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The Only Pair of Gladiator Sandals You Need + Comfortiva Sandals Giveaway!!

This Comfortiva sandals post is sponsored by Comfortiva, but all opinions are 100% my own.  Thanks for helping me to support the brands I love.

Comfortiva sandals giveaway hosted by top US fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing a Madewell striped tee, Good American skinny jeans, Karen Walker sunglasses, a Cuyana saddle bag and Comfortiva blush gladiator sandals


We all have that one go-to shoe each season…the one that we just can’t get enough of!  This spring it is definitely Comfortiva’s Blossom Sandal in Rosewater.  I love the pretty pale pink color, the cage design and did I mention that they’re actually comfortable?!  A gladiator sandal that’s comfortable? Yes! I usually have to squish my feet into too narrow strappy gladiator sandals that hurt the sides of my feet or I wear a pair that is more about style than comfort and doesn’t have a padded footbed.  

These Comfortiva sandals are the exception!

As it says it their name, Comfortiva is all about comfort…without sacrificing style!  Most of their shoes come in several different colors, sizes and widths to ensure you have the perfect style, color and fit.  These Blossom sandals have a size zip, adjustable laces, and exclusive Pillowtop memory foam footbed, a block heel that is slip resistant and a flexible outsole.  If that doesn’t sound comfortable, I don’t know what does!

I wore these Comfortiva sandals all day at work one day and then chasing Leighton around at the park, and I could have worn them even longer.  This pretty pale pink color is going to be even bigger this year working as a neutral like a tan or nude color would. I love pairing pieces I would normally wear with a brown or black sandal with these pink gladiators.  They make just the right amount of statement, and trust me, they’re mom approved if you’re known to be chasing or toting a kiddo around with you. = )

P.S. I am SO excited to also be teaming up with Comfortiva to give away a pair of my favorite sandals. To enter, just use the rafflecopter widget below and good luck! What color Comfortiva’s Blossom Sandal would you choose if you won?  What is your go-to sandal color and style this spring?

Comfortiva sandals giveaway hosted by top US fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing a Madewell striped tee, Good American skinny jeans, Karen Walker sunglasses, a Cuyana saddle bag and Comfortiva blush gladiator sandals


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  1. Amanda

    the link in your “leave a comment” entry doesn’t work. Love the sandals though!

    • Alyssa Mago

      Black 🖤😍 looove

    • Kathryn Marbot


    • Kate Rivas

      I adore those Rosewater pale pink gladiator sandals…so perfect!

    • Gabriella Martine

      I gotta go with the pink.. My purse is the exact same color!

    • J Brodman

      I love these sandals in black. They would go with everything.

  2. Dana Rodriguez

    I love the MARC FISHER LTD Brandie Espadrille Slide.

    • Kelly Wilson


    • Nancy Dozier

      I LOVE your Comfortiva Blossom Sandals in Chambray!!! I think the Chambray will go wth so much, look good on my bare feet and is just kinda different!

    • Amanda Ellis

      My favorite color of these sandals would be the ones that you have on! Super cute!

      • Jamie L Grimes

        The rosewater is my favorite.

      • Craig Wiggins


  3. Jessica


    • Steph Hanson

      Walnut Tan is my favorite color sandal.

      • Buddy Garrett

        Rose water is my favorite.

  4. Amanda B.

    I love the Comfortiva Blossom in Walnut La Mesa!

  5. Marta

    Those are gorgeous and I’m sure they’re comfortable. I have very weird feet so something that’s comfortable while still being cute is perfect for me.

    Marta –

    • Kelly Kimmell

      I like the gold ones.

      • Jean Waskiewicz

        Walnut tan

  6. Vickie

    I love the sandals you have on and the color!

  7. Lesly F

    The rosewater color is my favorite

  8. Shawn

    Cute sandals!

    • Diane Balding

      Love the black ones

  9. ashley perez

    Loving the ones in gold!

    • Vikki parman

      I like the walnut tan the best.

  10. Alice F

    My favorite is the ALANNA in parchment.

  11. Elizabeth Boston

    My favorite color is the beige-tan. It matches a majority of my outfits.

    • Nancy


    • sherri chastain

      I love the rosewater sandals

  12. Theresa J

    I love the walnut tan

  13. Traci goodwin

    rosewater ones are beautiful.

    • Kelly Webb


  14. Sandra Davis

    I like the black

  15. Rajee Pandi


  16. Marjorie Whitney

    Chambray would be the color that would work best for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Rena Walter

    The natural Sandalwood is my choice for sandals.

