4 Different Ways to Style Your Spanx Faux Leather Leggings + Spanx Leggings & Denim Giveaway!!

4 ways to style your Spanx Faux Leather Leggings featured by top US fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing Spanx faux leather leggings, LL Bean Tunic, The North Face vest, Nike Roshe One sneakers


Yall know I love my Spanx leggings, and if you have a pair, I’m sure you are obsessed with them too! They are thick and comfy and so slimming…and did I mention comfy?? I wear a size medium in these leggings (I’m typically a size 6), and they fit great. They are slimming, but I don’t feel like they’re tight or uncomfortable at all! And the waistband is super comfy. Yes, they’re a legging, but you can definitely dress them up and wear them SO many different ways. They’re not just for around the house wear!

How to Style your SPANX Faux Leather Leggings:

My go-to pairing for Spanx leggings is usually with a tee and vest, a sweater or even a tunic. I love layering with these SPANX faux leather leggings and throwing on a favorite pair of sneakers, flats or booties. I think they would look just as great this spring and summer with a tee and a denim jacket and some sneakers, so you can definitely wear them year-round.

I have gotten SO much use out of my SPANX faux leather leggings over the last couple years I have had them. You can see a few other ways I styled them here, here and here. I have them in the regular faux leather black style, the moto faux leather black style and the red faux leather style, but the black moto is definitely my favorite! And I’ve been eyeing the camo for a while too.

I am so excited to be teaming up with Spanx and a few of my favorite bloggers, Heather with My Life Well Loved and Lindsay and Whitney from the Doubletake Girls, to give away a pair of Spanx faux leather leggings and their new denim! To enter, just use the rafflcopter widget below and good luck!


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  1. Dana Rodriguez

    I have never owned faux leather leggings but I love the way you are wearing them. Super cute!

  2. sandra

    I would like ti see how best to style spring clothes.


    would love to see styled easter/spring looks 🙂

    • ToniAnn

      Love seeing outfits all put together,easy ideas,see it,like it,buy it!

      • Aubrey Daniels

        Love the way you are wearing them. Always so put together. Cute!

  4. Jamie Howard

    I LOVE the look of the faux leather leggings! So cute!!

  5. Marta

    The leggings look super flattering and comfy. I had never heard of that brand but I’m definitely gonna check it out.

    Marta – http://www.aroundcolours.com

  6. b

    i’ve never had faux leather leggings, but i think they would be versatile for fall and winter!

  7. Theresa j

    Bulky sweater. always wanted a par of spanx

  8. Cathy

    I would love to see some summer styles that I can wear to work

  9. Alex Montana

    I’ve never had leggings like that and chances are if I did, my daughter would snatch them! I’d love to try a pair though!

  10. Maureen

    These are so cute!

  11. joe dunne

    just hoping to win for my wife

    • Kelly Webb

      Sooo cute!

  12. Teresa Fowler

    Little bit of country look

  13. sherri chastain

    I love to wear leggings with my boots and a big flowing sweater

  14. Theresa Moore

    I have a cute long pick and black tunic that would look great with these and some high heeled boots. Sounds like a great date night outfit!

  15. Ashley Hewell

    I like pairing them with a tunic and booties.

    • Diana C

      I’ve not tried faux leather jeans, so I’m looking forward to learning how to style them. So excited!


    • Sarah

      With a big sweater!

  16. Anne Scott

    I’ve never had a pair of these but I bet they would be terrific and dressier than normal. I could wear these to the city.

  17. Kayley

    I like to wear faux leather leggings with a long, fitted top.

    • Diana Haggerty

      Love wearing them with a tunic and boots.

  18. Torrie M

    So super cute!

  19. Sunnie

    I like to wear leggings with long, pretty shirts.

  20. Heather S

    I would wear them with a long lightweight blouse with bright colors.

    • Tracy Ann

      Cute outfit. I never knew spanx made leggings.

  21. debbie smith

    I would love to see brighter colors for Spring! Love your leggins!

    • Lesly Figueroa

      I would love to see a dressy look

  22. Becky N Boden

    Never heard of them but I’d wear them!

  23. Erin

    Love the ways you styled this, been on the fence for awhile but now want to try them

  24. Janean S

    They look great, and super comfy!

