How to Stay Healthy & Boost Your Immune System this Winter + $100 CVS Giveaway!!

This how to stay healthy post is sponsored by CVS, but all opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for helping me to support the brands I love.
How to Stay Healthy & Boost Your Immune System this Winter by East Memphis mom blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels

With winter and  my busy season at work being here, I have been  trying so hard not to get sick this cold and flu season.  Last January I was sick for 3 months straight.  Yes, I said 3 months straight!  It was terrible.  I was flying every couple weeks, working long hours and doing presentations in front of almost 100 people and could barely talk.  This year I’ve been stocking up on some of my favorite immune boosting products from CVS to stay healthy and haven’t got sick since then.

I’ve been taking Health Immune Support Vitamin C Fizzy Drink, Sambucol Black  Elderberry and CVS Health Complete Adult Multivitamins.  One of the best things about them aside from giving my  immune system a boost is that they actually work and they all taste good too!  With busy season at work gearing up, I don’t have time to get sick, and I’m sure you all can relate.  I’ll be traveling a bit the next couple months, and no one wants to sit next to that person on the plane who is coughing the entire time!  That was me last year.

If I am traveling and do end up getting sick, at least  I know I can always find a CVS MinuteClinic nearby.  They are open 7 days a week and on nights and weekends, so you can almost find a location to help treat you.  They don’t just treat illnesses and injuries, they  also do vaccinations and physicals.  I am so excited to be teaming up with CVS to give one lucky reader a $100 gift card to CVS.   To enter, just use the widget below and good luck!  What would you get from CVS if you won?  What are you doing this winter to boost your immune system? Any tips on how to stay healthy this winter?

How to Stay Healthy & Boost Your Immune System this Winter by East Memphis mom blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels How to Stay Healthy & Boost Your Immune System this Winter by East Memphis mom blogger Walking in Memphis in High HeelsHow to Stay Healthy & Boost Your Immune System this Winter by East Memphis mom blogger Walking in Memphis in High HeelsHow to Stay Healthy & Boost Your Immune System this Winter by East Memphis mom blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels How to Stay Healthy & Boost Your Immune System this Winter by East Memphis mom blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels
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  1. Jennifer Rote

    I’d love to try the Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Big Shot Washable Mascara and some Angel Thierry Mugler Eau De Parfum Natural Spray.

    • edwinna

      I would buy some vitamins

  2. Angela

    I would get a daily vitamin and also the vitamin C from CVS to build my immune system up this Winter.

  3. Alice F.

    If I were to win, I would purchase Flonase Allergy Relief Nasal Spray Twin Pack.

  4. Sarah Jasinski

    Definitely could use some multivitamins and some chapstick for the winter!

  5. Tracy DeLoach

    I would choose CVS Health Complete Adult Multivitamins and CVS Health Moist/Dry Extra Large Heating Pad. Thank you for the chance to win Laura & Happy New Year!

  6. Bri Bliss

    My family can use all the immunity support we can get! With Ella starting Kindergarten & more kids at daycare for Livy, I feel like we’re a revolving door of sickness this year! Eric is traveling more for work too, so I’d get him some vitamins & Airborne for flights!

  7. sandra

    daily vitamins

  8. Lauren Price

    i love a good daily vitamin and always have their vitamin c packets on standby!

    Lauren Elyce

  9. Vickie

    I would get some probiotics and vitamin D. Love CVS!

  10. Gentry Adams

    This is the hardest time of the year to stay healthy! I always am getting sick when I travel but good idea to stop at CVS!

  11. Jovan B.

    Probably Clinique Happy Perfume Spray as I love that scent and maybe try some new makeup.

  12. Janine Markham

    I would definitely raid all the beauty aisles, especially nail polish.

  13. the cape on the corner

    i need to restock my supply cabinet, so definitely start with some deodorant and contact solution.

  14. Helen

    I need to give some of those immune boosting products a try! I usually don’t get sick but this winter has been a completely different story. Thanks for sharing!


  15. Rosie A (HEATHER)

    There’s some Milani and Wet N Wild makeup products I’d like to try. I’d also buy cold medicines for the season.

  16. Jennifer

    I would most definitely raid all the beauty aisles!!!!

  17. Allie Msckin

    Oh yes I take anti-oxidents everyday and I have not had the cold of flu in almost 4 years. But as soon as I stop I get sick. And I do think gummies work better.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  18. Meegan

    I would buy some prenatal vitamins!

  19. Kayley

    I would save it and use it to stock up on OTC meds and bandages when I move to a new apartment in March!

  20. Elena

    I would stock up on cold meds like Tylenol, Vicks etc

  21. Elle

    I would get multi vitamin gummies and some vitamin C gummies.

  22. Laura

    Daily vitamins always help me stay healthy! I need to try those gummy ones though! They sound great!

  23. Carol

    I love the makeup and probiotics at cvs

  24. Lindsay

    The black elderberry actually sounds good. I would pick some of that up & rn, some hot cocoa Burr!

  25. jodie filogomo

    I love the convenience that we have with CVS and these products!!

  26. Shira

    Ugh I have my first cold currently- bring on the vitamin c!

  27. Gina Blades

    I’d buy body lotion, hand cream, night cream, and sunscreen.

  28. Kimberly Leong

    I would stock up on beauty products and snacks!

  29. Grace Mitchell

    I’d stock up on the kids’ vitamins. They are pricy!