  18. Carolyn Reilly

    I like the walnut tan

  19. chris

    combrey blue just perfect for wearing with jeans.

  20. Jessica Marinaccio

    Blossom in gold

  21. nickie

    I like the black

    • Kelly Wilson


      • Jill H

        I like the walnut tan color, I like the natural color which would go with everything.

      • Caitlyn Hill

        The black would go great with everything!

  22. Tricia Goss

    Super cute outfit! Love the sandals.

  23. Lisa Bourlier

    Loving the Chambray Blue!

  24. shannon zeidan

    I like two of the colors. I can’t decide between rosewater or gold.

  25. bridgett

    Love the sandals!

  26. Kami Allen

    I love the rosewater the best

  27. latanya

    I like the Gella sandals

  28. Steve Novack

    Rosewater for my wife

  29. Donna C.

    Rosewater is my favorite color

  30. Tiffany S

    I really like the walnut tan color.

  31. celia husmann

    rose water

  32. Joy Runge

    would love the black sandals

  33. nicolle

    I am loving the Rosewater

  34. Anne Scott


  35. Sheila Nelson


  36. Gal Colleen


  37. LaCinda Brooks

    Black is my favorite

  38. Tiffani T

    Beautiful <3

  39. Shavalerie Thurman

    gold, nice prize, thanks for the chance to win.

  40. Annmarie Weeks

    I am in love with these, and especially love the chambray color!

  41. donna richie

    Rose water is my favorite

  42. Sherri Hicks

    I like the walnut

  43. Sherri Hicks

    I like the black

  44. Lori Q.

    I love the Comfortiva Blossom in Walnut La Mesa!

  45. Janice Dean

    I love the black best!

  46. Dana Moore

    blossom gold for me!

    • Michelle Damon

      Love the Walnut Tan! 😍

  47. Carol n


  48. Shanna Urlacher

    I absolutely LOVE the rosewater color!

  49. Heather S

    I like walnut tan the best

  50. Kristina Scott

    Love the Tan ones!

  51. Tara Peterson

    I love the rosewater color! The perfect shade of pink to go with everything!! Thanks for the chance!

  52. KV

    I like the Gold color.

  53. Angela Kern

    I love the black

  54. Amber Azelton

    I personally love the 🌹 rosewater color.

  55. Natalie

    I really like the gold color, but the black looks great as well.

  56. Lauren Donley

    I can’t decide between blush and turquoise!

  57. Catherine Guzik

    Absolutely Stunning….would love to own these!

  58. dana germain

    Love the sage green



  60. Jessica White

    Ooh i love all the colors but my favorite is rosewater!

  61. Deidre Coffey

    Walnut!! I love this brand. So comfortable!!

  62. Brooke Stall

    I love the rosewater and would also wear the walnut tan and black but the rosewater would be a nice new color to try.

  63. Sheila V.

    Walnut tan is pretty.

  64. tom sides

    sage green

  65. Mary Novack

    Sage green!

  66. Nadia

    I love all nude sandals!

  67. Laurie Lichtenstein

    Chambray is a great color!

  68. Jen R

    I love the chambray color for the Comfortiva Blossom Sandals.

  69. Nicole May

    Sage green

  70. Annette P.

    So pretty! Love the hint of pink in Rosewater!

  71. Mardi M

    I love the Walnut tan color!

  72. Htaylor

    My favorite Comfortiva Sandals are the Gold!

  73. Amy Forsyth

    I’m loving the Rose!😍

  74. Valerie Young

    I love them all but I luv black shoes better so the black ones

  75. Melly

    I normally don’t go for sage green, but in this shoe it is definitely my favorite hue!

  76. Denise Bagert

    Definitely the Rosewater!

  77. Camilla Wilson

    Love the tan ones!

  78. Sandra Watts

    I like the sage green.

  79. Kelly D

    The rosewater is my favorite.

  80. Jan Isaacs-Wade

    These sandals are so beautiful and can go from day to night. The black sandals are the best!

  81. Karen Lynn Hackney

    I would love to win those sandals.

  82. Stephanie Feece

    Love the black

  83. Mark Reynolds

    Wife would like these.

  84. Gabrielle

    I think the gold, sage green, and rosewater are all lovely as anything.

  85. john schull

    The rosewater is my favorite.

  86. denise blount

    I like all of them, but I guess I would get the black ones since they would go with most everything.

  87. Antoinette M

    I like walnut tan.

  88. Kim


  89. Diana Shenderovich


  90. Tammy

    I like the gold. :0)

  91. Joan

    Chambray is the perfect shade of blue.

