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The Best Amazon Prime Day Picks

The Best Amazon Prime Day Picks  featured by top US fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels


Happy Prime Day yall! If you don’t know what Amazon Prime Day is, it’s the next 48 hours where all Amazon Prime members get incredible deals on certain products from Amazon along with 2 day shipping!

There are so many amazing deals going on today and tomorrow, but I’ve rounded up my favorite here! Make sure you to also check out my IG Stories for other Prime Day favorites!

What are you scooping up today from Amazon? Let me know in a comment below!!

  1. Vickie

    Great stuff! I need those leggings!

    • Laura

      Aren’t they cute?!

  2. Jessica

    Pretty picks dear, especially that blue romper!
    Jessica |

  3. Ashley Hargrove

    I have major FOMO because I literally did not have time to prepare for Prime Day OR shop for it!!! I love all of your picks!

  4. Kileen

    Absolutely love Amazon!! Their deals are amazing and love the 2 day shipping!!! I have my eyes on those adidas shoes!

    cute & little

  5. Rach

    Love the Dyson and definitely worth taking advantage of during the Prime Day sale!

  6. Hillary Conheady

    Oh my goodness I want allll of this!! I definitely need to look into all of these electronics!

  7. Tanvi Rastogi

    I need me some tracks. Gonna checkout your picks.


  8. Greta

    So many good picks here! I honestly forgot about this sale and dropped the ball. I’ll be more prepared next year!

  9. Stephanie

    The only thing I ended up getting from Prime Day was a tripod haha! I guess I missed out on some of the good stuff!

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