June 1, 2013

Valentino Look Alike Pumps for under $35!

 American Eagle Distressed Skinnies.  Old, but similar save on sale here for $39.99 and here for $29.99. // Club Monaco Tee.  Old, but similar splurge here for $49.50 and similar save here for $12. // Shoedazzle Sahara Pumps.  $33.71.




Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  I had a package waiting on me this afternoon – my new Shoedazzle shoes!! They are even more perfect in person! I couldn’t resist and had to try them on immediately.  $925 Valentino look-a-likes for sure!  Don’t forget you can still create a free Shoedazzle account to save 25% off your first pair of shoes.  My total purchse was $33.71!  25% off and free shipping – score!


American Eagle Distressed Skinnes.  Old, but similar save on sale here for $39.99 and here for $29.99. // J. Crew Silk Blythe Blouse.  $59.99-$110 in other colors, but bought on eBay for $47. Similar save here for $49.90 and here for $48. // Gap Leopard Flats. Sold out, but similar splurge here for $70.39 and similar save here for $19.95. // Olivia & Joy Bag. c/o. Sold out, but similar style here for $78. // Glamour Me Jewels Braclet.  Sold out, but enter to win it here. // T+J Designs Gold Mixed Chain Bracelet. c/o. $15.
This outfit is what I wore earlier today, and you can win that Glamour Me Jewels yellow and blue bracelet here.  After my neutrals the last few days this week, I couldn’t resist putting on something bright!  It’s pouring down raining this afternoon, so I decided it is the perfect time to blog.  I think Shane has finally decided to stop working on weekends, and I couldn’t be happier.  I think this is our second full weekend to be together for 2013.  I don’t think we quite realized how long it had been until we decided to go grocery shopping together this morning.  I know we haven’t done that together since we’ve lived downtown, and that’s been at least 10 months, time flies!!  It’s the little things like grocery shopping together that I realized how much I really missed.  Now for a little personal time – he’s doing “man suff” in the garage and I’m blogging.  = )  Perfect thing for a rainy day, then I’m thinking curling up on the couch with a good movie.  Any recommendations?



After we checked out at the store, we walked outside to pouring rain, and I don’t think Shane could have parked any futher away lol!  No, it’s not the black SUV, it’s the white Tahoe.  This picture was taken after we had already passed all the other vehicles; we’re basically parked right beside the interestate.  = )



Don’t forget that I am teaming up with The Fashion Canvas to bring you the Trend Spin Link-Up!! Show us a picture of you in you favorite mint trends, accessories or wardrobe on Tuesday, June 4!  This can be you in a mint pair of jeans, or blouse, or shoes, purse or necklace – anything fashion related that you are wearing that is mint!  If you’re not a blogger, send your picture to trendspinlinkup@gmail.com by end of day this Sunday to be possibly featured!  Bloggers can link up here on Tuesday, and we will each pick one blogger to feature the following week!


J. Crew Silk Blythe Blouse. On sale for $59.99.
Max Studio Navy Shorts. Similar save here for $29.99 and here for $15.80.
Sandals via Marshalls. Similar save here for $16.99.
Karen Walker Sunglasses. $280, but similar save here for $38.
J. Crew Necklace. $165. Similar save here for $45.99.



These last few pictures are from the Memphis Blogger Meetup last Friday night.  We went to a Redbirds game and sat on the bluff.  It was my first time to sit there instead of in the seats, and it was so much fun.  You just bring you own blanket (which I forgot!)  Disregard my bird’s nest cockatoo hair in the last picture.  It was windy!  = )  Don’t forget to enter the giveaways here, here and here.  Have a great rest of your weekend, and you know I’ll be back Monday with not 1, but 2 giveaways!  Making Mondays better 1 giveaway at a time, lol.  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself; I’m cheesy.  = )  Love yall!

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  1. Love the shoes! Looks like a great place to meet. And I'm just enjoying a lazy rainy Saturday myself. Curled up on the couch watching movies:)

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