  92. Donna Dennis

    I like rosewater.

  93. Gina Ferrell

    My favorite is the Black in the Comfortiva Blossom Sandals.

  94. Ellie Wright

    I like the rosewater sandals.

  95. Tara L

    I love the Black Blossom ones.

  96. Sunnie

    I like the rosewater

  97. Sunnie

    I like the rosewater as well.

  98. Karen Spector

    I like the rosewater sandals.

  99. Kendra Wallace

    I LOVE the blossom color!

  100. Janet OBrien

    I love the black

  101. Amanda Y.

    I love the Rosewater color!

  102. Eva Mack

    I like walnut tan.

  103. C

    I think the Sage Green are cute.

  104. Jessica Walker


  105. Barrie

    I like the walnut tan color. They would go with anything.

  106. kathy Agate

    I like the sandel in walnut

    • Sarah VT

      I’ve been looking for a pair of comfy black sandals!! But the rosewater is so pretty…

  107. kathy Agate

    I like the sandal in walnut

  108. Carrie Lancon


  109. Bev

    These sandals look so comfy

  110. Cheryl Ellard

    Cute cute

  111. Jennifer S.

    I like the rosewater, gold, or walnut best — still can’t narrow it down to one! Thanks for the opportunity!

  112. Amie Jensen

    My fave are Alanna

  113. Anita Duvall

    I really like the Sage Green Sandals the most. So pretty.

  114. Anita Duvall

    I like the Sage Green Sandals the most.

  115. Deanna Straub

    Black is my go-to favorite color.

  116. Amy Turnbull

    I like the black ones

  117. Charlene Cooper


  118. Kimberly

    The rosewater is cute.

  119. Jolie Misek

    I like Walnut La Mesa

  120. Dawn

    Love to win

  121. Kathryn Finn

    Hard choice, but maybe rosewater is my favorite.

  122. Maddie Allen

    My favorite color for the sandals is black – so cute!

  123. Candace Galan

    I would like walnut tan but maybe rosewater, so pretty!

  124. AprilRobbins


  125. heather padilla

    I like the rosewater and the sage

  126. Nadine L.

    I like the chambray ones!

  127. Jenny Deaton Stafford

    These are Beautiful!!! I love the leather color the best!!!

  128. Patti Wilder

    These are so cute and look comfy

  129. Laurie Nykaza

    The rosewater color is so pretty

  130. Sarah N

    I love the gold,but black would definitely go with everything! They are ADORABLE!

  131. Donna L Holder

    blue is my favorite

  132. Nicole

    Very cute! Love the Rosewater color!

  133. Gaye McGill

    I love them in walnut tan.

  134. Jennifer T


  135. Germaine Harrison

    I like the sage green.

  136. kathy m

    I love the walnut tan color – would go with almost anything! Really cute stylish shoes would love to wear them!

  137. Marisa Murray

    Wow I love these sandals!

  138. Kristi Meyer

    I would love these! They look great on you.

  139. Jessica S

    I love the rosewater ones!

  140. Nancy


  141. Sarah Diener

    I usually go with black, but you’ve totally convinced me on this gorgeous rosewater color!

  142. Carol Garvitte

    I surely love the Sandles, and so easy to enter.

  143. Abe Liandro


  144. Jeanna Massman

    I liked the chambray color.

  145. M Parker


  146. Stacy Lanson


  147. Erin

    I’m naturally a person who gravitates towards neutrals, that being said I would go with the Walnut Tan but the Rosewater also offers a bit of color while still leaning towards neutral like you said.

  148. Natalie Taylor

    The gold ones are great

  149. Caridad J Hilaire

    Perfect for the summer, and i have the dress to match it

  150. Charlene Brothers

    ugly shoes

  151. Christy Keen

    Love the Rosewater color! These sandals are so cute!

    • Jennifer D Raska

      I absolutely LOVEEEE the color Blossom!!! I love these sandals! They are gorgeous!

  152. Toni Schlinsog

    I really like the Rosewater ones!

  153. kimberly a grong

    I would love a pair of these.

  154. kathy Persons

    I like the Walnut tan

  155. Annette

    So many nice shades, but my favorite is rosewater.

  156. Rebecca Langston

    These are really cute! Love all of the colors they come in!

  157. Beth B.

    I’m torn between tan and black. I think they would each go great with so many spring outfits I have.

  158. MARYLON


  159. brenda boone

    these are so stylish, would love to own a pair

  160. Brenda K Boone


  161. Suzanne Roberts

    The sandlas in Chambray would go with so many of my Spring/Summer outfits.