  25. Shavalerie Thurman

    very stylish, I’d love to show these pants off to my co-workers. thanks for the chance.

  26. Judith Bayer

    My daughter would love these leggings! They’re are her style for sure.

  27. Terri Bollin

    A bulky sweater and a great pair of leggings are my favorite.

  28. Jessica Willis

    Super cute!

  29. debbie ann wilson

    I Would Like 2 See Other Types Of Ur Leggings Those R Lit !!!

  30. Brenda Cremer

    i have a few pairs of leggings so this will help me figure out how to wear them.

  31. Valerie L

    I have never owned faux leather leggings but I love on you. Not sure what you should style next but I can’t wait to get some new ideas. thanks

  32. Beatrice P

    I would like to see some Spring dresses

  33. Judy Elmayan

    Perfect weather now to be wearing these. Hope they find their way to my house:)

    • Vickie

      I love Spanx products!!! Great giveaway!!!

  34. Tammy S

    they are super cute and would love to try them

  35. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    I like to pair my leggings with Free People oversized button-up shirts. So comfy, but still stylish!

  36. Sheila V.

    I would love to see casual styles of tops with jeans, including layered looks…

  37. Laurie Lichtenstein

    These are so awesome!

    • Robin Pearson

      I would love to win a pair of faux leather leggings. I have never owned a faux leather product.

    • Kim Avery

      These would look great with a slinky spaghetti strap top!

  38. Brooke Stall

    These look fabulous and still comfortable. Would love to try a new look with these.

  39. Ursula Masles

    Love them!

  40. Jennifer Parker

    These are so cute!

  41. Jackie Koller

    I’ve never worn faux leather leggings, but I thought they would look super cute with a lace top

  42. Lynne

    My favorite way to wear faux leather leggings is with a leopard print top.

  43. Cheryl Everitt

    I’m new to the site, but I love everything I see. Spring clothing would be awesome!

    • Chloe

      Would love to have faux leather leggings

  44. Nadine L.

    I’d love to try those faux leather leggings with a big baggy sweater and my favorite boots!

  45. Marcie

    These are my favorite leggings!! I love the way you styled them!

  46. Katherine Oliveira

    I have not tried faux leather leggings, but I’d pair them with a oversized long sleeve tee!

  47. Sara

    These are so cute and look so comfy.

  48. Philip Lawrence

    I would like you to style vests next.

  49. Colleen Boudreau

    I would wear them with a comfy oversized sweater.

  50. Donny

    They aren’t for me, but I’d style them with high heels.

  51. Kim Naumann

    New sandal fashion

  52. Steven Cook

    I would love to see my wife in camo pair.

  53. Stephanie V.

    With a flowy, sexy blouse for date night!

  54. Barbara R.

    I would like to see Spring Dress styles next.

  55. Maureen Hartsock

    Way cool

  56. Amy Forsyth

    I have no words!😍 I want!!😂

  57. Eva Mack

    thining I hope/need

  58. Eva Mack

    May it be thinning… hope/need

  59. Amy

    I like to style faux leather leggings with a longer, baggy sweater.

  60. Stacey F

    These are so cute!

  61. Michael DeFren

    wow im impressed, she looks great.

  62. Lyddiegal

    I’ve never worn leather leggings, but I love the look of this pair! The quilting is perfect and they look like real leather.

  63. shannon zeidan

    I love this look! I have been wearing mine with a long low back sweater lately.

  64. Nanette Olson

    I haven’t worn faux leather leggings, but they look cute and comfortable.

  65. Dee Parker

    I like to glam up leather leggings with with a silky blouse.

  66. kim g fenner

    Style something for those of us who aren’t that young anymore.

  67. Maria

    I love the look of moto leggigns!

  68. latanya

    I would like to see some maxi or midi dresses styled

  69. manda shank

    Love some styled eco friendly fashion.

  70. Jessica S

    With a tunic or light sweater

  71. Kara Gill

    I would love to see spring/summer outfits!

  72. Paula

    I would wear them with a long tunic.

  73. Jim Hayes

    My wife has never worn faux leather leggings, so I would like to try and win these for her.

