January 16, 2023

Jump into January: My Fitness & Health Goals for January 2023

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Happy 2023! I shared some of my favorite healthy habits that really changed my life last year here. And today, I want to share my health and fitness goals that I am striving towards this year. Check them out below and let me know what your health and wellness goals are for this year.

My Fitness and Health Goals for 2023

1.) Get 8-9 hours of sleep each night. This is the most important one in my opinion. Sleep is so under-prioritized when trying to take care of ourselves and our bodies, but it is the most crucial. I strive for 9 hours of sleep each night and usually get at least 8-9 hours.

2.) Get a workout buddy and accountability partner. This is a game-changer! My friend and photographer Mary Kate is my workout partner, and it’s so nice to have another person that keeps me accountable. It’s a lot harder to break your gym plans when you have another person who is meeting you there.

3.) Get active at least 4 days a week, and schedule those activities on your calendar. Just like anything else that is important, add your workout to your calendar. If it was an appointment, you wouldn’t miss it. Treat your workouts the same.

And don’t forget to try a new workout or physical activity. Taking care of yourself should be fun too! This past year, I took the girls hiking for the first time, and now they’re hooked. Leighton and I took a nice hike together this past week at one of our favorite parks. Keep it fun, and mix it up!

4.) Stretch before working out. This is one that I often neglect, but it is so important. The last thing you want before a workout is an injury, so take time to stretch. It can also be a great workout in and of itself. And not to mention, it can be very relaxing and therapeutic.

6.) Drink enough water each day. This is another big one that I started making sure that I did last year. Water is vital to our health and helps in so many of the body’s functions. Just be careful not to drink too much water. I typically aim for about 100 ounces a day.

7.) Focus on protein. Protein is essential to building bones and tissues. It is the most important nutrient to our bodies. I always make sure to get in my protein first each day and then add lots of healthy whole-food carbs and fats.

8.) Limit alcohol. If you’re looking to put your health and wellness first, it is essential to limit alcohol. Do I still drink occasionally? Yes. But I limit it, and I choose to drink for special occasions and make sure it is really worth it to me.

9.) Do something relaxing each day. Taking a long bath, getting a massage, going for a walk, reading a book. Whatever is peaceful to you, do that each day, and make sure that you have some time each day where you are prioritizing yourself.

10.) Speak and think positively about yourself each day. I am kind. I am a great mother. I am a hard worker. Don’t put yourself down each day. Focus on your favorite features and traits and speak positivity each day.

Still, looking for more help and accountability? Make sure you check out my friend Heather’s site here to sign up for her 21-day healthy program! What are some of your fitness and health goals for this year?


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