December 5, 2016

Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts For Moms

Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts For Moms by East Memphis mom blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels
Maybe it was because I had a late fall/winter baby, but I feel like Christmas is always such a good time to stock up on some baby gear.  We all know how expensive it can get.  We had Leighton on October 22, so come Christmas, we knew exactly what we needed and what we didn’t (and then we just crossed our fingers that Leighton would like them all!)  You know how picky babies can be sometimes.
With all the great Christmas sales going on right now, it’s the perfect time to buy those baby gear items as gifts for moms for yourself or a friend or family member.  Believe me, they’ll thank you.  I’ve rounded up some of my favorite gifts for moms, from car seats to bouncers to diaper bags.  And I also have a special treat for one lucky reader today.  4moms is one of my favorite brands for baby gear.  We had a couple of their bouncers and even their high chair, and the bounceRoo is one of their newest bouncers that will be such a lifesaver.  I’m so excited to be teaming up with 4moms to give away a bounceRoo today.  To enter just use the widget below and good luck!  What was your favorite baby item you couldn’t live without?

This giveaway is a part of the 12 Days of Giveaways.  Twelve bloggers, twelve days, twelve amazing prizes! Be sure to check the calendar below, and to visit each site to enter on their giveaway day.  All giveaways will be open until the 18th……so lucky you, you can enter them ALL!


Giveaways (click to enter each one):
December 2: American Girl Doll  – Lipgloss and Crayons 
December 5: 4moms bounceRoo – Walking in Memphis in High Heels
December 6: Evy’s Tree hoodie and Fawn Design bag – Sandy a la Mode
December 7: $100 Matilda Jane Gift Card – Momfessionals
December 8: Beauty Stocking Stuffers – Hairspray and Highheels
December 9: Minted Credit – Veronika’s Blushing
December 12: Rebecca Minkoff handbag – Blushing Basics
December 13: Erin Condren planner – Lauren Mcbride Blog
December 14: Wild Dill credit – Still Being Molly
December 15: Skin Care Gift Basket – Makeup, Life, Love
December 16: World Market Credit- Kendall Rayburn
December 17: Mama Essentials Gift Basket – Elisabeth Mcknight

169 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts For Moms”

  1. I am right with you on how expensive the items can be.. sometimes it's mind boggling, lol. On top of that you pray that your little will love them! I was gifted this mamaRoo® and it has been such a life saver! So many amazing products! xo

  2. My favorite baby item was a reclining seat. It helped with feeding and keeping my daughter up so she could see what was around her. We would "talk" to each other while keeping my hands and arms free. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  3. Thank you for this giveaway. My favorite baby item would have to be my rocking chair. Did everything on it. Feeding, rocking baby to sleep , or just sit there for my own quiet time too. Loved it!

  4. The MamaRoo was by far my favorite baby gear gift! And now that I am expecting twins, I'd love to add another or a bounceroo to my collection.

  5. Where did I even begin?! These giveaways are such huge staple items for any mom! I'll be a first time mommy soon so to own any of this would be so incredibly helpful!!
    However, I've been a nanny for years so one thing I couldn't live without is the quinny moodd stroller! It's a lifesaver when you need to get out!

  6. My favorite baby item is a bouncer. My son had horrible reflux when he was an infant and it was the only thing that helped. We're now expecting a little girl in March!

  7. I've heard so many things about this product I would love to own one my both of my sisters are pregnant one due in march and the other in april and this woul be bery helpful for both of them to share since they live together

  8. My favorite baby item and still my favorite baby item for my 1 year old are the munchkin disposable changing pads! They have saved me from having to wash more than necessary time after time. They are super absorbent and I'm thankful to have them whenever there is a blowout.

  9. My favorite baby product of all time is the blooming bath we recieved one at our baby shower for our now almost 3 year old and it was the best thing ever. I vowed to buy another for our baby boy due in January! 😉

  10. Would love to win that bounceroo! I've heard they are amazing. My item I couldn't live without with my daughter was my moby wrap. I swear she's part kangaroo and needed to by wrapped close to me all day and night!

  11. I love all of them but my favs are the bounce a roo and dock a tot. I'll have a one year old soon so they'll be perfect for the new baby while i tend to him.

  12. It was a rocker chair for my baby boy. He had acid reflux so he had to sleep sitting up some nights & it was a life saver! For my 2nd baby boy , so far it's been his bassinet that can be put up against my bed 🙂

  13. I love my rocking chair. It was my moms and I used it for my first son and getting ready to use it for our second. Even more excited that a friend is helping me make a new cover for it with a fabric I love ❤️

  14. My favorite baby gear product is a toss up between my tula baby carrier and my city select double stroller. We use one or the other every single day.

  15. I'm going to say I think a wrap is very essential for Mom to get anything done around the house because a newborn baby requires a lot of attention and truly just wants to be held. So the wrap makes it just a bit easier. For some reason with my second baby I don't hardly have anything, no glider, no swing, no pack n play, no bouncer. His birth kind of crept up on us very very fast. Heck he was even born within an hour of getting to hospital, no time for pain meds! So basically my procrastination did not pay off all around!

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