October 24, 2016

Weekend Park Stroll + Quinny Moodd Stroller Giveaway!!

You’ve seen Leighton and I strolling around town here and on insta stories quite a lot in our Quinny Moodd.  This is the stroller I keep in the back of my Tahoe at all times.  It goes with me everywhere.  It is hands down the quickest and easiest stroller to open and close.  It is not the most lightweight stroller by any means, but it has all the bells and whistles that we were looking for.  I love a good lightweight stroller for traveling, but for everyday use (we go on a stroller walk almost everyday), I reach for the Quinny Moodd.  It is Leighton’s favorite stroller to ride in too.  She loves to sit up tall, hold onto the bar and pretend like she’s driving, and then on our nightly walks, she loves to lie back and relax while we stroll through the park.  It can rear face or face forward, the handle extends to different lengths, and the basket is still a really decent size for lots of snacks on our walks. We’ve only had this stroller since the spring, but I honestly wish we would have had it sooner as it would be great for a newborn with the car seat attachments and then the option to completely recline when they’re a little bigger.  Of all the strollers we have had, this one is my all-around favorite.
Today I’m excited to be teaming up with my good friend and fellow blogger, Jade from A Spoonful of Style, to give away a Quinny Moodd stroller.  Jade is one of my sweetest and most down to earth moms and blogger friends I’ve met over the last 4 years of blogging.  She has 2 adorable little ones, Andi and Lincoln, and she still looks amazing and so put together every single day.  Leighton and Andi are around the same age too.  Make sure you check out Jade’s blog to see her family and read why they love their Quinny Moodd so much too.  Now to the good part…use the rafflecopter widget below to enter, and good luck!  Now that you’ve heard me talk about my favorite features in a stroller, what are your favorite features you look for when picking out a stroller? 

87 thoughts on “Weekend Park Stroll + Quinny Moodd Stroller Giveaway!!”

  1. Love this stroller!! Looking for something like this for my 24 weeker who is now 17 months. We have a little bit of developmental delays so we're constantly toting around her stroller. This would be so helpful with her g tube feedings and isn't near as bulky looking as our other stroller!

  2. Love this!! I'm all about ease of opening/closing, lots of storage & seating options, & call me vain but it's gotta look good! ???? I love the modern and minimalist Quinny design!! xx

  3. I like a stroller that rolls easily. We have owned so many different ones over the years. My husband broke a wheel off once trying to force it over a bumpy trail. I like really good suspension. That way it rolls smooth and gives baby a smooth ride too.

  4. Ease of use is high…it needs to fold up small quickly and easily. But at the same time it needs to be sturdy and tall enough for my tall frame. Nina.mackrain

  5. I prefer a stroller that is lightweight, travels well, maneuvers easily and has good storage and organizational features like cup holders for mom and baby and compartments for keys or small items.

  6. I love having a stroller that maneuvers well! It is the worst having a stroller you can't turn or move around well. Also, with a busy 2 year old…I need something that is easy to fold and not too bulky! Expecting my second this week and this would be amazing to win! Crossing my fingers!!

  7. I'm 5' 10" & my husband is 6' 2"… we immediately look for something comfortable for our height. Then we look for something easy to fold/light enough for me to stash in the car bc we're on the go a lot!

  8. safety of course would be # 1 & comfort for my child & me. It can't be way too heavy that I can't put in the car's trunk without pulling my back lol & we live in south florida so one with a big canopy or that offers it as an extra , would be great! 🙂

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