January 20, 2017

Our Fantastic Living Room Furniture Reveal + $250 Ashley Homestore Giveaway!!

Living Room Furniture from Ashley Homestore
Sectional // Floor Lamp (on sale!) // Throw Blanket (in store) // Mirror // Sculptures // Chairs // Media Console // Eiffel Tower Painting // Throw // Rug (in store) c/o Ashley Furniture Homestore

I am trying to contain myself and not squeal out loud, but I am SO excited to finally share my living room reveal with you all today!  We moved about a year and a half ago, so this has been quite a long time coming.  When Shane and I got married 10 years ago we were so excited to start our new life together, buy a house and of course buy some nice furniture for it.  We quickly learned how expensive it can be to furnish an entire house.  Fast forward 10 years and we have learned that our taste has changed quite a bit from the age of 23 to 33.  A new house, a new city, 2 new yorkies and a new toddler completely changes what you want out of your home dΓ©cor.
When we purchased our first living room suite, a couple of pieces came from Ashley Homestore.  We have been impressed with the price, the quality and the durability over the years, so we decided to stick with Ashley HomeStore this time around too.  Let me start by saying our old living room dΓ©cor was very dark.  From the couch to the chairs to the table even to the walls and floors.  It was just all around dark.  We only have 2 windows in our living room so once the sun gets overhead in the day, there isn’t much light in our living room, so the first thing I knew was that I wanted the room to be light, bright and inviting.  Second of all, it had to be realistic and comfortable for a toddler, 2 dogs and a husband who loves to lay on the couch.  And third of all, I had to still love the way it looked.
It can be hard picking living room furniture that works for everyone in the family, but I think we definitely did it.  Shane, Leighton and I visited our local Ashley Homestore over the summer knowing that we wanted to pick out a couch first.  We wanted it to be a sectional, gray, comfortable, roomy but still structured and modern.  I had already scoped out the website before we went and had spotted the Chamberly sectional and was pretty sure that it was just what we were looking for.  And soon as we walked into the store, we spotted it and knew it was definitely the one.  I love that we have an Ashley Homestore locally so we were able to visit it, see the sectional in person and sit on it and test it out.  That is what really sold us on this sectional for sure. 
 After we picked out the couch, we started searching for chairs and had no clue what we wanted aside from something gray and modern as well (What can I say? Shane loves gray.)  Shane picked out these chairs, and I think they are just perfect.  They have a touch of modern but not overly so.  We already knew we wanted a large white shag rug (Yes, even with 2 yorkies and a toddler.  I would like to think that neon play-doh adds a nice touch to it.)  Since our living room can be dark, we found the perfect floor lamp. I love the clear glass base and think it helps to lighten up the area even more. 
When we got back home from our trip, I checked out the website again to get a few more finishing touches like a throw blanket, a mirror to go above the mantel (I am in love with this mirror by the way!), some sculptures and a media console.  I think our style can be summed up as modern eclectic with a hint of glam (Or maybe that’s my style.  I’m not sure that Shane would describe his style as glam haha!)  I think it turned out perfectly!  The media console is a little more farmhouse, but I think it really balances the room out for a bit of an eclectic and home-y vibe.  We didn’t want everything to be too stark white with crazy sharp angles and edges.  That may have been our style a few years ago, but a toddler definitely helps to change and develop your style over the years. 
I couldn’t be happier with the way the room turned out.  It is bright and inviting but still has plenty of character and color to make a statement when you walk in.  And every piece is roomy and comfy enough for a family of 5 (including Spike and Lola) to pile up on to watch Frozen for the 3rd time in a row.  To help you get you redecorate your house and maybe make it a little more family or toddler friendly, I am so excited to share a coupon code for 25% off your next online purchase.  Use code WLKNMPHS16 for 25% off any online purchase.  And one lucky reader will win a gift certificate for $250 off their next $500 online purchase from Ashley Homestore.  To enter just use the rafflecopter widget below and good luck!  What do you think about our living room transformation?  What is your home dΓ©cor style?  How has your style changed over the years?  What would you get from Ashley Homestore if you won?
Living Room Furniture from Ashley Homestore
Living Room Furniture from Ashley Homestore
Living Room Furniture from Ashley HomestoreLiving Room Furniture from Ashley Homestore
Living Room Furniture from Ashley Homestore
Living Room Furniture from Ashley Homestore
Living Room Furniture from Ashley HomestoreLiving Room Furniture from Ashley Homestore
Living Room Furniture from Ashley Homestore
This post is in collaboration with Ashley Furniture Homestore who supplied me furniture and accessories, but all opinions are 100% my own.  

121 thoughts on “Our Fantastic Living Room Furniture Reveal + $250 Ashley Homestore Giveaway!!”

  1. I think maybe the widget needs to be updated, because it asks about DSW rather than Ashley Furniture.

    Just in case it's correct, my favorite pair of shoes at DSW is the Lugz Tambora Bootie.

    And my favorite item from Ashley Furniture is the Larchmont Counter Height Bar Stool. πŸ™‚

  2. Looks great! I am so ready to just complete something at my house!! I feel like every room is like 80% done. New living room furniture is on my list and I think I know what I want but just making time to go look as a family is hard! I've totally signed up with Havenly after your bedroom post and I'm hoping I get some great ideas.

  3. My favorite is a tie between the mirror and the chair, both so pretty!

    And my favorite on their site is the Amarine Table Lamp!

    You two are the most adorable with those hats and your hair looks gorgeous!

  4. My daughter is almost 4 and still sleeps in my bed, this would be awesome I would definitely let her pick her own bed if we win. Well either way I'll be letting her pick her own bed win or not because mama and daddy need their bed back lol.

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