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5 Things to Pack for a Valentines Getaway + Delsey Weekender Giveaway!!

Essentials to pack for your Valentines Getaway: image of a woman wearing a Pink Lily color block sweater, Zappos skinny jeans, and Michael Kors booties


Who all is gearing up for a little VDay getaway next weekend??  Leighton and I will be having a girls’ weekend, but in case you are heading out of town with your hubby, I wanted to share some things you just have to pack to have a great getaway.  And if you can’t get away, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a staycation.  Get a sitter and pretend like you’re on vacation.  No laptop, no laundry and no dishes.  Just go have fun together!

5 Things to Pack for your Valentines Getaway:

1.)  An athletic outfit.  I know you’re thinking what??  For a romantic getaway??  I think one of the best things you can do as a couple is to find hobbies together, especially ones that involve getting active like running, hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, etc.  It’s great to have hobbies that you grow to love together, and it’s great for your health too.  After a nice dinner one night, maybe go for a walk.  Or when you wake up, go for a nice hike together.   You’ll feel so much better, and hopefully you’ll bond over something that you love doing together and it will become “your thing.”

2.)   A casual outfit.  When taking trips together, I always love exploring the city by taking a food or history tour or even just walking around town and checking out all the places that the locals recommend.  Pack something comfortable like flats, boots or sneakers, a hat and some layers so you can do plenty of walking.  And as much as guys love a nice dress and high heels, they also love for you to just be yourself and be comfortable while you’re out exploring a new city with them.  No guy wants to keep stopping because you’ve rubbed a blister on your foot from walking around town in high heels.  Save the heels for dinner.  = )

3.)  A bikini.  Call the hotel ahead of time before you go to make sure they have a pool.  Hopefully they will have a hot tub or maybe even an indoor pool or steam room.  Bonus, see if they have a spa and schedule a couple’s massage.  It’s perfect for relaxing on your trip.

4.)  A killer dress and heels (or otk boots.)  If you’re going out to dinner, you just have to pack a dress and shoes that will really make a statement.  Save the casual outfits for the daytime, but for date night, pull out that dress you’ve been saving.

How do you typically spend Valentine’s Day – traveling, staying home and cooking or having a little staycation??  Let me know in a comment below!

P.S. I’m so excited to be teaming up with Delsey today to give away their Chatelet Weekender bag to one lucky reader!  The Chalet collection is my absolute favorite, and I never travel without it.  To enter, just use the rafflecopter widget below and good luck!

Essentials to pack for your Valentines Getaway: image of a woman wearing a Pink Lily color block sweater, Zappos skinny jeans, and Michael Kors booties and Desley luggage
Essentials to pack for your Valentines Getaway: image of a woman wearing a Pink Lily color block sweater, Zappos skinny jeans, and Michael Kors booties and Desley luggage
Essentials to pack for your Valentines Getaway
Essentials to pack for your Valentines Getaway: image of a woman wearing a Pink Lily color block sweater, Zappos skinny jeans, and Michael Kors booties
Essentials to pack for your Valentines Getaway: image of a woman wearing a Pink Lily color block sweater, Zappos skinny jeans, and Michael Kors booties and Desley luggage


Loving these Valentines getaway essentials? Click here now for some cute V-Day looks!!

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  1. Megan

    That looks like the perfect things to pack. All of those clothes are super cute.

  2. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    Don’t see the rafflecopter widget to enter..

  3. Stephanie

    I need to do a getaway sometime soon either with my husband or my gal pals. I love this fun list of things to bring!

  4. Stacey Roberson

    I like the Titanium
    Carry-On Expandable Spinner Luggage in purple.

  5. Vickie

    I love the Delsey luggage you have. It’s my favorite!

  6. Greta

    I know if I go anywhere with my husband to bring comfortable shoes because he likes to always be on the go. Great list!

