fusion products at Whole Foods are 40% off.  They’re not just a cosmetics company though.  They also carry nail polish, hair products, body care products and a skin care line.  Some of the products are fragrance free while others only have the fragrance of the natural ingredients in them such as lavender and rosemary.  They smell amazing!
My makeup artist was amazing.  First she asked me if I had any events coming up and what type of look I was looking for.  I told her I am always pretty neutral and natural looking, so I was all for her taking that to the next level and spicing it up just a bit.  She started with the hydrating primer and then started on my eyes.  She applied 3 different eyeshadow colors followed by eyeliner and mascara.  I love the trio of eyeshadow.  It has such pretty (but still neutral) metallic colors that really stand up compared to your normal neutrals.  They have a bronze tint to them.
How gorgeous are these eyeshadows?  They are even prettier in person.  It was just enough to really make a statement.  I had to go back to work so I didn’t want anything too bold, but it was just perfect, and everyone at work even noticed and said how great it looked.  = )
If you get a chance, make sure you swing by Whole Foods tomorrow and get a makeover during the Mineral Fusion Road Show.  Then go to dinner with your hubby and show off your gorgeous face.  = )

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