  74. cassandra register

    This is so amazing. <3

  75. nicolle

    Spanx in the workforce

  76. Jessica

    I love these leggings styling posts

  77. Annmarie Weeks

    I’ve never worn these, but would love to wear them with a couple of long blouses that I have!

  78. Nicole Zerbini

    I would love to see some summer dresses being styled.

  79. Joanne LaPuglia

    Would love to Have never had leather leggings.

  80. Maureen Blatz

    Would love to see the spring collection

  81. Elizabeth C.

    My favorite way to wear faux leather leggings would be with a cute sweater & pair them with booties.

  82. jon bush

    would love to see my gf in these….she loves leggings

  83. marjorie Nixon

    i like it thanks

    • Amanda eckard

      My favorite way to wear faux leather leggings is with a lace tank top and some high heel pumps.

  84. Amy Rice

    Ive never tried these, but they look adorable as pictured above!

  85. Susan Maj

    I have never owned a pair of leggings but i bet you dress up in them or wear them casually.

  86. Chakalit Harris

    These leggings would definitely sexy up my morning walking routine! So much better than my raggedy jeans!

  87. Gail rice

    Those leggings would look great on me!


    What a great design. I love these with a long shirt will make for a comfortable pair of pants for those long motorcycle rides

  89. Miles M

    Neat leggings, faux leather sounds unique and different. My girlfriend always wears leggings and I’d be giving them to her if I won.

  90. Kari Russell

    With a cute dress and some booties

  91. ambrea

    I would like to see some rainy-day looks.

  92. Angella L

    I love to pair faux leather with heels and an oversized white shirt

  93. KV

    I like to wear leggings with sweatshirts.

  94. Jennfer Belanger

    Love spanx

  95. Amie Jensen

    I would love to see spring outfits and the different new styles.

  96. Dorothy Becker

    There are so many ways to style them, but I would love to wear with an oversized shirt and use one of those wrap around leather tie belts.

  97. linda ricotta

    i wear leggings with everything so this wouldn’t be much different 🙂 and why not super comfy

  98. rich washington

    Yippie! Who doesn’t need new leggings. I know my wife does!

  99. Andrea Chandler

    I haven’t worn them yet. Those are really cute and would definitely pair it with a baggy jean shirt.

  100. Jen Crecelius

    I love leggings with my adidas sneakers and a Moto jacket 😍

  101. rebecca oakleaf

    I’d like to see some fresh summer clothing that is comfy.


    nice to wear for running errands

  103. Chrystal D

    I’ve never worn any but they’d look cute with a bright summer top!

  104. Samantha Mack

    Would love to try a pair ! Heard great things 🙂

  105. Lauren Donley

    These would definitely make school pick-up more stylish!

  106. mel gregerson

    Cute leggings!

  107. Tara Painting

    How awesome are these! I would rock them! Thanks!

  108. Kristyn Martin

    I would wear these leggings with an oversized sweater. So cute!

  109. Nancy

    I think that faux leather leggings would look cute styled with a big oversize sweater and stylish boots.

  110. Kayte CookWatts

    I would love to see some summer outfits paired with wide brim straw hats- I wear them a lot for sun protection!

  111. Shawn A.

    I would love to style the faux leather leggings with a swing top and some black low booties.

  112. irene L ONeill

    i’d love to try spanx.

  113. Belinda Ghosheh

    This line is super cute! P.S.-I live in Memphis, just saying! These look like they will go with everything!

  114. Mary W

    I have not tried faux leather leggings before. We don’t wear leggings very often here in the Tropics. I would like to see you style sandals.

  115. Nikole Black

    Fun! I am interested in trying these, especially for free 🙂

  116. PM

    I love the look they can be dressed up or down. Accessories are everything.

  117. Sarah

    I would like to see more spring looks.

    • Katrina Brockavich

      I don’t have any currently, but I would pair faux leather leggings with a tunic! I’m excited about spring, so some spring looks would be fun!

  118. Norma

    I would love to own these.

  119. Courtney Carroll

    I have never owned any!! I have always wanted to but am nervous that my legs are too big. These would be PERFECT!

  120. Pamela L. Murphy

    I love leggings and these are just plain lovely! I would love to have a pair.

