November 21, 2023

Girls Gift Guide: Best Toys for Christmas

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Christmas may not be here until next month, but I promise it will be here faster than you think! These next several weeks will just fly by, and you don’t want to wait until all the best toys are sold out or won’t make it to you in time. Trust me! So, I’m excited to share my first gift guide with y’all today! And this one is for the kids! Leighton and Amelia are especially excited about these toys. I had them pick out some of their favorite toys and gifts they would want for Christmas back in September, and they circled SEVERAL of the below. They will be favorites for sure!

Y’all have heard me talk about Moose Toys so many times over the years, and rightly so. They create and manufacture many different toys from action figures, to arts, crafts & activities, collectibles, dolls, games, plushes, preschool toys to youth electronics. Their toys really do push the innovation boundaries, and they are always thinking outside of the box with fun toys that your kids will love! Almost every time Leighton sees a new toy she wants, it is from Moose Toys.

Girls Gift Guide

1.) Little Live Pets Minis Mama Surprise Minis – They come as a Lil’ Bunny or Lil’ Mouse, and Leighton got a bunny! They are going to become a mama, but you don’t know when. Fill the water bottle and watch as the water disappears! Mama is ready to magically have 2, 3 or 4 babies. Each of these plush pets provide kids with real life pet experiences, offering nurturing and wonder. It’s so exciting to see when the babies will arrive and how many she will have! 

2.) Little Live Pets Zoogooz – HUG n’ HANG Zoogooz is your child’s new interactive, gooey pet! It is super stretchy and squishy and has over 70 sounds and reactions. It is stretchy, and its hands can be linked together. They can hug, and you can even attach them onto your backpack or purse. They are SO fun! Their eyes blink, they giggle, and they have a little charm inside! This one had a pair of sunglasses inside! This is the perfect little toy that Amelia picked out, and it is so cute and fun! Shop them here!

3.) Magic Mixies Magic Potion Cauldron Game – Leighton has always loved Magic Mixies, so she was really excited about this game! Spin the wheel and collect enough ingredients to have a chance at getting the Mixling to fly out of the cauldron. This exclusive Magic Mixies Mixling is only available with the game, so if your girls love Magic Mixies, you just have to get the game too!

4.) Magic Mixies Pixlings Doll – Mix the ingredients to reveal a beautiful Pixling inside! There are 3 enchanting Pixlings for you to collect. There is Unia the Unicorn Pixling, Deerlee the Deer Pixling or Marena the Mermaid Pixling. It’s so much fun for them to see which one they get! Each doll is beautifully detailed with long brushable hair and fun, fashionable clothing and shoes! Amelia has really been wanting the unicorn! Make sure you snag them now while they’re still in stock!

5.) Real Littles Desktop Caddy Mini Fridge – Discover the NEW Desktop Caddy Mini Fridge in the Real Littles range this holiday season! This Mini Fridge is so cute and neat! All the real working micro-stationery in this cute little fridge is in the shape of food, drinks and other items you would find in a refrigerator! They are too cute! Open the door of the fridge and freezer to discover over 20+ surprises including pens, an ice-box tape dispenser, egg erasers, produce paper clips, pencils and even a cute drink-can pencil sharpener! Leighton went crazy over this toy! It was hands down her favorite of all of them! She loves mini sized toys from Real Littles!

Those are the top 5 gifts for the girls this year. I can’t wait to see what all they think about them, but I can tell you Leighton and Amelia are both going to love them all! They provide so much fun interactive and creative play. They have both really gotten into dolls lately, and it’s been so fun to watch! What toys are on your gift list for girls this year?


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