  162. James Stringham

    sage green

  163. Susan Korhonen

    Too Cute!!!

  164. Stacie R.

    Gold Calgary metal is my fave color for sure.

  165. connie danielson

    I love a tan color but would like any of the colors! thanks for the chance to win! connie danielson

  166. Erica Beaver

    Oh my! They are all such great colors it is so hard to chose. I would have to pick black so I could wear them with almost everything. But I would love to have 1 of each color, I just love this style so much.

  167. Erica Beaver

    Oh my! They are all such great colors it is so hard to choose. I would have to pick black so I could wear them with almost everything. But I would love to have 1 of each color, I just love this style so much.

  168. Karen

    I love them all but I think the chambray is my favorite

  169. Vlada

    Incredible sandals!

  170. Mary

    love the rosewater sandals! these would be perfect int he summer months for work!!

  171. Sam

    I love them in the chambray blue.

  172. Sharon Rooney

    I love these! My favorite color is the black.

  173. Donna Evans

    Love the black, they are so classy looking and would go with anything.

  174. Alexandra Elise Cohen-Spiegler

    Love that smile!

  175. Liz Kilcher

    i love the black ones

  176. Paula

    I really like this in walnut tan. But there are many great color options for the sandal.



  178. Cheryl Montgomery

    the sandals you have on

  179. Loganjanel

    So cute love the bag too. The tan ones are so cute.

  180. Danny Goode

    walnut tan

  181. Jessica Swearingen

    Gold or black. Well, actually I love them all!

  182. Tawna Karen Williams

    Love these sandals! Super cute!

  183. Kim Colesworthy Buckel

    Love the rosewater colored sandals

  184. mj

    very nice color, look comfortable

  185. pamela j


  186. Onyinye Elochukwu

    My favorite is rose water

  187. Kim

    I don’t usually wear beige colored sandals, but these are so pretty and would be my color pick.

  188. Dana Andrakowicz

    Love them!

  189. Shannon Irvine

    I like the Coral Skylyn shoes the best.

  190. Jamie Johnson

    I love ALL the colors! I know I’ll be wearing mine with jeans, so I am having trouble picking just one color! I really love the SAGE GREEN! Second choice, which really is a tie, is the ROSEWATER. So pretty! And can I please have your sunnies you’re wearing in all the pics!? They are SO cute! Sunglasses are my fave accessory! Never leave home without them! Thx for sharing this with us! xoxoJJ

  191. Connie Moore


  192. Arlene

    Adorable – the rosy ones are just the cat’s meow!

  193. Brigitte Bauman

    I like the black Comfortiva Sandals.

  194. Jovan B.


  195. Tiffiny Duke

    The sage green sandals are beautiful! Totally make me smile!!

  196. Scott Irvine


  197. Debra Dubois

    love the walnut tan love the style so fresh and cute 🙂

  198. Rose

    I like the Walnut color.

  199. Susan Smith

    I love the walnut tan color.

  200. Peg Scott

    You can never go wrong with a neutral tan color

  201. Ken Ohl

    love the sage green scandals

  202. Grace Morimoto

    I love the rosewater color

  203. Theresa Jenkins

    Black or Rosewater

  204. clynsg

    I like them all, but would go for the Walnut Tan first.

  205. Michele Bowman


  206. Pamela McCreary

    Rosewater is divine!

  207. Whitney

    Wow, they are so cute! The tan ones would go with any outfit

  208. Lindsey

    I love the Blossom sandals! Nude and blush pink go with everything, and make my legs look longer!

    • Katera

      Turns out the giveaway widget is acting up, it won’t accept that I’ve commented, so I can’t actually enter. Not working

  209. Barb Carlson

    I like these natural colored ones.

  210. Lynnempow

    I like the Blossom in a bunch of colors.

  211. Diane Burns

    I love these sandals!

  212. Sherri Jones

    | adore the rosewater

  213. Gina Gallagher

    I love the Walnut Tan! These are beautiful!

  214. gloria patterson

    Blossom | Gold for me

  215. Jan Griswold

    that anthracite foil suede is beautiful, I usually stick with go with anything black

  216. Zeke King

    gold for me

  217. Joseph Hartwick

    nice looking sandals

  218. Elin Roberts

    I like the pink. Thanks for the giveaway 🌸

  219. Katera

    I definitely adore them in rosewater! But walnut tan is a close second! I love the versatility of the more nuetral tones! I’m a sucker for anything sorta pink!