  7. Kileen

    This is such a cute weekender bag!! Love how sleek and chic it is!
    Have a great girls weekend!

    cute & little

  8. Kayley

    I like the CHÂTELET collection a lot! My favorite bag would probably be the CHÂTELET carry-on spinner.

  9. Jessica Camerata

    Love this striped sweater!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  10. Shannon Orton

    I love the AERO

  11. Dana Rodriguez

    I love the Titanium in Graphite.

  12. Taylor Aube

    I need that suitcase in my life! I have a staycation coming up so I’m loving these tips!

  13. Amanda

    I like the backpack!

  14. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    The Delsey CHÂTELET HARD + in cream/white is my favorite piece they make!

  15. Kelly D

    I like the CHATELET SOFT AIR bag

  16. bn100


  17. Ashley

    Love the Chatelet Hard!!

  18. Laurie Nykaza

    DEVAN 21″ EXPANDABLE CARRY-ON is such a nice bag love to have one to use when i travel.

  19. sandra

    expandable luggage

  20. Elisabeth

    I like the Titanium carry on!

  21. Michelle J.

    I like the Infinitude Spinner Carry-On!

  22. Rija

    I love the Spinner Carry on with bonus duffel bag !

  23. Jaris S

    Sky Max !

  24. Jaris S

    I like the sky max !

  25. Melissa Dailey-Hardman

    I have two favorites the sky 2.0 and the devan.

  26. Lauren

    I like the EZ Pack.

  27. Jaris S

    Sky Max is such a small weekender !

  28. Elle

    I like the Chatelet hard+ spinners.

  29. Allyson Tice

    I love the Devan bag!

  30. jane werthmann

    i love the chatelet bag

  31. Alice F

    I really like the Titanium
    Carry-On Expandable Spinner.

  32. pdadolf

    Chatelet Hard+ 21″ 4 Wheel Spinner Carry On

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    I like the titanium in graphite.

  34. Angela Knight

    I love the Chalet Hard! So cute and practical!

  35. annette campbell

    I like the Infinitude spinner 29″/

  36. Tim

    I like the INFINITUDE 29″ Exp. Spinner.

  37. Celeste Garcia Phillips

    Devan is my favorite.

  38. Andrea v

    I like the TITANIUM one.

  39. Jennifer Hess

    The Infinitude! So cute!

  40. valerie simons

    Carry-On Expandable Spinner Luggage in blue

  41. Tori

    That bag is so chic!

  42. Paige Byrd

    I love the 3piece Devan set. I could use all of these for when I travel.

  43. Jessica Marinaccio

    Spinner Carry-On with Bonus Duffel Bag 2 Pc set

  44. Elizabeth ruiz

    Delaney bags seem to be amazing! I really like the fusion

  45. diane walker

    love the clothes, very cute

  46. kathy Persons

    Spinner Carry-On with Bonus Duffel Bag in Rose Gold~

  47. Amanda D

    I love the EZ Pack essentials!! But that weekender is AMAZING!!

  48. Robin Pearson

    I like the Fusion. It looks the best for me.

  49. Misty Davis

    Carryon Expandable

  50. Amy

    I love the Sky Max carry-on bag. Perfect for traveling!

  51. Shawn A

    I love the Spinner Carry-On with Bonus Duffel Bag in pink.

  52. Rust

    My favorite is the Devan 24″ EXPANDABLE SPINNER UPRIGHT.

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    I really love the Devan upright spinner!!

  54. Jennifer Crecelius

    I love the Devan!

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    I like the spinners. I’m am a very clumsy person. The spinners look easy to handle.

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    ❤❤❤ the Titanium bag

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    I love the Spinner Carry-On with Bonus Duffel Bag in pink.

  58. Lynne Z

    I own a Sky 2.0 and love it

  59. Sharon Rooney

    I Like the DEVAN 28″ EXPANDABLE SPINNER UPRIGHT. It would be the only luggage I would have to take when traveling.

  60. Lesley F

    I like the INFINITUDE!

