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Our Newlywed Christmas Cards + $150 Minted Holiday Cards Giveaway!!

Newlywed Christmas Card printed by Minted featured by top US life and style blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.


Y’all, I am so excited to be showing you our Newlywed Christmas card from Minted for our first year as husband and wife! When we took our wedding photos, we found these gorgeous trees outside our cabin, and I just knew we had to get some pictures in front of them to use for our Christmas cards!

And I think our Newlywed Christmas card turned out just perfect. = )

With the faux fur caplet and Matt’s red tie, I think the pictures scream Christmas! And since we’re newlyweds, when I found this Christmas card from Minted, I knew it was the perfect one. Merrily ever after. I think it is simple but perfect for newlyweds.

I even ordered little photo collages to put in our envelopes with some family pictures of us and the girls, so friends and family could have a nice Christmas card to put up and pictures to keep. And the nice thing is that we already have our Christmas photos taken and don’t have to stress about getting the perfect one and hoping the girls sit still! I can’t wait to send them out later this month!

Now…on to a super exciting giveaway!!! I am teaming up with Minted to give $150 to one lucky reader to use on holiday cards. I have been ordering my Christmas cards from Minted since Leighton was born, and they always have the best selection and quality of cards. And they ship them SO quickly! They also offer free recipient addressing which is so convenient! It’s such a great time saver.

To enter the giveaway, just use the Rafflecopter widget below and good luck! What is your favorite Minted card design? Do you send our Christmas cards each year?

Newlywed Christmas Card printed by Minted featured by top US life and style blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.
Newlywed Christmas Card printed by Minted featured by top US life and style blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.
Newlywed Christmas Card printed by Minted featured by top US life and style blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.
Newlywed Christmas Card printed by Minted featured by top US life and style blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.
Newlywed Christmas Card printed by Minted featured by top US life and style blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.
Newlywed Christmas Card printed by Minted featured by top US life and style blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  1. Manda B

    I love the simplicity of the Evergreen Variety card!

    • Heather C

      I love the holiday flowers card!!

  2. sandra

    I like the peppermint bouquet card.

  3. Kayley

    I like the foil-pressed cards, especially the Winter Fest variety.

  4. Samantha Englund

    I love the one called Merry Hand-Lettering

  5. Colleen Boudreau

    I love the Meowy and Bright one.

  6. Will G

    I like Simplicity.

  7. Dana Rodriguez

    I like the Jumping Reindeer Children’s Apron & Mitt Set!

  8. Allyson Tice

    my favorite card is Gilded Evergreen!

    • Katherine S

      The Sparkling Origami Tree card looks really nice. I would create that one

  9. Christina p

    My favorite is the Holiday Flowers card.

  10. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    Minted makes the best holiday cards – I’ve been using them for years now! I have my eye on the “shimmering bold peace” design for our cards this year.

    • Katherine S

      The Sparkling Origami Tree card looks really nice

  11. Lisa Richardson

    I love the It’s a Wonderful Life cards. These cards are so beautiful and a great way to commemorate your first Christmas as husband and wife. XO

  12. Michelle J.

    I like the Holly Jolly Holla cards!

  13. Elizabeth W

    gilded evergreen is very pretty!

  14. Miranda

    I love Snapshots

  15. Gary

    My favorite is Collaged Merry

  16. Bill

    Love Happy Santas

  17. Vickie

    I love all of their cards!

  18. Laurie Nykaza

    Joyful Wishes
    by Ink and Letter is such a beautiful card for the holidays

    • Lindsey Fish

      I like simplicity

  19. Colleen

    I LOVE so many of their designs but I always have to wait to see what picture of my kids is decent before I decide since that always affects colors and layouts 🙃🙃

  20. LaCinda Brooks

    I just love Vintage Holiday Love, so lovely.

  21. NANCY


  22. Tara Peterson

    I love the Merry hand lettering card!

  23. Erin

    My favorite is the Rich and Romantic Botanical.

  24. Amy Cooley

    There’s so many beautiful cards to choose from! I really like the Holiday Floral Field design.

  25. Alina

    Love their Tree Skirt Holiday Card the best. It’s gorgeous!

  26. Brix

    The Joyful Colorblock holiday card is on the top of my list.

  27. Stafford

    I’m loving the Painted Holiday Plaid card.

  28. Ali

    The Minimal by Owl and Toad is my absolute favorite.

  29. Sean C

    Greenery Ornament is my fav.

  30. Charles Pizar

    Owl and Toad!

  31. MNS

    Bloglovin subscriber.

    My favorite card from their site is: vintage holiday love.

  32. desiree grubbs

    The Above all love cards are my favorite!

  33. Mallory D

    Love the Glowing Snow cards 🙂

  34. Shelly Caldwell

    The painted holiday plaid card is my favorite.

    • AnnRanea Harris

      The Glowing Snow cards are beautiful.

  35. Barbara skellham

    Thank you for this offer

  36. Lisa Jensen

    Painted holiday plaid is my favorite

  37. Annmarie Weeks

    I love the Dusted Snowflakes card…in the red color!

