October 3, 2016

Babywearing at the Memphis Farmers Market + LILLEbaby Carrier Giveaway!!

A couple of weeks ago, Leighton and I decided to do a little shopping at the Agricenter Farmer’s Market in Memphis.  It was a pretty Saturday and the Delta Fair just happened to be in town that same day.  It was the perfect time to head to Shelby Farms and stock up on some tomatoes and peaches at the farmers market and then walk nextdoor to the fair to ride the ponies, camel and ferris wheel.
Leighton may almost be 2, but that doesn’t stop us from still babywearing some days.  Her favorite mode of transportation is still me, and I am grateful for all the snuggles that come with getting to carry my mini around.  But mama needs a hand…or two.  That is where babywearing still comes in handy for us.   At the farmers market, at the grocery store.  We even still babywear on some walks, and yes, we even babywear inside the house.  Leighton just loves to be attached to her mama, and that is where my LILLEbaby complete airflow carrier from Cute As a Button Baby Boutique comes in handy. 
I’ve said it before, but if you are a mom, an expecting mom, a grandma, aunt or anyone who loves kids, you will definitely want to check out Cute As a Button Baby Boutique.  I have been shopping there for a few years now.  The owner Kayti is the sweetest babywearing mama, and she even just recently opened her first brick and mortar storefront in Oregon.  If you’re in the area, lucky you!  If you’re not, you will want to check out her store online.  She really does carry some of the best baby brands that mamas like me and you know and love.  From LILLEbaby carriers to Nuna strollers to lactation cookies, she has the best selection of baby products.
Now for the good part!  I’m so excited to team up with Cute As a Button Baby Boutique again today to give away a LILLEbaby carrier like the gorgeous frosted rose one I’m wearing today.  Good luck and thanks for entering mamas!

279 thoughts on “Babywearing at the Memphis Farmers Market + LILLEbaby Carrier Giveaway!!”

  1. Frosted rose is my favorite print! I was so upset when I thought they weren't carrying the print anymore and then they came out with the airflow version! It's gorgeous!!

  2. We do not own a Lillebaby carrier at this time as I was just introduced to them! I tried out a friend's and have fallen in love with the carriers and the comfort of them! Frosted rose is one of them that I really like! In searching their website I also like Fall of Fern! 🙂

  3. I don't know how I would get along without babywearing! I don't know how anybody goes without it in fact! I am pregnant with my 3rd and all my carriers are baby sized, I could really use this carrier, and frosted rose is so beautiful, thank you for the opportunity!

  4. My favorite is definitely the embossed. So many beautiful colors. I just got a teal so that is one of my favorite, but if I could have two I'd also get a citrus or brilliance or an airflow:)

  5. My favorite is definitely the embossed. So many beautiful colors. I just got a teal so that is one of my favorite, but if I could have two I'd also get a citrus or brilliance or an airflow:)

  6. Love neutrals like soho and mist, but high hopes and the Guncles are so cute and colorful!
    Baby wearing is awesome! I just got my friend into babywearing with my old anchors airflow & shes loving it, too!

  7. I love all the Lillebaby carriers to be honest. But since it's getting colder where I am at I would love an organic or something that isn't airy.

  8. My favourite carrier on that page is probably the Silver Cloud All Seasons CarryOn. Although I've also been wanting a doll carrier for my 2-year-old for awhile now. And the Birds of a Feather is such a nice print!
    Beautiful photos!!

  9. My favorite is the frosted rose ! I saw that the other day and immediately thought "oooh!". Grey and white are my favorite and my wedding theme was flowers 🙂

  10. I love my embossed but have been wanting to try an airflow for our Southern California heat. And I absolutely love Frosted Rose. Even though I'm not local, I also love ordering online from Cute As a Button☺️

  11. My baby girl turns 8 weeks old today�� I am new to baby wearing and I absolutely love the frosted print�� It is gorgeous and exactly my style! This would be simply amazing to win!

  12. I love my Lillebaby and wish I could use it more. I have a complete all seasons now so I would like a carry on complete next. I like that cute as a button gives gifts with some purchases

  13. I would love a frosted rose! I currently have an all season's cupid's arrow, but hubby and I have toyed with the idea of having a second carrier so that we don't have to change settings when one or the other wears our son!

  14. Thank you for this contest and opportunity. We love our Líllé!! Winning this one would allow us to carry our son, due at the end of this month, in our silver and charcoal and his big sis, 1.5 years old, could rock this beauty. With soon to be 5 kids we find babywearing a necessity.

  15. Tough to choose a single favorite! Teal embossed is bright and beautiful, frosted rose is so classy, and charcoal berry just looks spunky and fun!

  16. I recently tried on a LILLEBABY in a local baby shop where I live and fell in love! Unfortunately I'm not able to purchase one at the moment but it is definitely on my Christmas list this year! For some reason I'm attracted to the Brilliance which is weird because I never ever wear white. Me + white is a huge no go! But it's classic and breath taking and of course would go with anything I wear. Thank you for the opportunity to win a frosted rose, it's gorgeous as well not to mention my middle name is Rose so I love anything with roses on it.

  17. In general I absolutely love the Lillebaby Carrier. The frosted rose has been on my list of ones I love since it came out but since my hubby wouldn't use it I didn't buy it… really regretting that decision! I'd be so excited to win <3 Wear all the babies! 🙂

  18. My favorite is the all seasons amor but out of what she has in her shop I'd pick the oven the rainbow unicorns but I honestly need an airflow living in Texas so I'd love the frosted rose????

  19. I've always been a go'er for nutral shades so frosted rose is my 1st choice. And it being airflow is the cherry on top! Would be so easy to babywear my 7 week old around, with free hands to hold on to her cheeky 3.5 year old brother and give my full attention to on days out. Thanks for the chance to win, your blogs are informative & to the point. Love reading em.

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