March 11, 2024

Easter Baskets – How to Fill Per Age

Looking for some fun new filler ideas for your kids’ Easter baskets? Here are a few of ours, broken down by age!

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On top of some of our favorite candy – M&M’s, Dove chocolate and Peeps – I really love gifting the kids items that they will love and use…without just eating sweets everyday. Our kids are spread out about 3 years apart – 9, 5 and 3. The great thing about their ages is that they are all super close in age. That means that they’re super close with each other. I love the bond they all have together. It’s nice because the kids love to share toys and play with each other still. I’m hoping it lasts for a little bit longer because it honestly is such a sweet time and age range in our house right now. Keep reading and I’ll share my favorite Easter gifts per age range.

Fillers By Age

Toddler – This is such a fun and easy age for Easter! This will be the first year that Grayson really understands what Easter is, and I’m so excited to celebrate it with him! I think this little book is perfect for little boys, this sidewalk chalk in egg shapes and even this little bunny. He has the solid one in gray, but the girls have similar ones they still love too.

Kindergartener – This is still such an easy age to gift too because the kids are usually so excited and happy to receive Easter goodies. My favorite things for Amelia’s age are this bunny crossbody bag, this personalized book and this bracelet set.

Tween – For Leighton, I love this Lego set for older kids, this little bluetooth speaker, scribble scrubbies (all my kids love these!) and this grow-a-Peep. Leighton also would love most of the other items too. I usually throw something in there that the other kids don’t get too. Since she’s a little older, and they really makes her feel special. I got her the cutest little pjs and Easter sweatshirt to wear too.

You can also throw in some more books like this favorite one of mine, some cute pjs like these and some swimsuits for spring break. Have fun with it! I really love selecting items that are unique to them and that I know won’t be wasted. What do your kids love to receive for Easter?


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