August 20, 2021

Grayson’s 9 Month Baby Update

Grayson's 9 Month Baby Update by top US mommy blogger, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.


Grayson is full on crawling y’all! It started a couple weeks ago, and he loves to just go wherever he wants to go. He also crawled up his first step this past week! He decided to take on step 1 at our house lol. Of course he still loves to be held and carried some too. = )

I’ve started cutting his 3rd nap of the day out over the past week, so he is now just taking 2 naps for 2 hours each. Because of this, he goes to bed a little earlier at 7:00pm now. He just can’t seem to stay up any later and gets exhausted. He is still sleeping until 8:00am in the mornings.

He drinks milk 3-4 times a day now and loves both milk and his solids. He is now eating 3 meals a day and just started that over the past week also to get him more in line with starting to eat 3 meals a day like most of us. He eats solids around 9:00am, 1:00pm and 5:00pm. He has started using a sippy cup a little bit and is starting to get the hang of it too.

He is still such a happy and easygoing little baby, only fussing when he’s hungry and it’s mealtime or if it’s nap or bedtime and you haven’t laid him down in his crib yet lol. He is such a great sleeper and such a chill little guy usually; much different from the girls lol!

We just had his 9 month baby checkup a couple days ago, and he is 20 lbs even and 28 inches long. He is growing much too fast! He is average on weight and low on height. No surprise there lol!

He has started making this little pouty face sometimes, and it is just so cute. Now that he is getting older, he wakes up happy in the morning and from his naps (instead of crying for milk lol!) It’s so fun to walk into his room and watch him giggle and crawl around in his crib or pull up on the rail. I can’t wait to see what month 10 brings soon!


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