June 12, 2016

Reptile Print + Fitness Tracker

Leggings c/o // Tee c/o // Bra c/o // Watch c/o // Shoes (newer style) // Sunglasses c/o
A cute new workout outfit never hurt anyone!  I am always on the hunt for new workout clothing to get me motivated, and this outfit has done just that.  These reptile print leggings are amazing, seriously.  Most leggings slide down or are too lose or too tight.  I got a medium in these, and they fit perfectly.  They are snug but not too snug.  The material actually slims but still stays up even while I’m running.  That’s hard to find in running leggings.  This adorable sports bra I’m wearing is not only cute and fashionable, it unzips in the front so no more pulling it over your head and getting sweat all in your hair, yuck.  And the top, it has a cut away design in the back and shows just enough skin to show off that cute sports bra you’re wearing without showing those love handles. 
And in case the outfit wasn’t enough motivation, I finally got my first activity tracker watch from Withings.  You never have to charge it like other activity trackers.  And it comes in a nice sleek design.  One that is even nice enough to wear to work with your pencil skirt.  And it’s even waterproof so you can track your swimming too.  This watch does everything.  It even tracks your sleep.  And you can set the alarm on it, and it will wake you up with gentle buzzing.  No need for watches and bands and clocks and everything else.  This watch really is pretty amazing.  I’m back to running outdoors and pretty pumped about all my new gear.  I’m out of town this week for work and am putting these workout clothes to work today.  = )  What gets you pumped for working out?  What’s your favorite exercise?  I could use the recommendations.  = ) 

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