February 15, 2024

10 Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Kitchen

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easy ways to update your kitchen

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All it takes is once glance on the internet, social media, tv or in a magazine to think we all need a new kitchen, right?! Well, sometimes that is completely out of the budget, and I understand that! There are tons of ways you can make little updates and changes here and there without spending a fortune. I have utilized all of these. The only addition we have done in our kitchen that cost more of a pretty penny was to add in our built-in banquette seating. But we saved on not hving to buy chairs, and it seats SO many more people now, so I call that worth it. Keep reading for my best tips!

Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen

1.) Update your chairs – This is a fairly inexpensive way to make some updates in your kitchen. Pick out some new counter stools or dining chairs. And if getting new chairs isn’t in the budget, then you can get new cushions to add to your chairs or even add some pillows for some pretty pops of color and pattern.

2.) Upgrade your backsplash – This is another update that isn’t too pricey. I updated my backsplash in my rental house 7 years ago. Even though it was a rental, it was a very inexpensive update and it made such a HUGE difference in the entire look of my kitchen. It instantly brightened everything up in there, even with brown wood cabinets.

3.) Stock up on some new kitchen towels – This is a small refresh, but it definitely definitely can add some pretty color into your kitchen. It’s a great way to have it looking fresh and updated. And I feel like we can never have too many kitchen towels either!

4.) Add greenery and flowers – Add fresh flowers or a new floral arrangement and wreath. Get a couple new vases too that will really make a clean, pretty statement in there.

5.) Change your pendant lights – I changed my pendant lights a couple years ago, and I am probably going to change them up again this year. I wanted something bigger and more classic originally. Now I’m wanting something with a little cleaner lines without the silver tin on the underside, so stay tuned for that update soon!

6.) Swap out your light bulbs This is a super easy quick fix! We bought new daylight bulbs for our pendants. And for our ceiling lights, we upgraded our lights to sit flush in the ceiling and to have a higher Kelvin, which means they are more cool and white instead of yellow and warm. I love how it brightened up our entire area!

7.) Add a new runner rug – This is another pretty inexpensive fix. We added this rug when we first moved in, and I have loved it so much. I really love having a runner in the kitchen. I previously didn’t have one and didn’t think I wanted one, but it really does dress up the kitchen and add some color. You can also swap our your rug in your eat-in kitchen area underneath your table.

8.) Add accent pieces like boards, kettles, recipe boxes, picture frames for some fun color and pattern – I added all these items in shades of blue, and I love these added details in the kitchen. It really gives it more character.

9.) Update your canisters – This is another easy way to update this area. And you can get them in basically any color or print. Add color if you’re looking for it, add prints if you’re wanting that. It can help to completely transform the entire area

10.) Add under-cabinet lights – This is another one that isn’t too expensive depending on which kinds of lights you buy. Ours had already been wired for under cabinet lights, so I just ordered some new ones last year with a higher Kelvin that would be bright white instead of dim yellow, and I am so happy I did it! It completely transformed the area in there too.

What do you think about our updates? Stay tuned for more! What are some ways you have done inexpensive updates to your home?


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