January 27, 2017

The Ultimate Stroller Guide: Which Stroller Is Best for You?

Ultimate Stroller Guide: which stroller is best for you
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When I first got pregnant, and even after I had Leighton, I was so clueless on what all we needed.  Especially when it came to strollers.  I had no idea what features to look for and which ones I would use the most.  After 2 years of pushing Leighton around in strollers, I think I finally know which features I like the most and which strollers are some of my favorite.  Which stroller is perfect for you will depend on which features you’re really looking for.  For instance, when I travel, I want a lightweight and easy to fold stroller like an umbrella stroller.  When I’m going on walks from my house, I want a stroller that is large, glides smoothly, goes over gravel and offroad well and has a large storage basket like a luxury stroller.  When I’m going for a run with Leighton, I want a jogging stroller.  And when I am looking for something with longevity, I love the travel systems so I can use them from birth until they finally outgrow a stroller. 
I’ve made this handy little chart below so you can see exactly which strollers have which features and which ones don’t.  That way, you can find your perfect stroller for every occasion because I honestly believe you need different strollers for different occasions.  Until recently we have used 4-5 different strollers at a time.  Two in the garage (one for jogging and one for walking), one in my vehicle, one in my mom’s and one in Shane’s.  I know strollers are pricey, but if you can save up and get one or two, it really is nice to have so you will have one for each occasion (like one for jogging and a lightweight one for traveling.)  And if you can’t, at least you can pick the one that you will get your money’s worth out of the most!  Which strollers have you tried and do you recommend the most?  P.S. If you love mom guides like this, make sure to check out my friend Sandy a la Mode’s diaper bag guide here!

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  1. I don't have any kids, so I'm not sure I need to be stroller shopping quite yet, but I have several friends who are moms of young children, and I'll be sure to pass this post along to them! 🙂

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

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