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Trend Spin Linkup – Sherpa + Jack Rogers Shoes Giveaway!!

Jack Rogers sherpa sneakers featured by top fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing sherpa sneakers, Dillards oversized sweater, Nordstrom Rack skinny ankle jeans, Sole Society plaid scarf, and an Evereve pom beanie


Sherpa has been huge this year.  From pullovers to coats to shoes and bags, I’ve seen it everywhere.  And I’m not complaining, because it is SO warm and cozy.  Sherpa everything has been some of my favorites to wear, especially when it is freezing outside!  We are having some gorgeous warm weather this week, but I know the cold will be back in no time.

I fell in love with these sherpa sneakers the moment I saw them.  They are even comfier than they look (if that is possible.)  It’s like wearing slippers out in public, but only better.

And if you like these sherpa sneakers, you’re in luck because I’ve teamed up with Jack Rogers today to give away this same pair of shoes.  To enter, just use the rafflceopter widget below and good luck!  What are your favorite Jack Rogers shoes? Let me know in a comment below!

Jack Rogers sherpa sneakers featured by top fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing sherpa sneakers, Dillards oversized sweater, Nordstrom Rack skinny ankle jeans, Sole Society plaid scarf, and an Evereve pom beanie Jack Rogers sherpa sneakers featured by top fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing sherpa sneakers, Dillards oversized sweater, Nordstrom Rack skinny ankle jeans, Sole Society plaid scarf, and an Evereve pom beanie Jack Rogers sherpa sneakers featured by top fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing sherpa sneakers, Dillards oversized sweater, Nordstrom Rack skinny ankle jeans, Sole Society plaid scarf, and an Evereve pom beanie Jack Rogers sherpa sneakers featured by top fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing sherpa sneakers, Dillards oversized sweater, Nordstrom Rack skinny ankle jeans, Sole Society plaid scarf, and an Evereve pom beanie Jack Rogers sherpa sneakers featured by top fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: image of a woman wearing sherpa sneakers, Dillards oversized sweater, Nordstrom Rack skinny ankle jeans, Sole Society plaid scarf, and an Evereve pom beanie


Loving these Jack Rogers sherpa sneakers? Click here now for more of my latest outfits!!

Jack Rogers sherpa sneakers featured by top fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels


Walking in Memphis | The Fashion Canvas

The featured bloggers are Cheryl Shops and Simply Rachel Nicole because we loved their Valentines Day looks from last week’s linkup!

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  1. Ruth

    Um those are the cutest shoes ever! And also probably the coziest! Just adorable Laura!

  2. Gentry

    These sneakers are so stylish and fun- I love them!

  3. Em

    love this outfit! these shoes look SO so cozy!

  4. Lisa Richardson

    I love sherpa!!! Those sneakers look cute and cozy!

  5. Liz

    Those sneakers look so cute and cozy! Actually I love your whole outfit!

  6. Ada

    Love your bundled up look. Cute beanie and I adore that magenta crossbody bag! In one of my latest posts I share all about my Winter Accessories like beanies, coats and scarves. =)

    Hope all is well, babe. Welcome by.

    <3 Ada.

  7. Jessica A Jannenga

    Ive always loved the velvet bags from RM and this red one is perfect for Vday coming up, so cute! Love the cozy look Laura, and those sneakers look sooo comfy, like slippers, you cant beat that!
    jess xx

  8. latanya


  9. Lyddiegal

    Chic on the Cheap

  10. Rachel

    SO much yes!!! Between the sneakers and the sweater, this is the perfect cozy day outfit! Doesn’t help that it’s also so cute 😉


  11. chez-rama

    I love sherpa and these shoes are so cute with sherpa design are the best. I love your pick

  12. Belle

    Love the pop of red! And those shoes are the cutest! They look so cozy too!

  13. Lesly F

    I love the jacks demi wedge sandals

  14. Stephanie

    OMG sherpa shoes? Yes please! Those would be so cozy in frigid winter weather!

  15. Alexa Johnson

    LOVE this outfit! So cozy

  16. Caitlin

    I absolutely need these! So comfy cozy!

  17. Kileen

    I am totally swooning over these sherpa sneakers!! They definitely look so cozy and cute!

    cute & little

  18. Shelbee on the Edge

    Laura, those sneakers are way cute! They would be fantastic for these arctic winters where I live!