  61. Tiffany S

    I like the fusion CARRY-ON EXPANDABLE 2-WHEEL LUGGAGE bag.

  62. Gabrielle

    I think the purple Titanium is super nifty!

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    I love the wheeled underseater. Great bag!!

  64. Alina

    The CHÂTELET HARD + is fabulous. Love it!

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    I’m liking the Shadow 3.0 bag.

  66. Sean

    The Titanium has my name all over it.

  67. Brix

    I’m liking the Titanium carry on.

  68. Elizabeth Miller

    My favorite bag would be the Aerosoft. I like it for weekend trips with the kids when I have to shove a lot of bags in the truck.

  69. Dawn Kaestner

    The Devan

  70. Andrea Darst

    I like the COMÈTE 2.0! Love that their bags are so affordable!

  71. Amy Bradley

    Perfect size and look!

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    Titanium in Graphite.

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    I really like the Chatelet Soft Air Weekender Duffel in cream.

  74. Stacie Robertson

    I love to go away with my husband ❤️

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    Garment Bags

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    I love the Aero 19 inch expandable rolling luggage with so many colors to choose from!

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    Chatelet is my fav. see on tv commercials all the time

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    I like the Devan

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    I love the Devan 24″ expandable spinner in blue – perfect!

  83. Rebecca O.

    My favorite is the Hyperlite 2.0 2 wheel carry on spinner. This would be great to travel with.

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    I really like the fusion, I love that it can be expandable.

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    I like the COMÈTE 2.0 EXP. SPINNER CARRY-ON in plum.

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    I like the Devan. Thank you

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    I LOVE the aesthetic of this whole post! The luggage is so classy and chic!

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    I’m loving this weekender! Will have to look at getting one for my next vacay!!

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    I really love the Infinitude Spinner Carry-On. It’s beautiful.

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    I love the Devan 24″ EXPANDABLE SPINNER UPRIGHT – the blue is fantastic and it’s a great size!

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    I love the CHÂTELET HARD + 28″ SPINNER LUGGAGE! so cute!

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    spinner carry on

  96. Ray Riley



    I would have to say CHATELET SOFT AIR bag

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    Delsey Chatelet Weekender Bag

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    I love the CHATELET SOFT AIR BAG. Perfect bag for me!

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    I love the Spinner Carry-On with Bonus Duffel Bag.

  103. Barbara Riffe

    CRUISE SOFT 2 Wheel Underseater is awesome looking. I even like the color.

  104. Jeanne Simon

    Delsey Quilted Rolling Underseat Bag For Carry-On Fits Overhead & Under Airline Seat

  105. Carmen Payton

    Wow! Nice!

  106. Leah Craig

    I am loving the Titanium – the hard side expandable spinner carry-on in the green color (my fav!).

  107. sarah

    Looks like a cute bag.

    • sarah

      love the sky 2.0

  108. Marci

    Sky 2.0

  109. Shavalerie Thurman

    I love the Chatelet Weekender bag. thanks for the chance to win.

  110. Courtney H.

    Spinner Carry-On with Bonus Duffel Bag in Rose Gold!

  111. Catherine Guzik

    This looks like perfection!

  112. Catherine Guzik

    Chatelet Bag for this lady!

  113. Ambrea

    That e Chatelet hard Suitcase is dreamy!

  114. Jennifer K

    Love the weekender bag!

  115. ronda patrick

    I love Delsey’s Upright Spinners, they have the most unique adorable colors instead of the BLAH black you always see!

  116. Lauren Donley

    That bag is GORGEOUS!!!

  117. Debbie Yoder

    The Fusion carryon expandable!

  118. Deborah Beyer

    We typically spend Valentine’s Day going out for drinks and a yummy steak dinner.

    • Deborah Beyer

      I like the Fusion bag.

  119. cassandra register

    Love this!!!

  120. Meghan Malicoat

    I love the Spinner Carry-On with Bonus Duffel Bag in the coral color.

