July 28, 2023

Tax Free Weekend Must Haves for Your Back to School Shopping List

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Tax-free weekend in Tennessee is July 28, and Mississippi’s tax-free weekend is this weekend also. And if you’re in neighboring Arkansas, your tax-free weekend is next weekend. This is a great time to stock up on some back-to-school items like backpacks, lunch boxes, clothing, shoes, and more. When you’re stocking up on back-to-school items for fall and winter, that tax savings can really add up!

It is also a great time to stock up on any electronics that you may need for back to school. Ta free weekend typically includes clothing, shoes, and computers. So if you’ve had anything on your list for your kid’s list that is needed for the school season, get ready to stock up now! Will you be shopping on a tax-free weekend? What is on your back-to-school shopping list?

back-to-school shopping list

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