  220. Melissa C Richardson

    Favorite color is definitely Rosewatter

  221. Aaron

    My favorite color of Comfortiva Blossom sandals is Chambray!

  222. Christina Hammock

    I love the gold!

  223. Sherri

    Pretty color. Are they had to put on/take off?

  224. Philip Lawrence

    My favorite color for them is walnut tan.

  225. Callie

    I’m loving the walnut tan.

  226. amber kolb

    The sage green is gorgeous!! I would wear these all summer long!

  227. JR

    I really like the rosewater color

  228. Kelsey Vinson

    I love the walnut tan color. Perfect for any outfit.

  229. Charlene Carr

    They are alI very nice but I like the Rosewater Sandels.

  230. Kayla Dowling

    It’s so hard to choose a color – I want one of each! But at the moment, if I had to choose just one, I think it might be the chambray.

  231. Stephanie Fossum


  232. Kristin Kimmell

    I really like all of the colors, but I would go for the black because I think they would go with more of my wardrobe.

  233. Aubreigh

    Rosewater is my favorite!

  234. Aubrey Daniels

    I love the sandals you have on! Really cute!!

  235. Kate Rivas

    I adore the Rosewater – pale pink Gladiator Sandals…..Love them!

  236. Renee Skoglund

    The pink color looks barefoot. I love it.

  237. Katrina

    I love the gold ones!

  238. JoAnna Carpentier

    I loooove the Rosewater.

  239. Alex N Allamon

    Love the nude ones you have and the black ones wow!!

  240. Twila Mason

    I love the Rosewater color!

  241. Jenny S

    You can never go wrong with black. Really cute!

  242. Sharon

    I really like the color you have on! Rosewater would go with pretty much any outfit in the spring/summer. Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair!

  243. Rhonda

    Super cute! Pink!

  244. Jean Segina

    I love the walnut tan, neutral to go with everything and make you look tan for the summer months….

  245. Evelyn Frierson

    Love the sage Green.

  246. Colleen T

    I like the black ones

  247. Howard Steeley


  248. Sara

    I love the pink ones!

  249. kimberly Zais

    My favorite color in the Comfortiva Blossom sandals would be BLACK. I love black sandals !

  250. Diane


  251. Elizabeth Sulcelline

    Farrow in Navy- they look amazing~~

  252. monique s

    I like the walnut colored ones

  253. Ashley Harvey

    I love the gold ones! So cute!

  254. DORI CORR

    So cute. Will go with any outfit!

  255. Vickie Stewart

    I like the rosewater!

  256. Jodie Rector

    I like the Walnut Tan

  257. rebecca oakleaf

    I love these in Gold. They are very cute!

  258. Shannon Fuad Deane

    I love the tan sandals! I am heading to Italy in a month and would love to walk the streets in a pair of these fantastic sandals!

  259. Shannon Fuad Deane

    I love the Rosewater sandals! I am heading to Italy in a month and would love to walk the streets in a pair of these fantastic sandals!

  260. wayne rome

    wife will love

  261. Jenifer Ellingson

    I love the Rosewater color!

  262. Alicia Hewitt

    My favorite color is Walnut Tan.

  263. Barb G

    The gray is a beautiful color

  264. Nancy

    I love the chambray color!

  265. Regina Smith

    Love them all! Especially like the Walnut Tan color!

  266. Paige Byrd


  267. Johannah

    My favorite is black. Just feel like they always match whatever I am wearing.

  268. Mariel Auerbach


  269. Michelle F

    love the shoes and outfit!!

  270. annbird

    I like the black ones because they’ll match with everything I wear

  271. Maureen

    I like the sage green. It is a color that I usually do not go for but this is beautiful.

  272. Sherry Barnes


  273. Christine Yvonne Groce

    I love the Rosewater Pale Pink. thanks for the chance to win.

  274. Kathy Hanley

    My favorite color of Comfortiva Blossom sandals is walnut tan!

  275. Nicole Byer

    Walnut Tan is my favorite color

  276. Abigail Gibson

    I really like the black.

    • Carissa Ahlers


  277. Debbie Ballagh

    I would wear black.



  279. Theresa Hollers

    so cute!

  280. Sharon Anderson

    Black is where it’s at!

  281. Miri

    I like the “walnut tan” color. It’s neutral enough to wear with anything.

  282. Craig Wiggins


  283. Pamela Tessmer

    I love the rosewater color, perfect for spring and summer!


    Decisions…decisions….. Need to go with the black shoes.

  285. Charlene S.

    My favorite color is chambray.

