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How To Transition Your Favorite Summer Essentials to Fall

How To Transition Your Favorite Summer Essentials to Fall featured by popular fashion blogger, Walking in Memphis in High Heels

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With fall on the horizon, I’m starting to do a little closet cleanout to gear up for fall.  But just because you wore something this summer doesn’t mean you can’t wear it into the fall!  I decided to take 2 favorite summer essentials like this striped tee and this floral skirt and show you how to style each one for both summer and fall.  So whether you’re still rocking along with temps in the 90’s or you’re already enjoying some cooler fall days where you’re at, I’ve got 2 perfect outfits for either season.  And who doesn’t love stretching their wardrobe even further?!

Which summer essentials look is your favorite? Let me know in a comment below!!

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  1. vickie

    I love both! Thanks forbthe inspiration. I forget about using my summer stuff to transition in to fall.

  2. Azanique

    Okay, I love everything leopard print! That green jacket is super cute, too 🙂

    -xo, Azanique |

  3. Cathy

    Love these looks. I’m so excited for fall, that jacket looks like something I need too!!


  4. Ruthie Ridley

    LOVE this round up!

  5. Rita

    Beautiful round up! Love all the items, specially skirt and boots.


  6. Jessica

    These are cute picks you have here dear. Can’t go wrong with the classics like denim jacket, leopard prints, and white distressed jeans. Also, that floral skirt is super adorable!

    Jessica |

  7. Megan

    So many good picks here! I want to add all these pieces to my shopping cart!

    Megan |

  8. Kileen

    These are all so cute! I love the otk boots and those leopard shoes. Makes me so excited for Fall!

    cute & little

  9. Liz

    So many cute picks! I’m super excited to start incorporating fall items!

  10. Em

    All of these are such great transitional pieces!

  11. Nidhi

    That yellow skirt is so pretty!

  12. Ada

    So many cute fall pieces! I love the boots and the green jacket.

  13. Jasmine Vargas

    So many great picks for transitioning to fall. Love the leopard print flats.

  14. Laura

    I’m loving all your picks for summer to fall transition! I am all about styling summer clothes into fall with the right pieces.

    xo, Laura

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