  30. Jennifer Hedden

    I would use it to get makeup and vitamins. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  31. Ashley Perez

    I would buy Crest White strips 🙂

  32. Kelly

    I would purchase some of this elderberry vitamins and more Vitamin C!! I double up on it in the winter!!

  33. Amanda

    definitely some new vitamins!

  34. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    I would stock up on my fave Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes, Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads, and the latest NYX Makeup goodies!

  35. Cynthia Gaarder

    I would get some good shampoo and conditioner to help with my dry winter hair

  36. Kathy Clark

    Shampoo and conditioner, snacks, a foot spa, vitamins and some dog toys for my pups!

  37. Katrina Terrett

    I would purchase vitamins!! CVS is a one stop shop for everything you need to stay healthy!

  38. Nicki

    Definitely NYX makeup!`

  39. Kimberly Munoz

    We have all been sick on and off for a couple of months, it’s ridiculous! I would definitely get us all some good vitamins and maybe some goodies for me. ????????

  40. Annette

    I’d buy epsom salts and various CVS brand body washes.

  41. Betty

    I will choose some CVS brand vitamins and some makeup too.

  42. Amy doerfler

    beauty products and vitamins

  43. Alina

    I’d get the Olay Regenerist Whip Moisturizer and some One a Day daily vitamins.

  44. beth

    I would get detergent and face cream.

  45. Brix

    I would get a lot of the L’Oreal Voluminous Washable Mascara since I wear it quite often and Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm.

  46. Sean

    Beauty 360 Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloth Towelettes, L’Oreal RevitaLift Triple Power Deep-acting Moisturizer and CVS Health Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Scrub is what I would buy.

  47. Tammy Woodall

    If I won, I would use the gift card towards stocking up on Vitamins for the family. The Vitamin Buy One Get One Free Event is a great time to do so.

  48. Melissa Herrera

    I would buy some probiotics and since its the new year i am getting back in to being healthy so also a vegan protien shake.
    Thanks new subscriber!

  49. Rosie

    I’d love to get some essential oils, and some nice soaps.

  50. Sheila K.

    I would buy paper products!

  51. HS

    I would stock up on lip balm and Cetaphil moisturizing cream.

  52. Andrea Darst

    I just stocked up on Multivitamins at CVS yesterday…with my Extra Care bucks and coupons, I got $68 worth of items for only $31!! I’d get makeup or some of their new Korean beauty items!

  53. Michelle J.

    I’d get some beauty products.

  54. Bojana Krienke

    Love the idea of having a vitamin C fizzy drink. That’s a really good idea. I think I will stop by a local pharmacy to see what I can find.

  55. Donna L

    I would purchase an assortment of vitamins that I take.

  56. meredith

    I think I’d get the Olay Regenerist Whip Moisturizer,

  57. Alexa M Johnson

    Love this post!

  58. Joanna A.

    A few essentials, and then some makeup and beauty products!

  59. Helen

    I would probably get some vitamins, first aid supplies, treats for my little girl and develop some pictures.

  60. Lauren

    I would buy personal care items.

  61. Mary Beth Elderton

    I would choose something like your list–plenty of vitamins an immune boosters. We actually had the flu last year, and it was miserable! I hope to never go through that again!

  62. Stephanie Phelps

    I would have to get some CVS Health Airshield Effervescent Tablets Orange Flavor.

  63. Ellie Wright

    I would stock up on the buy 1 get 50% off vitamins for my family.

  64. Sarah Hayes

    Id love to get some multivitamins for my daughter. this is so awesome. thank you for the chance to win

  65. Tara Peterson

    I love CVS!! Probably stock up on some makeup, vitamins and baby stuff for my newborn!

  66. Cindy A.

    I would stock up on eczema lotions and creams. This “bomb cyclone” has my skin all messed up. Shew!

  67. Kat

    I would buy moisturizing saline nose spray and lubricating eye drops for dry eyes and nose.

  68. elizabeth miller

    I would purchase a new humidifier for my daughter who gets horribly nose bleeds in the winter. Then, I would use what is left to purchase moistuizers and let my 12 year old who was just allowed to start wearing make up to pick out some things.

  69. Christy Peeples DuBois

    Since they have my vitamins but one get one free I would stick up on my vitamins for the coming year.

  70. Terri S.

    I’d buy the Braun Forehead Thermometer.

  71. Mary W

    I would stock up on vitamins and CVS brand equivalents of Aveeno lotions and Body Wash for my child with eczema.

  72. shirley emitt

    I would restock our medicine cabinet with OTC meds.

  73. Susan P.

    I would get vitamins and probiotics, especially when they have the Buy One, Get One Free or 1/2 off.

  74. Tracey byram

    I would buy, foundation, mascara, face powder and lipsticks.

  75. Nicole Martin

    I would stock up on vitamins!

  76. Margaret McRae Davis

    I’d buy vitamins and makeup.

  77. kimberly harrison

    i’d stock up on beauty supply products

  78. Michelle Fiorelli

    Awesome product!!!

  79. Laurie Nykaza

    I would use it to buy my sons Diabetic supplies there

  80. Sharon Rooney

    I would get vitamins, cold and flu supplies and tissues.

  81. SueEllen Williams

    Cold-Eze has been a lifesaver around here and I need to replenish our supply.

  82. Allyson Tice

    If I won, I would grab some of the CVS Fiber gummies, bandaids, shampoo, and some new hairspray! i mya buy a bar of ghiradelli chocolate too!