    • Shelbee on the Edge

      Oh and being very much a booties girl myself, I really love the Jack Rogers Charlie and Pippa booties! So cute!


  19. Aubrey Daniels

    I’m in love! Love the pair you are wearing! Cute and comfy are my go to! Love the monogrammed sandals on their site for summer! The warm weather this week has me dreaming! I’m sure it’ll be snowing again soon enough!

  20. Vickie

    I love all their shoes! And those you have on look so comfy!

  21. Ruthie Ridley

    These sneakers are giving me life!!! Love the whole look!

  22. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    So cute!!
    I’m a classic Jacks flat sandal lover…

  23. Jennifer Salter

    Obsessed with the monogrammed sandals!

  24. Sincerely, Jennie

    These are the cutest shoes!

  25. Kelly D

    I like the MEI SUEDE SNEAKER in Dove Grey.

  26. Ashley

    I love the Keri wedge in platinum!

  27. Nataly Carbonell


  28. Laura Leigh

    Oh my gosh these couldn’t be more fun! I absolutely love them on you and how you styled them!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

  29. Elise

    This is the cutest look and I am in love with your booties!

    xx, Elise

  30. Nickie

    I like the Jack’s sandals


    They are all totally cute! I do love the Kali Suede bootie!


    I love those sherpa’s!!

  33. Telon

    I love the Lauren Mid Wedge.

  34. Julie G

    I am loving the new Gingham Jack’s! But I also love the Carter seersucker sneakers. So cute! But aren’t they all?!

  35. Angela Knight

    I love the Jacks Demi Wedge Sandals

  36. annette campbell

    I like the LIddy Suede boots in black

  37. Bill G

    Jacks demi wedge

  38. Laura Turner

    Love the Sherpas!

  39. Amy doerfler

    the layla bootie is so cute

  40. Paige Byrd

    Love the new espadriles

  41. Tiffiny Duke

    Love the Charlie Suede Boot, so cute!!!

  42. sarah

    I love the layla bootie!

  43. Shannon Orton

    I love Jack’s Flat sandals in PINK!!

  44. Misty Davis

    The appear they draw.

  45. Suzanne Stewart

    I love the gray Campbell suede mule!

  46. Celeste Garcia Phillips


  47. Tamra H

    Love the KALI SUEDE BOOTS!

  48. lori Clark

    the charlie suede bootie looks cute and very warm too!

  49. Lisa O.

    Black Liddy Suede Bootie

  50. Anne Scott

    I love those Chloe Classic boots and they are perfect for all the mud we have now!

  51. Alex Montana

    Love these! But also like the Lauren Sandal

  52. Cheryl Montgomery

    Charlie mixed media boot

  53. Sheila V.

    The Anna sneaker is cute

  54. Carol naes

    love the Layla bootie

  55. veronica sandberg

    Charlie Suede Bootie

  56. Amy Bradley

    These look amazing!!

  57. David ODonnell


  58. Deborah Beyer

    I love all of the shoes, but the suede sneakers are adorable.

  59. Lisa

    I love the Sallie Rain Boots.

  60. Danny Goode

    jacks demi wedge sandals

  61. Danielle Bell

    Charlie textile booties are very cute!

  62. Laura Lanza

    they look comfy

  63. Carolyn Magee

    I just love them!

  64. Theresa Fell


  65. Cheryl Everitt

    I am love the PALMER ESPADRILLE

  66. Lisa Lyston

    Love them

  67. Wendy Kirwan

    I would love to win these!!!

  68. Pam Flynn


  69. Susan Maj

    Sherpa shoes!

  70. Cheryl Johnson

    I am in a wheelchair and these boots look perfect to protect & keep my feet warm.

  71. Shavalerie Thurman


  72. Laurie Brown

    My Style I ❤️ Anything Sherpa

  73. Judy Elmayan

    favorite is the Sherpa sneakers

  74. cassie

    jacks demi wedge sandals are my favorite.

  75. Angie Fiack

    My favorites are the LAYLA BOOTIES!

  76. Tiffany S

    I really like the Charlie Suede Bootie.

  77. Philip Lawrence

    My favorite is the Charlie Suede Bootie.

  78. Dawn Kaestner

    Palmer Espedrilles in black

  79. Jan Warner

    Love Love Love them!