  286. Rachel Darensbourg

    I love the Rosewater!

  287. Celena Metzger

    I love the Rosewater pale pink gladiator sandals!

    • Katherine S

      I like the chambray

  288. lori byrd

    The gold ones

  289. Patricia A Muller

    sage green

  290. rachael

    i love the pale pink

  291. Christine

    size 8 please

  292. Tammy Kennedy

    I would like the chambray as they would be a perfect match to a shirt I bought for my grandsons graduation

  293. Nancy Steward


  294. paige chandler

    I like the sage green best

  295. drimeth

    I personally love the black!

  296. Shannon Baas

    I like the chambray

  297. Melissa Storms

    I really like the Walnut Tan color. These look so comfortable and they are cuuute.

  298. Charlette Bond

    love the rosewater ones.

  299. David Birmingham


  300. Jennifer Muise

    chambray but rosewater is a close second

  301. David Birmingham

    Nice; the color pictured.

  302. Rosanne

    I love the Chambray color but they are all stunning

  303. Sharon C

    I prefer the chambray color.

  304. Heather Kaufman

    I like the walnut tan

  305. Spirit Wilson

    Beautiful! I hope to win🥰😍🥰

  306. Natalie Schilla

    My favorite color is Gold.

  307. Cathy Truman

    My favorite color is the Walnut Tan all the colors are great.

  308. Barbara Lima

    Blossom is my FAV!

  309. Deb Ford

    I love the Rosewater ones!

  310. JJ

    I love dark colors…. black would be my favorite.

  311. Amanda

    The rosewater is too cute! Definitely my favorite.

  312. Shirley thomas

    The chambray color

  313. maria


  314. carol


  315. Kathy Linklater

    My favorite color is Walnut Tan.

  316. melissa mc

    i like the Walnut Tan ones and ty for the chance 🙂

  317. Catherine

    Love the Blossom Rosewater! I can see my feet in them!

  318. Kelley Schroeder

    Very cute sandals!!

  319. Kelley Schroeder

    I love the rose colored ones or maybe the black. AHHH!! They are all so cute!

  320. Annamarie V

    The shoes are so cute, I like them in gold.

  321. Marcus Walker

    My wife likes blossom

  322. Audrey


  323. Angela Mason

    I love those pink ones you have on the most but I also like the black ones because they would match anything. Oh and don’t forget those blue ones too! Thank you so very kindly for the opportunity and enjoy your week! Good luck everyone!

  324. Paige Pierog

    I love the walnut tan sandals!

  325. Kate Martin

    Rosewater and me for the win!!!




    Loving these shoes 😍😍😍

  328. Becky Grady

    The shoes are so cute!! <3 <3

  329. Danielle Triail

    I need the rose water sandals! Lol

  330. Becky Grady

    rosewater is my favorite color

  331. Lauren R


  332. Heather Montgomery

    Omg these sandals are to die for!¡ 😍😍😍


    I like the black ones

  334. David Kleinoeder


  335. Laura Turner

    Love this whole vibe!

  336. Laura Turner

    Love this whole vibe with the rosewood!

  337. Franciely

    I love the walnut and the pale pink.

  338. Veronica

    I love the Rosewater and the Walnut Tan sandals!

  339. Paula Borek

    I love the Sage Green sandals, they are all cute, but the green is so springy!

  340. julie

    I love the blue ones!


    I like the Comfortiva Blossom Sandals in Chambray. No, the Sage Green. No, the Walnut Tan. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

  342. Chelle

    I like the black…goes with everything day or night

  343. Sandy Klocinski

    My favorite color is gold

  344. Adrienne Gordon

    The gold ones.

  345. michelle garrity

    I really like the color you have one, the flesh tone.

  346. Brenda Ingram

    love love love those shoes!

  347. Brenda Ingram

    i love aLL the colors!

  348. Maria A

    Rosewater is prob my fave color of these sandals and tan is a close 2nd!

  349. Kimberly A Ripley

    I need to find sandals that provide comfort and support, and look nice, too.

  350. Susan Climan

    Either Walnut Tan or Black.

  351. Lisa Painter

    The gold sandals are my favorite.

  352. julie


  353. Lauren Anastasi


  354. jessica c

    those sandals are so cute

  355. Holly C.

    I do not own a gladiator sandal and these are super cute! love the rosewater color!

  356. Kate Sooter

    Cute shoes!

  357. Laura Lanza

    rosewater is very cute

  358. Richard Hicks

    i like the walnut color best.