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    I really love the titanium or Devan

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    2 Wheeled Underseater

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  127. Bill


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    I like the Sky Maxx 2-WHEEL UNDER-SEATER

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    I love the chatelet air 28″ spinner in Angora.

  130. Laura Lanza

    I like the INFINITUDE for travel

  131. Lori Q

    I love the white Delsey Weekender Bag

  132. Bryan Lerner

    DEVAN is my favorite.

  133. Michelle Dawson

    Where we going? Time to pack for another adventure!

  134. Michelle Dawson

    Delsey weekender bag

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    My favorite is the AERO 19″ Carry-on Expandable Rolling Luggage in Blue for airplane trips.

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    I would love to have the Spinner Carry on with the bonus duffel bag!!

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    I love the two piece spinner carry on set. I’m loving those pastel colors!

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    I like the Fusion Carry on in blue.

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    This one is cute

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    The Delsey Air Elite Spinner Luggage 29″ in cobalt is my favorite.

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    My favorite Delsey bag is EZ Pack 2 Wheeled underseater

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    I like the Aero 19″ Carry-on Expandable Rolling Luggage in Peony

  150. Selene Montgomery

    Thanks for the giveaway.

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    cruise lite soft side

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    My favorite Delsey bag is the Fusion.

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    I love the INFINITUDE!

  154. Sam Sasek


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    I love the Delsey chatalet weekender bag in that exact color!

  156. Cathy C

    I have had my eye on the Delsey CHÂTELET HARD+ Spinner Bags for quite some time. I love the look and sturdiness of these! I usually spend Valentines Day at home, but I am in need of a weekend getaway. Thank you for the tips and the awesome giveaway!

  157. Wendy Forbes

    My favorite is the Spinner Carry-On with Bonus Duffel Bag (2 pc set) in rose gold color.

  158. Julie

    I think the CHATELET SOFT AIR bag is really cute

  159. Nicole M

    I absolutely love the Delsey luggage!

  160. Alex Montana

    I like the Devon

  161. Natalie Schilla

    I like the CRUISE LITE HARDSIDE the best. It was really a tough choice.

  162. Catherine Lenarski

    Love to win!

  163. Starla

    Seriously so many cute pieces! I would love the Carry On Expendable Spinner Luggage in Black!

  164. Bonnie Wilks

    I would really like to have an INFINITUDE Exp. Spinner Carry-On. That is so great looking and would fill my needs.

  165. Nancy

    Blue is my favorite color. I like the Fusion bag.

  166. Eva Mack

    DEVAN I have stuff…

  167. Gina N.

    I like the Devan expandable upright spinner.

  168. Tracy Ann

    Love the bag. Glad you recommend casual and athletic clothing in addition to the heels and dress.

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    I like the Devan expandable spinner bag.

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    I like the Titanium looks sturdy and like the colors.

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    I absolutely love this ez pack in black, perfect!

  172. Tricha Leary



  173. Keri

    The EZ pack looks great

  174. Cinthia W

    I’m thinking I like the Titanium. In a color like maroon. Anything but black. It’s so hard to find my bags at the airport luggage return

  175. Lynn

    My favorite is the CHÂTELET HARD 28 inch spinner in white. It is so beautiful and classic.

  176. Raymond langer

    This would be a great bag for our next cruise.Just the right size!

  177. Kayla Doan

    Spinner Carry-On with Bonus Duffel Bag.

  178. CH

    For right now: INFINITUDE 25″ Exp. Spinner

  179. Karen Schymanski

    The Devan spinner is so cute!

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    Titanium spinner

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    I need a new bag!

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    Chatelet Hard

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    I really like the Chatelet Hard luggage.

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    My favorite bag from Delsey is the DEVAN

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    the cruise lite hardside

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    Great blog! Your hair, by the way, is fabulous…also, that weekender bag is really lovely.

  188. Dana Tyner

    Just amazingly beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity.