  83. adriana

    I would most likely buy some vitamins and personal care products.

  84. Kelly Kimmell

    I would restock on tissues, cough syrup and some Ibuprofen & Tylenol. Good things to have around just in case we get sick this winter.

  85. Sandy Bonesteel

    I would get the Maybelline Lasting Drama Light Eyeliner, the Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Creme, and the e.l.f. Corrective Concealer.

  86. Laura

    I would stock up on daily vitamins!

  87. Nancy Bowers

    I would buy paper goods.

  88. chris

    I would buy notebooks for my son for school and vitamins for the whole family.

  89. Sam M.

    I get lots of my over the counter meds at CVS – great prices and service!

  90. Iris

    I would buy some makeup ; I am out

  91. Barbara Brown

    I would stock up on vitamin C

  92. Denise M

    Prescriptions and stock up on over the counter meds… and some mascara

  93. Anastasia

    The first thing I’d get is another box of tissues! My nose is a faucet this winter lol Then I’d get some candy to make myself feel better 😀

  94. Bill G

    I would get some Thera-Flu.

  95. Soha Molina

    I’d buy vitamins.

  96. Latanya

    L’il Critters Gummy Bears Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Formula

  97. Sydney

    Vitamins! and lipstick :p

  98. Julie

    I would stock up on Vitamin C

  99. Rose Reeder

    I would use all for vitamins
    Heart Health
    Bone & Joint
    Vitamin B
    Vitamin D
    Immune Support

  100. Alice S

    CVS brand health/beauty items and a photo calendar!

  101. Sheila V.

    I would stock up on cold/flu medications & also peruse the makeup aisles just for fun!

  102. Patricia C

    I would choose Zicam medicated fruit drops and DermaE nightime moisturizer

  103. Cheryl Montgomery

    I would stock up on vitamens, cough drops, and thermometers

  104. Mary Whitescarver

    I would get zinc and vitamin C, working in a hospital this helps me stay healthy

  105. Alexis T

    Vitamin C from CVS would be awesome to boost my immune system.

  106. Joyce Francis

    I would check out the health section, and makeup..

  107. Lorrie Mandanici

    I would stock up on my vitamins.

  108. robin s.

    I would get beauty products and items for my little girl.

  109. Gricelda Castro

    My vitamin D

  110. Kristen J.

    I would probably save it for an emergency when traveling. I always seem to forget something and I constantly come across CVS stores. So I guess in the end it would be personal items.

  111. Anna Pry

    huggies wipes, pampers diapers, and a bag of m&m’s for mama

  112. Tabitha

    I’m in there every weekend, always something different from medicine & candy to a birthday card. I get all kinds of good deals at CVS

  113. Jeremy McLaughlin

    Would get vitamins and medicine

  114. Zara H

    I would get vitamins for my teenagers & myself, probiotics, and CVS brand allergy medicine.

    We were like you and all of my family except my daughter got sick last year. I am really hoping to stay well this year too. Thanks for this post!

  115. Donny

    A flu shot

  116. Rhonda N

    I would use it for buying vitamins for the family

  117. beth shepherd

    I would stock up on bathroom items and get a refill on my scripts. THank you

  118. Janine McNally

    I’d be like a kid in a candy store – you could buy so much with $100. How fun!!!

  119. Nelda Boyce

    I would replace on all my medicine cabinet items that have expired, and buy bandaids and gauze since my husband is always having accidents due to his neuropathy.

  120. Susan Charnholm

    Have to stay healthy this time of year. A daily vitamin and extra orange juice.

  121. Jennylyn Gross

    Vitamins and baby stuff

  122. Jessica DuBose

    I would stock up on some vitamins and probiotics. Plus, buy my son a toy with the gift card.

  123. Nadine L.

    Lotion! Lots and lots of lotion!

  124. Carolsue

    A bunch of hair products from the Garnier Whole Blends collection

  125. Megan Wilson

    I would definitely get a new brush, make up, and facial products. Very needed by this 37 year old mom of a two year old! ????

  126. Arlene

    i would get the hair skin & nail gummies

  127. Jennifer Barber

    If I won the gift card I would love to stock up on vitamins & supplements. Thank you for the giveaway!

  128. Susan

    I would buy Orgain protein to help me with my weight loss goals!

  129. mami2jcn

    I would buy candy for Valentine’s Day for my 4 kids!

  130. Diane B

    I would love to be able to buy my vitamins and prescriptions from CVS if I won. Would be FABULOUS!

  131. Abigail

    CVS is my go store in town! I’d use it for cosmetics and skin care products for dry winter skin

  132. Emily

    I would buy some vitamins, my doctor has recommended Vitamin D for my seasonal depression and this would be great!

  133. Zipporah Sandler

    I’d stock up on basics, like paper goods, headache medicine and some pantry goods (like coffee).

  134. Debra Guillen

    I’d choose Emergen-C Vitamin C and Airborne Original Immune Support Supplement

  135. Wendy Pesce

    I’d get some multi vitamins and some cold meds to have on hand

  136. Denise Bigelow

    I would definitely get the elderberry immune system booster & check out gummy supplements. Also anything that flights the flu, like Boiron Oscillococcinum Homeopathic Flu Medicine.

  137. Dana Rodriguez

    I LOVE shopping at CVS. I need to stock up on vitamins and honestly I love their beauty department!

  138. Donna C.

    I would stock op on probiotics and vitamins

  139. Gregg Deering

    I would buy vitamins with the gift card. We can always use those.