  359. Toni Sprouse

    The rosewater looks like the perfect rosy shade for spring fashion..flirty and feminine! Thanks so much for this chance!

  360. Jennifer Niswander

    I love the rosewater and tan sandals!

  361. Kristi Fugitt

    Those look stunning!

  362. JHawk

    chambray all the way!

  363. Emily Smith

    I love the Rosewater ones!

  364. jo

    I love the Rosewater color, and my favorite style of sandal is gladiator, a win/win!

  365. Catherine Bradford

    Walnut Tan is my favorite, guess I am a plain Jane lol

  366. Karley Moore

    I love these sandals in Walnut Tan. They are fabulous!

  367. Christa Bengtsson

    I like the black ones the best.

  368. Kristen L.

    My favorite color would be the black ones so that they match everything!

  369. Brenda Cremer

    I love the Rosewater ones they would go with a lot of the the colors in my closet!

  370. Margie Morrison

    These are awesome!

  371. Margie Morrison

    Rosewater? They are all so awesome!

  372. jodie filogomo

    I do love the rosewater color. It would go with everything.

  373. Jeanne Turman

    Pretty Spring sandals.

  374. Whitney Lai

    As someone who grew up with bunions (bone deformity in your feet), I was somewhat embarrassed about wearing sandals 👡 in public. It’s a condition that’s affected how I walked every day, exercise and even sleep due to some nerve pain. I had my surgery when I was 18 and was always told to wear shoes I thought were comfortable and not just pretty to help limit the pain.
    I would love to try these sandals since they look gorgeous for spring and may benefit me personally!! I really love the rose water and walnut tan color as well!! Thanks for the share!

  375. Kayla Petsche

    Love love that purse!!

  376. Kari Russell

    I love the metallic gold!

  377. rana durham

    i love the black sandals.

  378. mami2jcn

    Black is my favorite.

  379. Andrea Darst

    I really like the Sage Green!

  380. Chrystal D

    The black ones are my favorite!

  381. Christy Peeples DuBois

    These are so stylish and I like all the colors they come in. However I would choose the walnut tan or the rose water. I am so excited to be introduced to a business that has so many options for wide feet people. Thanks.

  382. Elizabeth Tarlow

    My favorite color is the Chambray.

  383. Audrey Stewart

    I love the Blossom Black.

  384. Kim Davis

    Very cute , would love to wear them!

  385. Kim Davis

    Very cute , would love to wear them in black.

  386. Lisa V.

    I like the Walnut/Tan.

  387. Amy C.

    I would choose the classic black pair.

  388. Tabathia B

    I like the chambray, rosewater and the sage green colors best

  389. Ruby Yoshi

    I like Rose water colored ones. They look so pretty.

  390. Cheryl Burgess


  391. Melissa Hartley

    I love the Gold shade best!!

  392. Itzel M.

    Gold or walnut tan!

  393. Kim Henrichs

    I love the Rosewater!

  394. Bev Davis

    I love the light peach/pink color, it goes with everything

  395. Breanne

    I like rosewater.

  396. Sarah Hayes

    theyre all so pretty but walnut tan is probably the color Id get the most use from

  397. Kristine

    Love the Rosewater color!

  398. Michaela R.

    My favorite color from them is rosewater. It’s gorgeous.

    • Jacquelyn Cannon

      I love the black sandals.


    love the shoes, and your site!

  400. carol

    I really like the gold one

  401. Sheri Newell Anderson

    I really love a nice tan color in a sandal but would be happy with any color for sure!

  402. Carli

    I like the pretty pale pink sandals.

  403. Ann Fleming

    These look nice !

  404. Jennifer Brinker

    I’d choose chambray since I think they would match anything but stand out!

  405. sandra


  406. Cassandra D

    I like sage green.

  407. Linda Peavy

    I love these in sage green. So pretty!

  408. Rose Reeder

    I liked the chambray color.

  409. KLadyPayne

    Rose water is my favorite…. walnut tan is a close second!

  410. Samantha Plotkin

    I like the walnut tan color.

  411. Kathryn Towle

    Loving the Walnut Tan!

  412. Christina Hawkins

    I love the gold!

  413. Sara Zielinski

    My favorite color is black, you can never go wrong with black.

  414. Amy Deeter

    My favorite color of Comfortiva Blossom sandals is the black

  415. Amy Jo

    Classic Black!

  416. Ashley c

    I love the gold

  417. Victoria T


  418. Catherine Guzik

    These are beautiful!

  419. Lena


  420. Luna S

    I like the black pair.

  421. Courtney

    Sage Green!! 🙂 Love them all actually.