  189. Jim

    Love the weekender.

  190. Dee Parker

    The CRUISE SOFT 25″ Exp. Spinner Suiter Trolley looks like a useful piece.

  191. Garelyn Williams

    Delsey Chatelet 24 Inch Hardside Luggage

  192. Erin

    This bag actually is my favorite, I’ve been drooling over it for awhile now.

  193. Judy Norrell


  194. Gina Gallagher

    I love the DEVAN 24″ EXPANDABLE SPINNER UPRIGHT. So many great other ones, too!

  195. Laura Leigh

    Couldn’t agree more – perfect list of items/looks to pack!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

  196. Beth B.

    I like Infinitude. It’s pretty large and I always tend to over pack!

  197. Geena O'Banion

    I like the Weekender Bag…its my choice for the best…..thank you

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    I really love the Chatelet Soft Air Duffel Bag. Lovely!

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    2-Wheel Carry-On Spinner.

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  229. Annmarie Weeks

    I got my hubby a Delsey suitcase (I think it’s the Sky Spinner) a couple of years ago for his business travel…and it’s a great bag! Personally, I’d love their CRUISE LITE SOFTSIDE in the pretty blue color!

  230. jeremy mclaughlin

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  255. Eileen

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  256. Patricia Smith

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  257. Lisa Lyerly

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  278. Erin Johnson

    Great list! I will definately use it as reference for my vacation this summer.

  279. Leslie Slusarczyk

    I love the Spinner Carry-On with Bonus Duffel Bag in Anthracite Gray. It looks so sleek and sophisticated!

  280. Lisa V.

    I like the HYPERLITE 2.0 2-Wheel Carry-On Spinner.

  281. Michelle Fiorelli

    I want this piece in my collection.

  282. Gal Colleen

    Chatelet Hard in the angora color

  283. Darlene Wetzel

    Sky Max is such a great weekender bag!

  284. charlotte Hagfors

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  285. Jeri Bergstrom

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    EZ Pack 2 Wheeled Underseater

  287. Barbara Lima


  288. Deb Cohen

    Love the bright blue color of the Fusion CARRY-ON EXPANDABLE 2-WHEEL LUGGAGE, I need an easy access outside pocket and this fits my needs.

  289. Deb Cohen

    I love the bright blue on CARRY-ON EXPANDABLE 2-WHEEL LUGGAGE, this also has easy access outside pockets which I love.

  290. Michael Christofield

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  291. Kathy Knutson

    Any! I am not particular, but the EZ pack would travel well

  292. Sheryl Granholm

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  293. Kenneth Vale

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  294. Peggy Friewer

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  295. Judith Bayer

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  296. Nicole Byer

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  297. Ann Fantom

    I would like to get Delsey’s EZ PACK 2 Wheeled Underseater bag

  298. Jon Heil

    Not really sure but if I win, I will have Mom pick one!

  299. Dandi D

    I really like the Sky 2.0 bag!

  300. lila

    42″ garment bag

  301. Rena Walter

    The 2 piece set is my favorite.

  302. Paula

    My favorite product would probably be the CHÂTELET HARD + CARRY-ON SPINNER LUGGAGE

  303. Karen Hoover

    Infinitude – I could get everything I need, and room for a few things I MIGHT need. Great design!

  304. Janice Santillo

    I love the Fusion

  305. Judy Gregory

    I like the 2 piece set in Rose Gold.

  306. LIZ D.

    A fashionable garment bag with feminine touches – Delsey Hyperlite

  307. Steve Scott

    DEVAN 21″ EXPANDABLE CARRY-ON would be perfect for long weekends.

  308. Susan Ladd

    I like the PIERRE
    24″ Exp. Spinner
    400131820 the best. Thanks for this awesome sweep. Happy Valentine’s Day

  309. Sarah Gabriel

    Love the Pierre!

  310. Shaylee Hardman

    so cute and handy!!

