April 4, 2024

Matching Spring Outfits for Family Pictures

Headed to family pictures this season? Here are some perfect matching spring outfits that the whole family will love!

matching spring outfits, family picture outfits

Shop the Matching Spring Outfits for Family Photos

Last month the cherry blossom trees were blooming, and they were just stunning! I always love March in the Memphis area when all the beautiful trees are blooming. We used to get pictures of the kids here yearly in front of these pretty trees in Collierville, but I realized it had been way too many years since we had taken updated pictures here! So we knew it was the perfect time to get our spring family photos in such a pretty location. Another plus to taking your family photos in spring is that it isn’t hot and humid yet. It did start sprinkling just a little and was slightly cool outside, butI’m glad we got it over with before the summer heat!

matching spring outfits, family picture outfits

We usually mix it up a little bit for family pictures with our spring outfits. I spotted this pretty white eyelet dress at Ivy City Co. and knew it was the perfect for out spring pictures. Originally the girls were going to wear pretty pastel pink dresses, but once they saw their matching white dresses, they insisted on wearing them instead of the pink dresses. So…the girls and I ended up matching since they wanted to. I might as well take it; it won’t last for long that Leighton will still want to match me as she’s getting older. = )

What We Wore

I put Grayson in this cute little Cecil and Lou blue windowpane set, and it pairs just perfectly with the eyelet dresses and Matt’s gingham dress shirt from Brooks Brothers. The pretty pastels really came together with the cherry blossom trees. When I first start thinking about family pictures, I think about where I want to take them first. What time of year will it be and what will the location look like. I knew immediately I wanted to take photos in front of these trees, so I knew there would be a lot of white. These trees are right across from my last 2 offices, so I was very familiar with the area. I also knew this spot would have a lot of really green, plush grass. Because of that, I knew my background would be predominantly green right behind us with white all above and surrounding us.

matching spring outfits, family picture outfits

So when deciding on outfits, I had to think about what would pop in front of the green. That’s why I chose white for myself and then decided to pair it with pastels. Since they would be a lot lighter than the bright green, I knew all of these colors would really stand out, yet they would coordinate together well. Depending on how many people are in your family, I typically only recommend mixing in a couple different patterns. We mixed in 2 patterns – windowpane and gingham. Even though they are different patterns, they are similar, and the colors all coordinate together with the white blue and pink.

Ideally I would have loved the girls in a different solid color than me so that more than half of us weren’t matching, but the girls loved the dresses so much that I was happy to see their excitement. And they look so cute! Another option would have been to mix in some yellow or a little denim. I personally don’t like to mix in too much denim in family pictures because it can give it an overly match-y match-y casual look, but if it’s just 1 or 2 pieces, I think it can still tastefully work. The good news is we got pretty family photos, and we knocked it out in March and don’t have to worry about it in the heat of summer, woohoo! Have you taken your spring family pictures yet? What are your favorite spring outfits to wear for family pictures?


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