  140. Dawn Ballo

    I’d buy some make up and beauty products.

  141. Chrissy

    I would stock up on vitamins, toilet paper and toiletries for the whole family!

  142. Dana Pugsley

    I love CVS I would stock up on vitamins, supplements and first aid supplies

  143. Jessica Aldridge

    I would stock up on Lotion, Chapstick, Tissues and Cough drops! Baby it’s cold outside!

  144. Francine Anchondo

    I would get diapers for my daughter

  145. Terrie A.

    I would definitely stock up on vitamins and cold/cough products but I’d probably get some skincare and beauty products too!

  146. Kristen

    I’d get some nice shampoo and some Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap.

  147. Elizabeth

    I would stock up on Cetaphil face lotion. I need extra in the winter!

  148. Alex Montana

    I would use it to help with the prescriptions I have to take each month. It would be a real blessing.

  149. Judy Swanson

    I would keep up with my multivitamins and because I live in the northern US, I would start taking Vitamin D because I know I have a deficiency. It’s also time to add Vitamin C to my regimen because the flu virus is running rampant here!

  150. sarah s

    I’ve been feeling a little rundown so I would definitely stock up on some vitamins to help boost my immune system and also pick up some staple items.

  151. Cynthia Stacey

    I would buy some vitamins if I won because I need to take more Vitamin D and also a good multi-vitamin

  152. Lisa O.

    I would stock up on some EmergenC vitamin C and multi-vitamins. Thank you for the chance!

  153. Brenda Goldberg

    Vitamins, ice cream, wine, and cleaning supplies.

  154. Saundra McKenzie

    I would stock up on bath and household supplies, hair color, and makeup.

  155. Lynne

    I would use this for my prescriptions and my hair skin nails gummies

  156. JL


  157. Paula

    I would definitely stock up my vitamin cabinet!

  158. alice minx

    I’m out of EmergenC, so I’d probably stock up on that

  159. Kirsten S

    CVS Vitamins of course!

  160. Marian

    I love shopping at CVS. I get a lot of our toiletries and household supplies there. They always have great sales. I’d use it the gift card to stock up on things that we need.

  161. Eileen

    I would get a multi vitamin,Vicks and some other basics like paper towels and detergent!

  162. Kaamilya Garrett

    First im a cancer survivor,so it would be some immune boosting product,vitamins and meal replacements and sinus spray

  163. Debbie Penney

    I would have my medicine filled out there. So, that could help me pay for it.

  164. Mike

    I would buy vitamin D. Winter and lack of getting enough sun due to cold weather conditions outside, it’s essential to get this vitamin to stay healthy.

  165. Eva Mack

    CVS carries lots of things… I may go for a snack! Also need cleaning suppies.

  166. Carolyn Reilly

    I would buy Flonase and vitamin D3

  167. Moe B.

    CVS is almost like a lil mini convenience store but can be very expensive at times. Candy, laundry supplies, various medications. As of right now I love Airborne gummies and Emergen C

  168. Samantha Daleo

    I would use some of it on some new make up. I never seem to let myself splurge on makeup but could really use some.

  169. bev karlson

    I would buy vitamins from CVS to keep me healthy

  170. Christina Strack

    Vitamins – too keep the flu at bay, and I would indulge in some nail polish

  171. barbg

    Well with that big amount of cash, I would get all of our favorite health and beauty supplies and stock up. Then I would get one of each of our favorite snack items.

  172. Lori Clark

    I would stock up on necessities like toilet paper and detergent!

  173. Barbara Portwood


  174. Paige Byrd

    I would use my gift card to purchase any items my family needed whether it is vitamins, over the counter meds, make up ( because let’s face it I have 3 teenage girls and they go thru it fast ) or any personal hygiene products. $100 to CVS would take care of a lot of items and would be greatly appreciated.

  175. Christina B

    I’d stock up the medicine cabinet

  176. Teresa Young

    I didn’t know that CVS had their own brand of Health Immune Support Vitamin C Fizzy Drink, so I will definitely be trying that!

  177. diana

    I would get some multivitamins from CVS

  178. Zevah steres

    i would stock up on multi vitamins and supplements.

  179. Amber N.

    I would buy some vitamins! I really need to get some for my whole family! Thanks for the chance!

  180. Leah Craig

    I would purchase some immunity support type vitamins/supplements, cold meds for my kids and some probiotics to keep us healthy for the long run!

  181. Jami

    I want to get some of the elderberry, and need a refill for my vitamins! 🙂

  182. Valerie L

    I will restock on vitamins and skin care products

  183. Isabel O

    I would stock up on laundry and pet supplies.

  184. Pam Flynn

    I would choose some probiotics & allergy medicine for sure.

  185. Debby

    I would stock on all my winter goodies to help get through this blustery season

  186. Onyinye Elochukwu

    I would buy Prenatal vitamins.

  187. Nicole Shaffer

    I’d stock up on all my vitamins and beauty essentials!


    I would stock up on my vitamins!

  189. Annmarie W.

    I love shopping at CVS & could buy so much there. I would start with personal care items, like Secret deodorant, Venus razors & refills & Tresemme shampoo & conditioners!

  190. Carol

    I have the flu right now. it’s too late for me.

  191. Kelly Nicholson

    Dental Accessories ARE WHAT I would get thanks

  192. joe laing

    I would have to go with some kind of multivitamin. Thanks!

