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The Best Memphis Restaurants Offering Curbside Pickup for Date Night

The Best Memphis Restaurants Offering Curbside Pickup for Date Night featured by top Memphis blogger, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.

If you’re anything like me, you might be getting a little stir crazy in the house by now. We went several months without eating out, and honestly we LOVE cooking at home! But treating ourselves to a nice dinner cooked by someone else is still nice occasionally! There is no need for date nights to have to stop!

I wanted to round up my top list of Memphis restaurants that are offering curbside pickup right now. There are several casual restaurants that are offering curbside pickup, delivery or to-go orders, but these are my favorites for a date night dinner!

Just place an order over the phone or online, pull up at one of these Memphis restaurants and pick up a nice dinner to enjoy at home! It’s like the perfect date night, but you can dress up or go barefooted haha!

13 Memphis Restaurants with Curbside Pickup:


Bari Ristorante





Folk’s Folly

Mosa Asian Bistro

Mulan Bistro

Seasons 52

Southern Social

The Bar-B-Q Shop

The Capital Grille

  1. TAMMY

    I love your skirt and those high heels sandals. With that NYC has been with all outdoor dining since June. It feels like Miami here. However with winter coming its probably going back to take out and delivery only till the covid issue is resolved. Last weekend NYC weather bypassed fall and went right to winter especially at night.

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