  311. Nikole B

    This is my favorite Delsey bag – So unique-looking and VEGAN leather, yay!!

  312. Shaylee Hardman

    I love the chalet collection!!

  313. Cheryl Johnson

    The bag is perfect for my brother flying to Texas from Minnesota for cancer treatments; maybe it would bring him luck.


    My favorite Delsey bag is the Titanium carry-on expandable spinner luggage, the international carry-on in red.

  315. jessica noah

    i love the infinitud

  316. Amy Baker

    Chatelet Soft Air Is my fave!!

  317. Sheri Carson

    The Chatelet hard cases look really nice.

  318. Anne Scott

    I love their Titanium bag! And so many great colors too!

  319. Beatrice P

    I love the Delsey Cruise Spinner

  320. Anne Scott

    I love their Titanium bag! And so many great colors too! And it is indestructible! I would definitely choose the pretty purple.

  321. Kristyn Corace

    The titanium looks great.

  322. Cynthia Richardson

    I like the AERO 19″ Carry-on Expandable Rolling Luggage

  323. Michelle Baumgart

    The Chatelet bag pictured is GORGEOUS!

  324. Laura Klassen

    I love the Titanium in silver!

  325. Richard Hicks


  326. Taryn T

    I like the 2 piece set in the coral color,

  327. Joanne Weiner

    I really need some new luggage. I am using a small hand-me-down overnight bag that is probably 20 years old! I would love some new luggage from Delsey!

  328. trisha dowling

    EZ PACK 2 wheeled underseater!!

  329. Angela Cash

    My favorite Delsey bag is the Titanium in Purple. I love the matte finish and the integrated lock is a definite plus.

  330. Mellissa Clark

    I like the CHROMIUM LITE.

  331. Kitty Lyons

    The green Titanium is my favorite.

  332. Jaye Smith

    I love the AERO

  333. Kathy Gleich

    The DEVAN 21″ EXPANDABLE CARRY-ON looks perfect for weekend getaways!

  334. Kelly

    I love the Delsey Weekender! I’ve been looking for a good one to replace the weekender I have that is falling apart 🙁

  335. Katherine Ellis

    I really like the CHATELET SOFT AIR
    SHOULDER BAG. My job requires a lot of travel and this bag has nice compartments and holds a laptop.

  336. Celena Metzger

    I love the red TITANIUM

  337. Cheryl Ann Belobraydic

    I love the devan, it looks to be a great size.

  338. Renetta Endlich

    I love the Devan series (named after my daughter.

  339. Anastasia

    I love the Titanium carry on! So many pretty colors to choose from. I think red is my favorite 🙂

  340. lori

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  341. Katy Simpson

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  344. Sabine B


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    I love the bag in the picture. Great look.

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  348. Linda G

    My favorite is the EZ Pack Bag, looks great for air travel and putting under the seat!

  349. Katherine G.

    titanium carry on

  350. Susan Christy

    Titanium in Silver is my favorite.

  351. Brandon Scott

    Weekends would be awesome with Spinner Carry-On with Bonus Duffel Bag.

  352. Laura Turner

    I love the weekender!!!!

  353. Jane McGregor

    Love the CHÂTELET HARD +

  354. Treia

    I absolutely love the white CHÂTELET HARD. Too cute!

  355. Debbie C

    My favorite is the CHÂTELET HARD
    28″ SPINNER in the white color. I love the CHÂTELET luggage so much that I recognize it in TV shows and movies. I just saw a character in a Bravo series using CHÂTELET luggage.

  356. Anne Higgins


  357. Melanie Easton

    Love the Chatelet Soft Air as well as the great quality Wardrobe Collection of Garment Bags!

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  359. David Kleinoeder


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    The Hyperglide 2 wheel carry on.

  361. Amie D Jensen

    The Delsi is my favorite

  362. Camille Taylor

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  363. Camille Taylor

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  364. Camille Taylor

    You have the most amazing prizes

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  366. Janet Lindsey


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  368. JJ

    I love the 2pc set it gray.