  193. Damien


  194. Christina Cohen

    Awesome giveaway! Good luck to all. BTW I love your hair!!

  195. Nancy

    I shop in CVS all the time. I buy shampoo & conditioner (usually pantene or l’oreal everpure), toilet paper, prescription medication, gift cards, school supplies, greeting cards, etc. Lots to choose from!

  196. Jeanette

    Makeup and perfume

  197. Jennifer Ramirez

    I would buy vitamins! I love trying out new vitamins that can benefit my health and energy

  198. Marci

    I would buy multivitamins

  199. Laci

    Im well stocked with vitamin c and Airborne:)

  200. Stephanie Murphy

    Id buy some diapers and wipes for my toddler and stock up on vitamins for myself and maybe a magazine or two 🙂

  201. Cari S

    I would stock up on baby supplies for my little girl E. Thanks for the chance!

  202. Wendy Forbes

    If I won the gift card I would purchase vitamins, skin care products, hair care products, grocery/household items, and beauty items.

  203. Rita A

    I would stock up on some vitamins!

  204. Karla

    I would buy EmergenC and vitamins!

  205. cyndi br

    I would choose the vitamins I need to restock for the year

  206. Jim Hayes

    I could always use Excedrin Mirgraine

  207. Laura Lanza

    I would get some root touch-up, vitamins, and my prescriptions.

  208. Terry Cross

    I would get some vitamins and allergy medication.

  209. Diane

    I would stock up on beauty products

  210. Peggy Johnson

    I would stock up on my vitamins, over counter meds and make up

  211. Manida

    I am a mom and teacher in Southern California- in the middle of a massive flu season! I would love to stock up on Vitamin C fizzy drinks, and vitamins for my family. I’d also pick up some probiotics, diaper cream, baby body wash, coffee, and chocolate… 🙂

  212. Michael Melton

    Would love to buy winter cold and allergy medicine and candles

  213. Janalee McGee

    I would replenish makeup and skincare items. LOVE Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair.

  214. Elizabeth Brooks

    vitamins, soap, home goods

  215. Karen Moore

    I would get all of my personal items.

  216. Toni Sprouse

    If I won, I would do a total makeup refresh!! <3

  217. Tawna Williams

    I would use it to buy some vitamins and office supplies

  218. Ellen Willett

    health & beauty

  219. andy

    I’d probably spend it on medicine.

  220. paula skeans

    I would use to coupon and make it go farther buying things we need at home.

  221. Ingrid Jackson

    Should I be a winner, I will buy some make-up and personal items.

  222. Danielle M

    Probably some new makeup 🙂

  223. Margaret

    I would get a thermometer, mascara, cards, and Emergen-C. Thank you for a fun giveaway!

  224. Candice

    I would love to pick up some allergy meds and vitamins.

  225. Angelique Moore

    Body washes and bath soak salts

  226. rosetta mason

    i’d get some oregano oil, probiotics, vitamins c and d.

  227. Christine Kusser

    I would buy healthy cereals and nuts, and also vitamins!

  228. Pat

    I would get multivitamins

  229. Michele Oliver

    I’d definitely buy vitamin c and echinacea to stock up on as well as trying a few of the others to add to my arsenal to prevent any sickness!

  230. Niki Johnson

    If winning, I’d purchase a nice supply of multi-vitamins, and a chocolate treat from up by the register. 🙂

  231. B. Bachman

    I need some new show inserts for my plantar fasciitis. I also would use the money for some new cosmetics!

  232. Troy Johnson

    I’d stock up on cleaning supplies. Thanks for the chance.

  233. Bekk

    I need to stock up on vitamins and boost my immune system this winter.

  234. Cheryl Johnson

    I have MS and need a lot of things so this would be great

  235. Isabella

    Daily gummies for the win!

  236. ron birtch

    lots of snacks

  237. Rhonda Grisham

    I would stock up on vitamins and paper towels…lol (I have a thing about having lots of paper towels)

  238. Elizabeth Resch

    I would stock up on pain relievers and cold medicine, and maybe some candy.

  239. Lynne Torgersen

    I would get things I buy there often like toothpaste, foundation, eye drops and hair color.

  240. Audrey

    If I won the gift card I would use it for all the cold/flu symptom relief products I need

  241. Selene Montgomery

    I”d stock up on items cold remedies, vitamins, bandaids and snacks.

  242. miranda

    I would buy hair products

  243. Kelly D

    I would get the CVS Health Temple Digital Thermometer and some vitamins.

  244. Michelle

    would love to win

  245. C Skanes

    I would buy my vitamins at CVS if I won the card.

  246. Reese Web

    I would invest in my health if I won the gift card. I would get immune supplements such as L-lysine, oil of oregano, and a multivitamin. I would also buy natural disinfectant cleaners and cleaning supplies to keep germs and bad bacteria at bay.

  247. Karen Behrman

    I will get my prescription medicine, that is where I have to get medicine. Would be so helpful

  248. Anne S

    I love CVS vitamins and I’d buy those if I won!

  249. Sue

    I would stock up on the essentials

  250. Deb Ford

    I would restock our medicine cabinet with cold medicines, pain releaver, sunscreen, lotions and such. Would be amamzing!

  251. Perlita Mata

    i would definitely choose the gummies and also stock up on my diabetes lancets

  252. john


  253. janean steadman

    Multivitamin, fiber supplements and I’ve had my eye on some expensive mascara I would love to splurge on!