  121. lori

    Never owned any but would love to try the look at since I don’t wear animal products would love to try these faux leather leggings

  122. Marie Carvalho

    Interesting….but cool!,

  123. Lauren H

    I love wearing them with a faux fur vest and chunky knit! LOVE how you styled the look xo

  124. Melissa Storms

    I like to pair my faux suede and leather leggins with tunics and boots.

  125. Sara Negron

    If I had these I would pair them with a tee and a denim jacket and some sneakers. SO CUTE

  126. Kelsey Vinson

    I style my leggings with oversized sweatshirts and converse.

  127. Lindsey

    I’d pair the leggings with black booties and a flowy black blouse! A sexy but casual night out look.

  128. Cynthia Gray

    I like my leggings with a long shirt and knee boots. I also use a colorful scarf around my neck and I am ready to go!

  129. Michelle C

    I would love to see some spring tops!

  130. Abigail Gibson

    I would like more country western styles featured.

  131. Rosanne

    I like to wear them with a longer tunic type sweater to cover my bigger behind

  132. Stephanie B

    So cute!

  133. Janette Brown


  134. Cheryl Montgomery

    I have never owned any spanx products, but would love to win some. Thanks for having a contest

  135. Kathy Hanley

    I would like to see them paid with a great color like teal or mustard! Not too bright or gaudy but a color that stands out!

  136. Lenka

    I would wear these chic leggings with cute fitted top and cardigan

  137. Jeanna Massman

    I would wear them with a long tunic.

  138. patricia caradonna

    I would wear the Faux leather leggings under a long matching shirt or dress. Definitely keep you warm in the colder months. I would love to see some Easter/pastel posts.

  139. Joy Marish

    Would love to win this for my daughter.

  140. Megan Corrigan

    Didn’t know this even existed. Cool!

  141. Michele Soyer

    I would love to see both dresses for Easter and skirt suits also..

  142. Adrienne Gordon

    Be great to wear out on a hike.

  143. Sandra Watts

    I like the black moto style.

    • Betsy

      I’d love to see you style and highlight comfortable heels. I have such a hard time finding some.

  144. Cynthia C

    I would wear the leggings with a bulky sweater and a scarf.

  145. Rebecca Langston

    Very cute!

  146. Karley Moore

    I like to wear my leggings with a baggy sweater and flats.

  147. Michelle Coles

    I never wore faux leather leggings but would love to try them out!!

  148. shirley delp

    love to wear them in the fall with a sweater

  149. Deenna Brown

    An unusual design!

  150. Ashley slaugh

    Such cute leggings.

  151. Misty Phillips

    These are super cute!

  152. Tonya Gennarelli

    Thanks for the chance!

  153. Kyrsten mays

    I have never wore your brand of leggings but im super stoked to try them out.

  154. Bobbie sweet

    I’ve never owned faux leather . Would like to try them though and see how they fit and feel.

  155. Jovan B.

    I’d style them with a long shiny tank top and some wedge black sandals.

  156. Frances Bonilla

    I would love to try them.

  157. Lisa

    So cute! I don’t own any faux leggings, but would love to! I’m just a little scared 😅 But they look so freaking cute!!


    These are super cute!!

  159. Kennedy Crocker

    I’ve never had a pair of spanx leggings, but have heard wonderful things about them and want to give them a try!!

  160. Jessica W.

    I would wear the faux leather leggings with a comfy oversized sweater.

  161. Rochelle Deleersnyder

    LOVE Spanx high-quality leggings and pants – they dress up my outfits nicely. These pants would look great with a white tee and heels.

  162. kim charlton

    These are super fab looking!! I’ve had Spanx before , but nothing this cool!


    I would wear them with a long cute sweater.

  164. Angela Williams

    I like wearing them with a tunic and with boots.

  165. Sheila

    I love the feel of leggings on my skin. I also love the look. I would love to own a pair of these faux leather leggings.

  166. DeeAnn

    I’d wear these with my work boots and denim shirt for a casual look. Thanks.

  167. Jenny Curtis

    What a great product! Can’t wait to get my pair!

  168. sandra

    maybe style the classic tee

  169. Demetria

    Really cute leggings. I would probably pair it with my plum colored off shoulder sweater and my blk ankle booties.


