February 8, 2017

3 Rules to Mix Prints Like a Pro

learn to mix prints with clothes

Jeans // Top c/o // Hoodie c/o // Booties // Watch // Beanie
Y’all know I have a thing for Evy’s Tree hoodies.  And I’m sure you’ve also noticed I tend to stick with the solid colored hoodies and even the dressier styles they come out with, but when I saw the Rosie in Patchwork, I thought it was just perfect for spring!  It has blue polka dots and 2 different floral prints, but it’s just the right amount of prints for a subtle built-in print mixing.  But, I thought my outfit could use just one print, so I added this pretty flutter sleeve top from Draper James.  I have a few rules when it comes to mixing prints.  I don’t always follow these rules, but it’s nice to have something to go by so you can tell how well the prints really mix together.
1.  Mix prints of different sizes.  I like to choose one larger print like my striped top, and one with smaller prints like the hoodie with small polka dots and floral prints.
2.  Choose prints that have colors in the same color family or the same color.  For instance, my striped top and my hoodie both have blue in them.  I am wearing 4 different prints, but they all share the color blue in them.  The polka dots and yellow floral print have different shades of blue in them, but they are all in the same color family of blue.
3.  If your prints aren’t in the same color family or don’t share a common color, try pairing pieces with the same print on each.  For instance, stripes on stripes or florals on florals.  I would stick with rule number 1 on this so the same print all over isn’t too much.
What do you think about print mixing?  What are your favorite prints to pair together?   
learn to mix prints with clothes
learn to mix prints with clothes
learn to mix prints with clothes
learn to mix prints with clothes

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