May 25, 2023

Are Robot Vacuums Really Worth the Price?

robot vacuums for family homes

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If you’re anything like me, you have been hearing about robot vacuums for years and thought nah, I vacuum all the time and my floors are spotless. That’s a waste of money! Well…after several years of saying that, I finally gave in a couple of years ago and tried out a robot vacuum. I started out with this Yeedi robot vacuum, and I’ve since moved on to try others as the technology is very quickly improving! Keep reading to see what I think about robot vacuums and whether they are worth the money or not!

Reasons Why Robot Vacuums are Worth the Money

1.) They clean multiple different surfaces all at one time. This robot vacuum actually mops too! Forget needing a broom or Swiffer, a vacuum, and then a mop. They can do it all now! You just need 1 robot vacuum instead of several different tools to do it all!

2.) They clean hard-to-reach spots, like under furniture, that you can’t reach. Since most robot vacuums are very compact and low profile, they can typically clean in spots that your regular vacuum can’t. Under chairs, under countertops, under the bed. It’s amazing how much dirt and dust they find that you didn’t. No need to have to move all your furniture around every time you need to clean.

3.) You won’t have to plug in and lug around a big, bulky vacuum cleaner. Traditional vacuums can be so heavy and so big! You also won’t have to keep re-plugging it in because the cord won’t reach. I hated having to move from room to room plugging and unplugging a vacuum in. Well, no longer! This is also great for people who had trouble with large, heavy vacuums and lifting them.

4.) It reduces your dedicated cleaning time. It can clean even when you’re not home. Schedule a cleaning, and let it do its job. That means more time to spend time with your family instead of cleaning. And then you can just focus on spot cleaning here and there when you need to. This is a huge time saver!

5.) It is much quieter than a traditional vacuum. You can even adjust the suction power to higher or lower which can make the vacuum even quieter. Love this so much! You no longer have to disturb everyone in the house to vacuum.

In case you can’t tell, I 100% think that robot vacuums are worth the money. I honestly didn’t think I would use mine much since I was used to vacuuming and Swiffering so often anyways. This now frees me up to focus on bigger cleanups, work, and family time. It honestly is such a time saver, and I wish I would have bought one sooner. If you spend a lot of time cleaning, and have pets or kids, I definitely recommend a robot vacuum. If you have one, what is your favorite brand?


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