    I love the faux leather leggings with a nice petlum top.

  171. Susan Christy

    I like seeing casual looks.

  172. Carla LoBosco

    Nice looking pants

  173. Ashley c

    I love to wear my leather leggings with a plaid shirt.

  174. Michaela R.

    I’d wear these with a loose fitting sweater, or something like that. Messy bun. Some flats.

  175. lauren knott

    I would wear these with a cute colorful top! Love!

  176. Rebecca

    I would love to try this product out

  177. berniece spinelli

    grandaughter would love leggings like these

  178. Ron e frampton

    wear with just a tee top

  179. kimberly a grong

    I would love to try these.

  180. Nancy Monts

    These are so cute! Very versatile.

  181. Angela F

    So cute!! I need a pair of these in my life! I am all about cute+comfort!

  182. […] Walking in Memphis  –  Spanx Faux Leather Leggings + Spanx Denim, […]

  183. Zipporahs Sandler

    I’d style those with a hip length Stevie Nicks style shirt with bell sleeves. I’d love to see you style some bathing suit/cover up combos.

  184. vickie couturier

    some spring and summer styles for larger women

  185. David Heath

    I love the faux leather leggings with a nice petlum top.

  186. Melinda

    I’d wear them with casual sneakers, tshirt and giant sunglasses!

  187. Marilyn Nawara

    I would like to see jean and shorts for summer

  188. Ashley Harvey

    A cute flowey top and over the knee boots!

  189. Spirit Parks


  190. Andrea Darst

    I love wearing (faux) leather with lace!

  191. Chris L

    These would be great with boots and a oversized fluffy sweater

  192. Brooke Prout

    I love these faux leather leggings! I would pair them with a flowy top, pumps, and a cute crossbody bag!

  193. Erin

    I’ve never worn faux leather leggings I’d probably wear them with a hoodie and sneakers.

  194. Antoinette M

    I like to wear leggings with a long top.

  195. Suzanne

    I love these leggings and love how you styled them. I wear my leggings with soft booties.

  196. ml Rosendale

    Adorable leggings…

  197. Shirley Hicks

    i never wear leggings , however my daughter would love them

  198. Ellen | Ask Away Blog

    I love wearing faux leather leggings with some really cute pumps, a plain white tee, a leopard cardigan.

  199. Abigail

    I’ve never rocked a leather look but you have perfected the ski chic vibe!

  200. Tara Peterson

    Love styling it with tunics and oversized sweaters/cardigans!

  201. Elle

    I like to style them with a long silk collar shirt and sweater over it.

  202. Rebecca Bartlett

    I would love to see you style a outfit with the Spanx Cosmic Active Print Crop Leggings. I love the print just don’t know what would look good with it.

  203. Miri Crosson

    They’re cute. What’s the material feel like? Like, is it super thick? Hard to tell from the photo, but they look like they’d be too warm to wear in spring/summer.

    Also, am I the only one that’s a little weirded out that Spanx go down to size zero? If you wear a size zero, do slimming leggings really need to be a thing?

    • Laura

      They are thick, but I love the compression of them!

  204. Elisabeth

    I think those faux leather leggings would be so cute for date night with a flowier top. 🙂

  205. Kathleen DeCicco

    These will be perfect for my daughter’s trip to Memphis in May!

  206. Dawn Ballo

    I would wear them with an oversized shirt.

  207. Michelle H.

    I like how you are wearing them.

  208. Christy Peeples DuBois

    When I want or feel like I need to be somewhat dressed up a bit but not really feeling it I reach for the faux leather leggings. To me you can add a nice sweater or nice camisole, depending on the weather of course, a mid heel or bootie and you look somewhat dressy yet comfortable in leggings. Of course I love seeing how y’all style pieces.

  209. Joseph Gersch

    i would wear with an oversized sweatshirt

  210. Min

    These are gorgeous!

  211. Amy Deeter

    my favorite way to wear faux leather leggings is a night out with the girls

  212. beth shepherd

    I like them with a cute shirt. THank you

  213. Cynthia Richardson

    I’d like to see some bags and shoe styling.

  214. kathy pease

    I would love to see you style some spring dreesses and shoes

  215. Ed

    ABBA-type pants!

