May 18, 2022

Memphis Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2022

memphis fashion week look: yellow top and blazer and shorts

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This year, the 10th annual Memphis Fashion Week was at Arrow Creative in Memphis. If you haven’t been to the Arrow Creative space, it is really cool! It’s filled with different booths by local vendors showcasing everything from art to accessories and more. Since fashion week was there this year, it was neat being able to see and shop several local vendors while at the event.

memphis fashion week dress

Mary Kate and I went together and were in the VIP area. There was food and drinks inside that area, and the runway was outdoors. The sun was shining, and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for April! There were 2 runways side by side for the models to walk down one and come back down the next, so every seat had a great view.

mary kate and i at memphis fashion week

There were several emerging designers, and they boasted fashions from modern and edgy to girly to structured, classy, and professional. It was so fun seeing all the different takes on style right here in the Memphis area!

After the break, the headliner Amanda Uprichard, finished up the show by showing off her new collection of brightly colored dresses. Amanda Uprichard is one of my favorite designers, and I have a couple of her rompers and dresses and wear them time and time again. They are great classics and always high quality, statement pieces that so classy and well made.

The next morning was the Amanda Uprichard trunk show at Indigo in Germantown. Several of her newest pieces from the collection were available in store for purchase. I love Indigo because they always carry some of the trendiest and best brands of fashion from clothing to shoes to jewelry. They are really a gem in Saddlecreek, and I’ve been shopping there for years!

I can’t wait to see what all MFW has to offer next year in 2023. Have you been to Memphis Fashion Week before?

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