January 28, 2017

The Best Winter Boots for Women: A Winter Boots Guide

Best Winter Boots for Women
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We are in the heart of winter, and though I keep thinking spring will be here soon, let’s be real.  We will still be rocking those winter boots for months to come.  And the best thing about boots is that they are such a great investment piece!  They are definitely on the short list of staple items you need in your closet, and you can definitely pull them out year after year.  You might remember my fall boot guide for every budget here.  Well, today I’m saying forget the price tags, and I’m sharing some of my favorite boot styles that you definitely need in your closet this winter.  The good thing though is that quite a few of these boots are actually from Target, DSW and TJ Maxx.  So don’t worry; there are still plenty of boots you can get for a steal here!  Which pair of winter boots is your favorite?  My favorites are these, these and these.

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