  369. Leslie Price

    The Hyperlite 2.0 is my favorite; it looks just like the now-discontinued bag I’ve been taking everywhere for years.

  370. Frances Carty


  371. Jennifer Souveroff


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    Carry-On Expandable Spinner Luggage looks awesome in any color. Thanks!

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  386. Tracy

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    I love the Spinner Carry-On with Bonus Duffel Bag!

  389. Kristi Kellberg

    I love the Titanium Carry-On Expandable Spinner luggage in the
    rich red color! It’s perfect for quick
    weekend trips and is easy to spot if I
    ever have to check it at the gate.

  390. Tom Bellamy

    My favorite is titanium.

    • Ilona

      My favorite is the EZ Pack Under Seater. I love that it has wheels.

  391. Nancy Marcho

    I like the Titanium!

  392. Elizabeth

    I like the Devan – blue is my favorite color.

  393. Kat

    I’ve got my eye on the COMÈTE 2.0
    2-Piece Set. I think the Steel Grey color is gender neutral and just different enough to stand out in a sea of black bags on the luggage return.

  394. Lauren Williams

    DEVAN 24″ EXPANDABLE SPINNER UPRIGHT is perfect because you can expand for all the trinkets that you buy.

  395. Jennifer J

    I like the Spinner Carry-On with Bonus Duffel Bag in Rose Gold. Thank you!!

  396. Denise Windley

    I really like the INFINITUDE25″ Exp. Spinner.

  397. Linda Cross

    LOVE the 30″ Turenne in the TEAL color…

  398. sandra

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  399. Lisa Bourlier

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  400. janean steadman

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  401. Danielle

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  402. Kristina

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  404. Janine

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  405. Gina

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  407. Em Mahr

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  408. Molli Vandehey-Taylor

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    Love your site! Titanium is my FAV.

  412. Eileen Boyce

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  413. Blanca Marissa Garza

    I need new luggage. Plus I have a tendency to overpack.

  414. Hugh Woodard

    This is such a beautiful piece luggage, I will have no problem recognizing it as it comes down on the luggage carousel.

  415. Hugh Woodard

    This is such a beautiful piece luggage, I will have no problem recognizing it if I left it.

  416. Leah Shumack

    The DEVAN 24″ EXPANDABLE SPINNER UPRIGHT is my favorite bag!

  417. Valerie V

    Love the entire look!! Love the weekender bag!! Love it all!!

  418. Brandon Sparks

    I would have to say my favorite is the AERO SOFT

  419. HilLesha

    I love the Spinner Carry-On with Bonus Duffel Bag in Living Coral.

  420. Julie Ikeda

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  421. Theresa Jenkins

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  422. Carol Ellis

    I like the Easy Pack, It seems the way to go if you are leaving for a short weekend get-away!

  423. Rose Reeder

    COMÈTE 2.0

  424. Dawn D.

    It’s a very sleek and classy look.

  425. Dawn D.

    The Infinitude would best fit my needs.

  426. Katymichelle Robinette

    love the wheeled ez underseat bag

  427. April D Moore

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  428. Lindsay Fairbrother

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  430. Kayla Klontz

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  432. Theresa J

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  433. cynthia mahoney

    I like the Devon carry on spinner

  434. Patricia Biggar

    AERO SOFT is my favorite!

    • Peggy

      Very nice .Would love to win this.

  435. Christine Stuart

    This weekender is large enough for a proper getaway. Elegant too!

  436. Nicole McGeehan

    Love our hard case spinners! Got them for our wedding in 2012 and they are still in great shape! Would love a new one to add to the collection 🙂

  437. Carrie Lancon


    • Marjorie Whitney

      The Ez-Pack would suit me wonderfully

  438. nosogirl

    I have a Delsey tote and really like it. My favorite pieces are from the Chatelet collection.