  216. Ashley

    I would wear them with a black crop top and some sneakers!

  217. Becky Grady

    Anything Spring! I’m so ready for warm weather.

  218. heather c

    I’d love to see how you style a cold shoulder shirt with asymmetrical hem.

  219. Tammy Evans

    I would love to see how to style city shorts.

  220. Michelle Donovan

    I haven’t wore any faux leather leggings before but Spring sounds like a great time to start!

  221. Shari L Klyn

    I would love to see an outfit for July 4th.

  222. Laura Turner

    Love this look!!

  223. Carrie

    I have just a classic faux leather style and absolutely love them. I tried the Moto too but it was a just a bit too much for my taste.

  224. Alyssa McGinnis

    I didn’t even know SPANX did leggings! They’re so cute! I love the look of them paired with a tunic

  225. Cheryl Repeta

    My favorite way to wear faux leather leggings is with high boots and a longer sweater.

  226. Shayna Brookman

    I like to wear leggings with a long tunic or a t-shirt and cardigan sweater 🙂

  227. Carie D

    Spanx for the chance at an awesome prize💖

  228. Alina

    Love wearing them with a plaid long sleeved blouse especially in the Fall.

  229. Brix

    Love rocking it with a denim blouse and a cardi.

  230. Stafford

    Love them with a big bright soft sweater.

  231. Sean

    Love how you are styling them. I also like to wear them with a crisp white top and some gold jewelry.

  232. Kayla Klontz

    I’d like to wear them with a nice tank top and some boots.

  233. tanii

    I would love to see a post about finding shorts to flatter your body type, maybe introduce some new budget friendly size inclusive (smalls and larges).

    Thank you for the post, I didn’t know Spanx made faux leather leggings!

  234. Megan Wilson

    With layers when it’s warm, or a sweater when it’s cold! I also like long cold shouldered tops with them!

  235. Heather Kaufman

    I would calm them down with a soft sweater.

  236. Denise Windley

    I like to wear leggings like these with a bold tunic. Faux fur in a complementary color.

  237. sarah conaway

    I’d like to wear them with a tank top.

  238. Rebekah Josephus

    Would love these

  239. Carrie M

    I have never had leather leggings but I would love to see more ways to style them for quick change between day were and an evening on the town with the girls.

  240. Christina Hawkins

    Spring outfits would be great!

  241. Amy Smeltzer

    Never had any but they look versatile

  242. Eve Tomlinson

    Great contest thanks!

  243. Kristy

    I would wear them with my favorite sweaters and tees

  244. Lily Kwan

    My favorite way to wear faux leather leggings is with a sweater and flats.

  245. Linds L

    Love these!

  246. Carrie Ganske

    Very informative! Thank you

  247. Sandy Reis

    These are super cute! thank you for the chance

  248. Gina

    I love to wear boots or high tops with my leggings…also a longer cardi with them sometimes.

  249. Doreen

    I’ve never tried faux leather leggings before! 🙂 This would pair nicely I imagine with a chunky sweater! 🙂

  250. Denise M

    I’d love to see some boho. I’ve never worn anything like this, but after seeing this I think I should give it a goQ

  251. Laurie Nykaza

    I love faux leather leggings my daughter has some and there so cute I would wear them with a cute oversize shirt and tennis shoes

  252. Diana Penn

    Faux Leather Leggings with jean jacket

  253. Jeanne Turman

    I love the look of those faux leather pants.

  254. Bri

    Leggings and sweater or cardigan.

  255. Julieh

    I would love to pair the leather leggings with a flower silk shirt.

  256. jberry

    My mother would love these.

  257. Emily Skinner

    These look so cute and comfortable!!

  258. Leasa Wenninger

    I love those leggings, I always have trouble finding anything that can be dressed up or down but I think those are perfect!

  259. Janine Hwang

    I’d wear these with a long sleeve tunic top

  260. Joy Venters

    denim slacks – leather jacket

  261. Trisha McKee

    I love to pair faux leather leggings with a big fluffy sweater.

  262. Sand

    I typically pair faux leather leggings with a cute top and heels!

  263. aliah

    Please style some NEON. I am in love with this trend but would love to see it casual and chic.

  264. Teresa

    They are cute with a tunic.

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