  254. Rebecca Ramirez

    Vitamins, shampoo, body wash, moisturizer

  255. Bridget Calfee

    I would buy paper products

  256. Connie Sullivan

    I’d be stocking up on Essie nail products!!!????

  257. Donald Kusser

    I would wait for a sale and stock up on healthy foods and vitamins

  258. Nicole Acuna

    I’d choose some nexxus haircare and a nice perfume 🙂

  259. Andrew Cossaboon

    I would buy lots of candy!!!

  260. Celena Metzger

    I would use it to stock up in my favorite makeup!

  261. kathy Agate

    I like to get vitamins and facial moisturizer at CVS!

  262. TedP

    Some cold medicine and cough suppressant would come in handy right now.

  263. Karin

    I’d buy vitamins and household supplies.

  264. Jan Warner

    I would buy Emergen C, I work at a school and don’t want to get sick.

  265. frank agate

    I like to buy cold medicine at CVS and cough drops too so when something starts, I can end it quickly.

  266. Jennifer Johnson

    Vitamins to get the year started right

  267. Paula Diekhoff

    I’d buy school supplies for my Operation Christmas Child boxes

  268. Susan Smith

    I would get some NatureMade vitamins. I always get my vitamins at CVS because they are buy 1 get 1 free.

  269. Gail Lindsey

    I would a package of vitamin C dietary supplement to boost my immune system this winter, along with some beauty supplies!

  270. Janice Cooper

    I would get multi-vitamins, CVS Health Nighttime and mascara.

  271. connie black

    I would choose some cosmetics for myself and my daughter. I would also pick up some sodas and waters.

  272. tammy s

    I’d buy household things and vitamins for the kids

  273. Candace

    I would stock up on Calcium gummies! I eat them as “dessert” after lunch!

  274. Sonya Morris

    I would stock up on multivitamins for the family.

  275. sandra

    i might get the Citracal Calcium Citrate + D3 Coated Tablets


    CVS has some super deals, but I would use the giftcard on vitamins/wellness items and beauty products.

  277. Adella Gonzalez

    I’ve started a health and wellness journey, now that I’m getting closer to 50. I’d definitely get supplements.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win! XOXO

  278. harolde

    CVS Health Temple Digital Thermometer

  279. Kathy Linklater

    I love to stock up on CVS’s hair care and oral care products while taking advantage of the ECBs.

  280. geneva journigan

    i would probably get personal items like lotions and hair products, food and drinks. they have really awesone deals!

  281. Jillian

    If I won the $100 gift card I’d purchase lots of health supplies & medicines to help my family recover from the nasty ‘sick’ that we can’t seem to shake. Ugh!

  282. CJ Queen

    Sadly, CVS is not working with the military TRICARE pharmacy plan so I rarely go there.

  283. Adrienne Carter

    I would buy multivitamins,immune support,herbal blends Echinacea etc

  284. Serge B

    I ma low on multivitamins and toothpaste!

  285. Peggy Damon

    I would choose vitamins for my son ( Sundown Naturals Adult Multivitamin Gummies, and Vitafusion Calcium Gummy Vitamins) and vitamins and makeup for me

  286. Jeannie Millsap

    I’d buy vitamins and extra vitamin C to get my family through winter!

  287. Dawn C

    I would treat myself to products I wouldn’t normally buy.

  288. christina brugger

    It’s so funny you mention elderberry b/c ever since a friend mentioned it, I’ve seen more people mention it! I need to try some like now!

  289. Maya

    I’d buy cough drops and kneenex in preparation for flu season at school!

  290. Tammy

    We need more Emergen-C and something for my extra dry lips.

  291. Kris O

    I would stock up on toiletries for my family with a portion of the gift card. I would also buy needed items for a local women’s shelter.

  292. Patricia Hoffmeister

    I would buy much needed skin care products.

  293. Jacqueline Morillo

    I would buy vitamin c and d because of the lack of sun exposure during the winter months.

  294. Kelly Wilson

    I would use it to purchase beauty products and medicine for the family.

  295. Donna Kozar

    I would get some Sambucol.

  296. Lesley F

    I would get all new makeup!

  297. Christal M

    I would get some beauty items

  298. Stephanie V.

    Shop CVS once a week so probably Emergen-C, cereal and washing supplies.

  299. heather padilla

    I’d get a bunch of stuff, that much could buy alot!

  300. Camille Taylor

    I would choose the Daily Gummies.

  301. Robert Hall

    Some fish oil 4 health 4 me.

  302. Paula Gillespie

    I would get the CVS Health Complete Adult Multivitamins because I need to be taking vitamins and I am not presently so I would use the card to start on a daily vitamin. Thank you

  303. Brenna H.

    I would stock up on some basics: cotton rounds, vitamins, face cream, and bubble bath for my son.

  304. Ki

    I will buy multivitamins

  305. Kristina Prewitt

    I would buy diapers, wipes, and vitamins! Thanks for the chance to win!

  306. Eric


  307. Delilah Martin

    I would stock up on vitamins!

  308. Krystal wethington

    I would buy some cat food for my kitties

  309. Lindsay A.

    I would get Ovega vegetarian omega 3 (made from algae oil), & Renew Life Ultimate Flora probiotic! Both have made a big difference for me.

  310. amy stonger

    I’d be buying hair care products and accessories plus makeup.

  311. R. Vinson

    I would choose probiotics and other supplements for my special needs son. ????

  312. Ginger nowell

    I would choose the vitamins for sure my whole household is fighting the flu!!