  422. Suzanne


  423. Colleen Boudreau

    I like the rosewater color.

  424. ivy

    I love the Rosewater but the Chambray are also beautiful!

  425. Pamela Grogan

    My feet would look so cute in those sandals

  426. Mi Webber


  427. kathy pease

    I love the black color

  428. Dolores Miranda

    I love sage green!

  429. Michelle H.

    I would probably choose the rosewater.

  430. shawna

    I would like black.

  431. Amy Marshall

    My fave color sandal is the black pair!

  432. DanV

    I like the sandals in black

  433. Becky Sell

    I love black and rosewater.

  434. Ann Marzano

    beautiful sandals

  435. Tammy Evans

    My favorite color is Black. I think the other colors are pretty but I know I would get the most use out of the black.

  436. Connie Tucker

    My favorite is my go to color, black.

  437. Rose Santuci-Sofranko

    My favorite color is the Rosewater pink you show in this blog post. Not only is it a lovely colour, but it has my name in it. Thanks and God bless!

  438. Kelly Webb


  439. Megan Wilson


  440. Carissa A Woodford

    Adorable shoes!

  441. S. Carter

    I like the sandals in black the best. All the colors are beautiful though.

  442. Leela

    I like the black ones.

  443. vivian blevins


  444. Docia Vagnerini

    I like the walnut tan color. Thank you for this opportunity!

  445. sarah conaway


  446. Kayla Bennett

    I like the black ones!

  447. Cheryl VanBrunt

    I like black

  448. Sara Minahan

    sandals are SO cute!

  449. Vicki D.

    I like Walnut Tan. This color would go with everything. Plus, it looks very summery.

  450. Rivka

    Walnut Tan!

  451. Jenni Campbell

    Any of the pastels look gorgeous and perfect for Spring and Summer!!

  452. Brandi Drake

    I really like the Rosewater color. It’s a very neutral color that will go with more outfits than, say, black I feel.

  453. JC

    BLOSSOM – walnut tan Can wear those anywhere!

  454. Tammie Venne

    I like the Rosewater, seems like the would match anything

  455. cassandra register

    These are so cute.

  456. Tim


  457. Tim Kidder

    Black for sure

  458. Jennifer J

    I like Chambray

  459. Marie Beauregard

    SAge green is my fave

  460. Sandy Reis

    I would love to win a pair.They are so pretty! Thank you for the chance

  461. Christine Stuart

    Beautiful sandals!

  462. Christine Stuart

    Love the matching purse/sandal combination.

  463. Christine Stuart

    Love the matching purse.

  464. Kathleen M Hand

    I love the sage green but black goes with everything!

  465. Lauren H

    I like the green ones

  466. Julieh

    My favorite color is black.

  467. Jennifer H.

    I would like the black ones.

  468. Dawn Ballo

    I love the black.

  469. bri


  470. Jaime

    the black ones

  471. Jennifer Alaggio

    I would choose these sandals in black! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  472. Cynthia Quisenberry

    walnut tan are cute

  473. Melissa L

    Rosewater is my favorite color!

  474. Trisha McKee

    My favorite is the black. They are beautiful in every color.

  475. Laurie Emerson

    I love the Rosewater.

  476. Teresa Adkins

    I love the black and the chambray.

  477. Kelly Freeman

    Red for me

  478. brandi morgan

    I love Rosewater 🙂 – Pairs well with most anything!

  479. Sand

    The black are my favorite pair!

  480. Amber

    Black is the best in shoes!!

  481. Michelle Tysinger

    My favorite are the light spring oranges/peach

  482. Bev Carboneau

    roswater is a nice color

  483. Victoria

    love your outfit !

  484. Lindsay Williams

    I typically would choose black but I love these in chambray. The color would look great with tan feet at the beach.

  485. Jennifer H

    My favorite color is the gold.

  486. Sarah

    I like the black the most

  487. Janine Hwang

    I’d get them in walnut tan, bc it goes with everything

  488. Lily Kwan

    I like rosewater.

  489. Betty Curran

    I like the chambray color. It has just enough color not to be totally neutral.

  490. Marci


  491. Jean Hansen

    Black is always my go-to color. I would wear these year-round, including with black tights, or leggings. They look so fashionable and comfortable. #Bravo

  492. Tosha H

    Love the black, classy ❤️

  493. Renee

    I like the walnut tan color.

  494. Olga G.

    Rosewater. Love them!

  495. Michele Leavitt

    The black pair is beautiful!

  496. Connie Atkins

    Make me a winner

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