December 6, 2023

Traditional & Cozy Blue & White Christmas Decor

I’m sharing my best Blue & White Christmas Decor in this post!

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I’ve already shared my favorite way to add color your Christmas decor here this year. Now today I want to share my favorite way to decorate for the holidays with a blue and white color scheme. Y’all know I love my blue and white decor in our house! And I love adding red pops to it throughout the house for a pretty and classic Christmas look. I feel like it is a little unexpected, but still a pretty traditional look. And it is 100% my style.

I used a lot of our everyday decor in our house, like our favorite Mackenzie Childs royal check pieces. I added the same royal check ribbon on our Christmas tree and garland to add more touches of blue to our Christmas decor. Then I added pops of red with ornaments and red bows throughout the house. It is such a fun way to add some color while also adding a playful but elevated touch.

I am also a huge fan of boxwoods, so I added some touches of them throughout the house on our bookshelves. I also added these pretty little boxwood wreaths. I even added the large boxwood wreath on the front door too. This little potted boxwood with a red bow on it would be so pretty too!

I picked up this cute little pillow at Homecentric, and it was such a steal at less than $20! It was perfect in our cubbies in the entryway. I like the neutral look with touches of red green and blue on it. And it’s the perfect size for that space too! I eventually want to add a little more color in this area with a holiday rug, but with such a high traffic area, I’m still searching for the perfect one.

I have already shared my dining room Christmas tablescape and home decor yesterday, but I just had to share again today. I added a pretty garland to the mirror along with a red bow, and I love how it adds just a touch of color. I also added the same garland to the table with some festive accent plates, a nutcracker, accent pillows, some ornaments and some pretty mercury trees. This area has actually become one of my favorite rooms at Christmas!

What do you think about blue and white Christmas decor? Are you a fan of it or do you prefer the traditional red and green? What is your Christmas decorating style?


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