April 3, 2024

Our Updated Modern Coastal Farmhouse Living Room

We’ve been working to update our home in a few different ways – one being this modern coastal farmhouse living room! I’m excited to show you how it’s turned out!

modern coastal farmhouse living room

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First of all, I have to say this was all shot before our dishwasher leak ruined all of our hardwood floors. So buckle up, you’ll probably see some new pictures and floors in a couple months. But until then, here are our updates to our living room! If you’ve been around here for a while, you have probably seen ALL the different phases of our house from this to everything in between. And now I’m so excited to finally share today’s update. We have changed a lot of things from rugs to chairs to our sectional (woohoo) to more. It feels so good to finally be crossing off furniture and rooms off our house as I finally get them decorated. When we bought our house, we didn’t spend a penny out of pocket to furnish it…so here I am 4 years later FINALLY getting the pieces I’ve had on my list for years, and it feels so good!

Our Modern Coastal Farmhouse Living Room

modern coastal farmhouse living room
modern coastal farmhouse living room

It wasn’t the easiest to find pieces that matched both mine and Matt’s styles. And it sure wasn’t easy to do it without spending a ton of money either. But it’s getting there! After so many years, we finally got a beautiful sectional that would hold us all. After we got a new sectional, I knew we needed new chairs to match the new, sleek style. Then, I finally found the perfect mirror that would fit this tiny empty wall we had. And I mean it PERFECTLY fits! Any wider, and it wouldn’t fit on this wall lol! I love how it looks, and it is so practical as we use it most everyday before leaving the house. No going back into our bedroom to make sure we are all put together before leaving the house.

modern coastal farmhouse living room

My next project is to eventually build a custom buffet table/bar in our dining room, but that will have to wait a while as we have another unexpected project. You might know that we had a water leak upstairs last fall that ruined all of our hardwood floors. Well, a couple weeks ago we had a water leak downstairs that ruined all of our hardwood downstairs now. Our original hardwood is discontinued, so we will have to pick out new wood, get a moving and storage company and find a short-term rental soon while they are completely replacing the floors downstairs. We were pretty stressed and upset about it, but at this point, we are just ready to get it done and move forward. It could always be worse. = ) Do you have any house updates or renovations on your list for this year?


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