  38. Donna T.

    Festive Peace is a lovely choice.

  39. Tammy S.

    I like frosted frame in red

  40. Tiffany S

    I like the gilded edge holiday card.

  41. Lisa

    I love the Jubilanty card.

  42. Kelly D

    I like the Glowing Snow cards.

  43. Susan P.

    My favorite is the Evergreen Variety Holiday Cards.

  44. Lyvona Perry

    My favorite is the Holiday Flowers card.

  45. Jessica DuBose

    I love the simplicity!

  46. AMANDA S

    My favorite Minted holiday card is Winter Fest.

  47. Dorothea Collington

    So many to choose from Tree Skirt , Joyful colorblock , and Vintage holiday love

  48. angela smith

    Holiday flowers cards

  49. Lisa

    I currently have the sleighed cards in my cart! I want them so bad!! Cutest design ever.

  50. patricia caradonna

    The Evergreen Variety Holiday Cards are my favorite.

  51. Kathy Scott

    I love this card. I have been really bad about not sending out cards but I think this one would get me motivated to get it done.

  52. Ashleigh Hack


  53. Michele G

    Love Tree Skirt design

  54. Sharon Bontz

    Ever Classic

  55. Eva Mack

    I like the family photos…watch the children grow up!

  56. latanya

    I like the Evergreen Variety

  57. Danny Goode

    My favorite is Peaceful Botanical

  58. Carol Moore

    I love the tree skirt card.

  59. Kathy Linklater

    I like the Evergreen Variety

  60. tuesday

    I love the Journal christmas card!

  61. sandra

    i like the zucotto design

  62. carol clark

    shining cheers

  63. Carolyn Daley

    I like the Greenery Ornament card.

  64. sandra burns

    I liked them all, can you do an assortment?

  65. Lauren Donley

    The Dreamy Palette is gorgeous, and I love all the collage cards.

  66. Breanna

    I love the Merry Boughs card. It is beautiful and i could showcase my family christmas pictures!

  67. Kara Gill

    I love simplicity!

  68. Christina Cochran

    I love them all, but the Playful Script is my favorite one!

  69. Brooke Brooks

    dreamy palette


    love the Snow Day ornament 🙂

  71. Aubrey Daniels

    I love the tree skirt Christmas card. They are all awesome though!

  72. Shirley

    Holiday flowers for me!

  73. R. Vinson

    Love the Origami Card Tree! 💚❤

  74. Joti Baral

    Love the Merry Elegance.

  75. gloria u blankenship

    Snow glows

  76. janine

    i like the one called tree skirt

  77. Aaron

    I like the shimmering bold peace card.

  78. Rosanne

    I like the Jubilantly card

  79. Elizabeth ruiz

    I like the joyful color block

  80. Cheryl Ingram

    So lovely, I think I found some inspiration.

  81. michelle hill

    peppermint bouquet

  82. Michele

    I love the Evergreen Variety!

  83. Steph Hanson

    Any of the foil ones!

  84. Jerry Smith

    Merry Hand-Lettering

  85. Lisa

    My favorite is the Christmas Kitties card in the Classic 5″ x 7″ size. I like that they give you the option of a pre-lined foil lined envelope or a slip in liner for the envelopes. Those make the cards seem even nicer when the recipient opens them.

  86. Marilyn Nawara

    My favorite card is the Christmas Kitties

  87. Maryanne

    Scripted holiday message card looks so fancy!

  88. Rachelle K.

    Boldly Modern

  89. Eric Rathbun

    I like the Jubilantly card design

  90. Stephanie

    Love this blog and the style!

  91. Tatiana

    I love the red and black rather offset Christmas card. I’d send those out to family, friends, colleagues etc. for sure.

  92. linda ricotta

    my favorite holiday card is Flow

  93. Lisa Stover

    I love the Silent Night Woods by Karina Racz. I absolutely love Minted! I bought pillows and matching lampshades for my living room and they have the prettiest pattern.

  94. Theresa Moore

    I love Evergreen Branches. This represents our families style.

  95. Laura B.

    I like the Boldly Modern card with “JOY” on the front.

  96. Janine Vance

    I like the tree skirt design

  97. Leslie Espinosa

    The Rich and Romantic Botanical!

  98. jeremy mclaughlin

    Like the evergreen variety ones.

  99. Ken Ohl

    Love the Evergreen Branches

  100. Renee Weaver


  101. Cathy B

    WOW, looked them and fell in love with the EVERGREEN VARIETY CARD DESIGN by Alethea and Ruth! It’s beautiful and simple!

  102. Kayla Klontz

    I like the cranberry garden foil card.

  103. Heather Kaufman

    I like the Winter Ice card.

  104. Megan Wilson

    My favorite is the jubilantly card!

  105. laura bernard

    love the holiday flower

    • Ty G

      I like the Tree Shirt card the best. I’ll probably order some whether I win or not.

  106. Tabathia B

    I like the gratitude card

  107. Sarah

    I love the tree skirt holiday cards

  108. Sabra w


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