May 16, 2019

The Best Flattering Shorts for YOUR Body Type

The Best Flattering Shorts for YOUR Body Type featured by top US fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels


From hourglass to petite to athletic to straight to pear and heart, there are SO many different body shapes. And trust me, I know that makes it SO hard to find the right pieces right off the rack that fit. That’s why I visit my tailor often. = )

I have a really short torso (it’s basically non existent lol), am really short and have an hourglass shape so I am always trying to balance out my frame by making myself look like I have a longer torso, am taller and not bringing too much attention to my chest. It’s a constant battle, but knowing what works for your body and what looks best on your body shape definitely helps!

I’m sharing some of my favorite styles of best flattering shorts today for every body shape. For me, I tend to lean towards shorts that have a higher rise, are looser through the thighs and have a shorter inseam.

Let me know which flattering shorts styles are your favorite and what has worked best for your body in a comment below!


17 thoughts on “The Best Flattering Shorts for YOUR Body Type”

  1. I honestly have always hated shorts shopping. I have a long torso AND long legs with a small waist but bigger thighs. It can be SUCH a pain, but I’ve found that H&M boyfriend shorts fit and flatter me the best!

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