  439. Jackie Massey

    Love the Chatelet — it’s color, style, and roominess

  440. Robert Tschinkel

    I love my DEVAN 24″ EXPANDABLE SPINNER UPRIGHT, It’s the only bag I use for travel

  441. Robert Tschinkel

    I love the DEVAN

  442. Tracy Shafer

    Spinner Carry-On with Bonus Duffel Bag

  443. Brandi drake

    I love the royal blue Fusion. I need a good carry on.

  444. AEKZ2

    My favorite is the CHATELET SOFT AIR

  445. Donna Bivens

    I love the TITANIUM. I’m always afraid my carry-on is not going to fit. This one looks sturdy and should fit fine.

  446. Seyma Bennett Shabbir

    I Love the EZ pack.

  447. Shannon Brooks Rabren

    Love all your ideas! Going on a trip soon! They will definitely come in Handy!

  448. Shannon Brooks Rabren

    I love the hyperlite 2.0

  449. Mary Meadows

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  450. Diana Haggerty

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  451. Peter Bernardoni

    Sweet Prize

  452. Louise Reeves

    I love the Chalet Hared + 28″ in Mocha

  453. Aubrey Scott Daniels

    The red infinitude spinner carry on is at the top of my list!

  454. Kathleen DeCicco

    I like EZ Pack best, because I travel light!

  455. Gricelda Castro

    TITANIUM is my favorite.

  456. Kelly Freeman

    DEVAN Is my favorite!

  457. LeAnn Harbert

    I like the Expandable Carry On 2 wheel luggage.

  458. LeAnn Harbert

    I like the Fusion expandable carry on 2 wheel luggage.

  459. Jess Lundgren

    I liked the CHÂTELET collection.

  460. Azeem Isaahaque


  461. Sandy Reis

    I really love this Chatelet weekender bag but I like the sky 2.0 too! Thank you for the opportunity to participate

  462. Buddy Garrett

    I like the Titanium.

  463. Corey Olomon

    I like the Titanium

  464. Christie Roberts

    I love the CHÂTELET HARD + carry-on spinner!

  465. Stacy Brogan

    Metropolis Mini Crossbody Bag

  466. Stacy Brogan

    I love the Aero 21″ expandable rolling luggage. Sorry I didn’t read the question well.

  467. Laurie Emerson

    My favorite is the BELFORT DLX.

  468. Kelly Grant

    I like the living coral 2 pc set.

  469. Sand

    My favorite is the TITANIUM in purple!

  470. Cheryl Repeta

    I like the Chatelet Soft Air in Mocha.



  472. DanV

    I like the DEVAN

  473. Melissa Thomson

    Devan expandable upright

  474. Mia

    I like the Cruise Lite Hardside!

  475. Olga Galarza


  476. Renee Rousseau

    The TITANIUM 21″ CARRY-ON, 25″ AND 29″ SPINNER LUGGAGE SET in Purple is my Favorite!

  477. heather c

    I like the purple COMÈTE 2.0
    EXP. SPINNER CARRY-ON. Easy to see on the luggage carousel.

  478. Ashley Pentycofe

    there are way too many to choose just one

  479. Trisha McKee

    I love the Pierre.

  480. Jennifer Bay

    I love the CHÂTELET carry-on spinner.

  481. Sandra Ellis

    I kike the weekender bag it looks elegant

  482. Sandra Ellis

    I like the weekender bag it looks elegant

  483. Sandra Ellis

    I like the weekender bag it looks nice

  484. Sarah

    The Infinitude bags are my favorite

  485. Elicia P

    I like the Titanium.

  486. Linda Zandi


  487. Kristen H.

    My favorite bag from Delsey is the CRUISE LITE SOFTSIDE.

  488. Christian Alejandro

    The AERO SOFT is a nice bag.

  489. kristi

    my fav. is the comete 2.0 in the blue

  490. Sandra Mace

    My favorite is the weekender.

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