July 27, 2023

Our Outdoor Living Space Patio Makeover

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We have been wanting to do a patio makeover for a while. While we still have more work to do, we have already used it so much more since redecorating it. We had a sectional on our patio, and we never used it. It was always dusty, dirty, covered in pollen, or wet from the rain. There is just too much rain and pollen here to have upholstered patio furniture, so I decided to swap it out for pieces we would use much more – an outdoor dining table!

I found this table on sale at Home Depot, and it was exactly what we needed. It is metal and can easily be wiped clean with a cloth or even washed off with a water hose. The bench and the chairs were very affordable, and they’re made of durable aluminum that is perfect for outdoor use. With a family of 5 who loves to cook and entertain, these table chairs and benches will get so much more use! And now as a bonus, our patio is so much roomier! And it’s perfect for all those afternoon cookouts and outdoor dinners on the patio. For now, we are happy with a cleaner, roomier patio! Now onto adding a rug and some planters and flowers. = )


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