    I would buy my kitty some cat treats and my dog some doggie treats and buy my niece a nice gift just to say “I love you”. I would also buy my daughter a beautiful and loving birthday card for her 27th birthday as this will be her first birthday away from home. Last but not least I would buy me a cold Coca Cola in the glass bottle that was bottled in Mexico.

  314. ellen levine

    The ProBiotics Gummies from CVS changed my life
    They are amazing

  315. Rajee Pandi

    some multivitamins and almond oil

  316. kathie hoehn

    I would buy the good hair products I don’t usually splurge on

  317. jean

    I’d buy some makeup and finger nail gel

  318. Jen

    I’d purchase shampoo and other personal care items.

  319. Kimmy Ripley

    I get my vitamins and supplements from CVS!

  320. Becky Dinkins

    I would buy Vitamin D, Calcium, and Multi-Vitamins. Oh, and maybe a Twix bar.

  321. Jill W

    I would stock up on my supplements.

  322. Leah Shumack

    Kleenex, Vicks and cold/flu medicine! It’s that time of year!

  323. Crystal Cox

    If I won, I’d stock up on my daily vitamins (Multi, Calcium Citrate, and B12), and splurge a little on myself with some new makeup and some perfume. I love CVS and shop there a few times a week, as it’s close to my home, and they have great sales.

  324. Kathy C

    If I were to win today, I’d buy a carton of Emergen C and one of Nyquil!

  325. Kristine R.

    Makeup makeup makeup!

  326. Jackie Ennett

    I would get some multivitamins, rich hand cream and lip balm. Plus some toasty, furry socks.

  327. Christa Bengtsson

    I would stock up on tissues and medicine,but maybe get some makeup for me too 🙂

  328. Caroline Bock

    I would buy multi vitamins for the whole family.

  329. Lisa Walker

    i would buy vitamins and beauty supplies.

  330. Dee Parker

    I always buy my vitamins at CVS!

  331. Melissa Hoffman


  332. Sheila Vives

    This time of year our family needs to stock up on electrolyte solutions, zinc lozenges, Vitamin A and C, Menthol Vapor Rub, Tissues etc to weather through those seasonal illnesses.

  333. Michelle Garrity

    I would buy beauty products and cold medications

  334. Gina M

    I would love to stock up on gummy vitamins for the whole family.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  335. Dawn Kaestner

    EOS lip balm. I keep one in every room of the house during the winter!

  336. Robin L Nashwick

    I would buy nuts, laundry detergent, vitamins, hair care products, make up, greeting cards…the choices are endless.

  337. Donna Peterson

    I would use the GC to pay for my prescriptions. My scripts run about $200 a month.

  338. Anita Duvall

    I would stock up on moisturizer. We really go through a lot this time of year.

  339. Debbie Welchert

    I would get a Wahl hair clippers and a Wahl Percussion Deep Tissue Massager.

  340. Kristin Jones

    I would buy gummy vitamins and make-up

  341. rhonda miotke

    I would buy a new meter to check my blood sugar and other supplies.

  342. dee

    who wouldn’t want to be healthier in 2018. Thanks for the tips and the giveaway

  343. dee

    I’d stock up on chapstick, eos lip balm, tissues and makeup too!

  344. michelle hill

    I would get some vegan vitamins for my teen twins

  345. Carolyn Daley

    I would buy multivitamins, lip balm, a few cards, and toiletries.

  346. Brigitte Bauman

    I would use the gift card for beauty care products and also household products.

  347. Carrie Knight

    If I were to win I would most likely spend the card on beauty products and health supplements. I’m all about anything anti-aging.

  348. Michelle Olms

    I would spend the gift card on beauty products and household supplies.

  349. Shannon

    I would get multivitamin for my family and myself.

    • Debrajaye D

      I would buy lots of CVS vitamins if I won

  350. Paula Brown

    A CVS gift card would be wonderful. I shop at CVS all the time.

  351. Roxanne Williamson

    Replenish me vitamin supply

  352. bill

    razors and shaving cream

  353. Naomie

    I would get Vitamins for the family.

  354. gary

    I would buy toothpaste and floss

  355. Sheila Smith

    would purchase mabelline products..

  356. Polly Hall

    I would use the money at the photo lab.

  357. Cathy Philipps

    You have a great idea here! I would stock up on everything to try and keep my family healthy this winter!

  358. Sunnie

    I need some more makeup and face care items.

  359. Jamie Martin

    Your blog name is probably the best I’ve seen all year. 😛

    Regarding CVS, I don’t know — maybe hair dye? Clippers? We don’t have CVS where I live, so it’d be a journey.

  360. Torrie Maas

    I really see a difference taking vitamins in the winter months!

  361. Cynthia Richardson

    I’d stock up on my fave drugstore beauty products.

  362. Julie Clement

    Elderberry syrup and vitamin c

  363. Erwin Carrington

    I love CVS. $100 would help me buy more CVS stiff. lol

  364. Audrey Stewart

    I would pay for my prescriptions.


    I would choose some vitamins I’m missing in my diet and iron pills that I need.

  366. Christopher Culp

    Juices, groceries when they go on sale, throughout the year.

  367. Vikki Parman

    I would stock up on makeup

  368. Nancy Hansen

    I do get my multi vitamins, Vitamin D and probotics

  369. Tara B

    I would get morefacial moisturizer (Cerave) Some new makeup and Essie Nail polish and some vitamins.

