October 21, 2016

Fall Florals

On Me:  Dress // Boots (other colors) // Hoodie c/o // Hat // Watch c/o
On Leighton:  Leggings // Sweater // Flats
While usually reserved more for spring and summer, I’ve been loving a good floral print this fall.  Especially in dark blacks, browns, wine, olive green, mustard and even winter white.  When paired with a pair of boots and layers, your favorite floral dress can work year round.  I was pretty much sold on this floral dress once I saw that it came in the same print in leggings for toddlers.  I topped my dress with the new Samantha hoodie from Evy’s Tree.  My favorite hoodies lately have been neutrals, so I was happy to see a brown hoodie to add to my collection.  It is soft brown stretchy cotton with an almost suede like material down the sides, back and on the hood.  What is pretty unique about this hoodie is that the hood actually unzips and opens to transform to a sailor like collar in the back.  I think it is a fun detail, and it actually dresses up the hoodie in my opinion to where I could completely wear it to work.     
Leighton and I wore these matching outfits a couple weekends ago to do a little shopping.  Shopping is her new favorite hobby I think.  I ask her every Saturday morning what she wants to do, and she says Shop!  She was SO sweet that weekend y’all.  I had a scab on my leg, and as she was running down the ramp she saw it and yelled out boo boo and just bent down to kiss my leg.  They sure do melt your heart at this age when they do they sweet and unexpected things like that.     

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