October 5, 2023

Our 4 Year Wedding Anniversary at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, Missouri

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Matt and I just celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary last week. There are so many places that are special to us, so we had a tough time deciding where to celebrate this year. We love so many spots in Texas, and Jackson Hole is another of our favorites that is special to us. Since we were just in both recently, we decided to switch it up and go back to Big Cedar Lodge this year to celebrate. We usually go once or twice a year but realized we hasn’t been back to your favorite cabin since Grayson was born! If you missed it, check out our wedding post here.

What We Love About Big Cedar Lodge

The girls have been traveling with us to Big Cedar Lodge for years, so it was Grayson’s turn this time to stay at our favorite cabin on property, Jack’s Cabin. It was definitely a different experience having our busy 2 year old with us, but it was so much fun too! It was so special getting to see everything through Grayson’s eyes and experiences this time. He definitely loved it as much as the girls, and all 5 of us will have to go back again in a couple years.

What we love about this cabin so much is that it is private and accessible to only by golf cart. So we get our own private golf cart during our stay. And the cabin overlooks Top of the Rock Golf Course, the Ozarks and Table Rock Lake. If that isn’t enough, the cabin also comes with a screened-in patio that wraps around on 3 sides of the cabin. You really can’t beat the gorgeous views from the patio here!

The patio is huge and just keeps going. It comes with a gas grill too, and we love cooking and grilling out at night while overlooking the water at night. It’s also the perfect spot to watch the sun set. It’s also a great spot to watch the sun rise with a cup of coffee. Inside the cabin is a kitchenette with a coffee maker, sink and mini fridge.

This is the exact cabin we have stayed in so many times over the years with the girls! And we stayed here on our wedding night too. It was perfect place to visit with friends, let the girls run around and play on the patio, but still feel like you’re out in the woods all by yourself. It’s the perfect amount of private and full of amenities like we have all come to know and love about Big Cedar Lodge. The great thing about this resort is that you never even have to leave it! They have everything you need on property.

Inside the cabin is a fireplace in the main room (living room/bedroom.) There is a king bed downstairs, a small dining table, some chairs to relax in and a huge bathroom that just keeps going and going! This cabin is all about relaxing and taking in the views. It will definitely make you want to just relax and take in the views, and we did just that. We did explore the resort while we were here too, but you won’t feel bad about just enjoying this beautiful cabin either!

Downstairs is a nice shower, a copper free standing tub and even an outdoor shower. Upstairs is a loft room with a queen bed and another bathroom. We could easily bring all 3 of the kids here, and it would be plenty of room for all 5 of us. There is also SO much to do here on property! At Fun Mountain, there is a ropes course, a mini ropes course (all the kids have loved it!), bowling, an arcade, a rock climbing wall and so much more! There is also a Cave Trail that we absolutely love to visit every single time we come. It never gets old! If you check out their calendar of events, they also have several things going on each day. We took a tram hayride this time with Grayson, and we even did a chocolate bar making class together too. It was a blast! We can’t wait to bring all the kids back again soon!

The Golf Courses

On our last afternoon, we decided to play 9 holes at the gorgeous Top of the Rock Golf Course. It was so much fun. We have played golf at so many incredible courses over the years, and this one definitely ranks up there in my top 10. The views are hard to beat! We took Grayson with us too, and he loved playing with his own little wooden play golf set!

Each hole we made it to had gorgeous views of the lake, the Ozarks and the resort. They did such a great job using the natural beauty of the landscape to build this golf course. It was so much fun seeing Grayson run around and want to try to his his own golf ball too. We found a few balls that had landed near our cabin. He loved picking them up and adding them to his collection. = )

If you’re looking for a spot that has gorgeous views, a small town feel, cabins, great food and good people, Big Cedar Lodge is it. It is also so family friendly and focused that is is a favorite on our list. Not to mention, it is only 5 hours away from Memphis. This makes it an easy drive and a definite yes for us. How do you celebrate your anniversaries? What are some of your favorite spots to visit together?


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