  370. Michelle S

    I would stock up on vitamins and cold meds! I’ve already been sick twice and that is very unusual for me.

  371. Michelle S

    I follow you on Pinterest under Chellesyvonne & Twitter under @Chellesyvonne.

  372. Melanie Baker

    I can’t afford the cover girl and maybelline makeup I used to wear because I’m my husbands caregiver and had to leave my job. Using cheap make up is causing breakouts.

  373. Rebecca Marion

    I love the coupon maker machine and use it to buy all my beauty products at CVS

  374. Kristen Ashman-Cristobal

    I’ll share it with my family to reduce costs right now, so I’d buy whatever CVS has that’s appropriate for what we need.

  375. Ashley Aimi


  376. Candace Galan

    I would buy baby stuff for my baby arriving in May.

  377. kristina juarez

    Diapers! All day every day lol

  378. Jennifer W.

    I would stock up on multi-vitamins.

  379. carey cole

    I would love to buy fancy shampoos!

  380. Carla

    A new walking cane.

  381. David Cotton

    Super Bowl Snacks!


    I could use some vitamins and calcium.

  383. Brenda

    This would be awesome to win because this definitely is the season of flu and colds in my family

  384. Pam Scott

    It would be time to stock up on the basics like vitamins, lotion, shampoo, body wash, etc. With three kids we really go through these items quickly.

  385. Mary

    They have the best deals on makeup. Would probably get my Cover Girl and Maybeline essentials. Also some multivitamins!

  386. Diana Scholz

    I would definitely buy some vitamins and some makeup as well!

  387. Kurt Hoffmann

    I would get some new printer cartridges

  388. sharon bontz


  389. Christine Mayfield

    I would get some melatonin to help me sleep

  390. Rachelle

    I would stock up on bandaids and over the counter medications. CVS has the best selection!

  391. Bea Hackler

    I would buy vitamins.

  392. Rita Leonard

    I would get makeup at CVS. They always have a great selection at great prices.

  393. Michel

    I would definitely get some skincare supplies!

  394. Cassandra D.

    I would stock up on some beauty products.

  395. alisha eiler

    I would buy groceries.

  396. kimberly a grong

    I need to check this out more, sounds good.

  397. Debra Miller

    I would chose the Vitamin C daily supplement. Seems so simple to do every day! Love #CVS

  398. Cheryl Mack

    I would purchase Ensure, Mulit-Vitamins and Vitamin C Facial Wipes (Makeup Remover) if I win the prize.

  399. Bailee E

    I would buy probiotics, multivitamins and some treats (candy)!

  400. Mindi Eden

    I need some new make-up & to stock up on cold medicine!

  401. Jeanie Hicken

    I would get makeup. I need some now.

  402. Mita

    I would buy some vitamins

  403. sarah

    i would stock up on toothpaste and get the girls some new hair ties.

  404. Vimon

    I’d buy household products and personal care items.

  405. Elizabeth Pyle

    I would buy facial moisturizer and lotion.

  406. alicia

    My favorite drugstore. Love their brands also.

  407. Angelica

    With their Extra Bucks program, I can buy so much more and SAVE!! Beauty essentials, Snacks, Vitamins…..endless choices!

  408. Wendy McBride

    I’d buy some vitamins that I take on a routine basis; B1, Krill oil, Biotin, Gingko Biloba extract, and B12. I would also buy paper towels and toilet paper if I have enough left!

  409. greentopiaries

    I would buy vitamins for my family and maybe splurge a bit on some makeup for myself 🙂 Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  410. Lori Q

    I’d buy some immunity support pills, some vitamins and some personal care items

  411. Bob Morella

    I would buy some really good hand lotion so my hands did not crack so badly and some vitamins!

  412. Melissa Craig

    vitamins and primer to cover the black circles from being ill with the flu

  413. Erin M

    I would get vitamins, zinc, and tissues.

  414. Joy Runge

    I would buy make up, lotion, and some Valentine gifts!

  415. Lisa

    If I won the CVS card I would choose some lip balm, BB cream, bath and facial tissues, and some good soft toothbrushes. They sell so many things that it’s hard to decide.

  416. bn100


  417. Rita A Carroll

    I would try all the items that I normally can’t afford to purchase.

  418. Tricha Leary

    I would buy toiletries like literine, toothpaste shampoo, etc

  419. Nicole margrif

    I would vitamins, water and candy.

  420. Allen Gibson

    We always have things we need from CVS but I pretty much always find some item or gadget in the little as seen on tv type section they have. Would probably end up spending it on those items.

  421. Kat Gibson

    I should say sensible stuff like vitamins etc.. but I’ll probably go for treats like nice shampoo and bodywash (and maybe some candy!)

  422. Kendra

    Probably L’Oréal products, allergy and sinus meds oral care products

  423. Saundra Bowers

    I would get some good vitamins for myself and my husband.

  424. Sara Zielinski

    I could use a good supply of vitamins and supplements for winter.

  425. Treia

    Taking as much Vitamin C as possible.

  426. Theresa Wilson

    Definitely would pick up vitamins to help my new diagnosed, Osteoporosis.

  427. mike

    i never had cvc gift card before

  428. mike

    i would buy acetaminophen softgen, vitamine b12, C, complex b, band-aid, gauze pad, syringe,

  429. Andrew Botticelli

    I would buy vitamins for my wife and I

  430. Warren Foster

    I would buy D3 for my self