  80. Kim Naumann

    Really like the natural jacks flat sandals!

  81. Abe Liandro


  82. beth shepherd

    I really like the camo jacks flat sandal. Thank you

  83. Stephanie

    Those look so comfy

  84. Laura Martin

    Natural Jacks Flat Sandal

  85. Marci


  86. Rebecca O.

    The Charlie suede bootie in charcoal is my favorite. It is adorable and looks like it would be a safer bet to walk on the ice we can’t seem to get rid of this year!

  87. Tina Helmstetter

    The sherpa sneakers are just too cute and perfect for Ohio weather!

  88. april vogel

    lilly suede bootie charcoal size 9

  89. Becky Boden

    I absolutely love the demi wedges!

  90. Allison Frederick

    I like the Carter Seersucker Sneaker. Classic!

  91. Stephanie V.

    Mei Suede Sneaker in black – seriously could use those after my long work days!

  92. Camille Talor

    I hope I win I love these shoes

  93. Laurie Nykaza

    LAUREN MID WEDGE love these cute shoes

  94. ae minx

    I just love the keri wedge

  95. yvonne galindo

    COZY love to gift to my Mom

  96. kimberly a grong

    I love the Sherpa sneakers

  97. Cheryl Sutton

    I absolutely want these! So comfy cozy! They look like they were made with ME in Mind.. 🙂 <3

  98. Eva Mack

    LAUREN MID HEEL easy to wear

  99. Bridget Calfee

    I love the sandals

  100. Jaime Zielinski

    Layla bootie

  101. brenda boone

    would love these

  102. Nanette Olson

    I like the ANNA SNEAKER.

  103. Rosemary Lukenbill

    I love the suede version of the mei booties

  104. Gabrielle

    I love those Charlie Suede Booties in Oak with the blue laces. Fabulous!

  105. Ashley Campbell

    I love the classic Jacks Flat Sandals.

  106. Jacqueline Nikolish

    Charlie Textile Bootie takes my eye and would be perfect in this below zero weather and snow that we have been experiencing. I’m tired of my toes being cold! lol

  107. Lindsey Knight

    I love the Mei Suede Sneaker and the Cameron Suede Open Toe Bootie! Both are totally my style 🙂

  108. Onyinye Elochukwu

    I love the Demi wedges. So pretty

  109. Marie Beauregard

    CHARLIE SUEDE BOOTIE in Oak is my fave!

  110. Nancy Bowers

    I like the Taylor Suede Loafer.

  111. Sheryl Holden

    Carter Seer Sucker Sneakers

  112. Tonya Revell

    I love the classic Jack Flat sandals. The colors are amazing.

  113. Vicki Bonagofski

    I think the sneakers are my fav’s they look so comfy!

  114. Abe Liandro

    Sherpa shoes

  115. Ellie Wright

    CHARLOTTE SUEDE BOOTIE is my favorite!

  116. Antoinette

    I love these sherpa sneakers. They are my favorite.

  117. Beth B.

    I really like the Tori Suede Booties. Very cute!

  118. Jennifer Crecelius

    I love the Pippa bootie! And OMG THEY ARE ON SALE!

  119. Anita Sue Hamilton

    Pills for me!

  120. Kris V

    love love LOVE the Anna Sneaker in black by Jack Rogers!

  121. Amy Tolley

    MEI SUEDE SNEAKER Are my favorite

  122. Mindi Eden

    Honestly? I am in LOVE with these Sherpa Sneakers!

  123. Christine Burd

    I’m in love with the MEI suede sneaker

  124. Kathy Pierce

    I love the sandals!

  125. Jacqueline Morillo

    Lauren Mid Heel

  126. Annmarie Weeks

    I love those Sherpa sneakers! I also like their LIDDY SUEDE BOOTIE in the olive color!

  127. Monique Hanson

    The Lauren mid heel! OH MY GAAWWSSH!!

  128. Kate

    Hard to choose, but I’ll go with the Kali suede. Adorable!

  129. Shawn A

    I love the Charlotte Suede Bootie.



  131. Janet Tacker

    Love the Sherpa Sneakers

  132. Howard Steeley

    Great gift!

  133. Barbara

    Espsrridal are my favorites

  134. Nicole Powell The pictured ones are my fav. I love love them so . I had to bookmark the page they have so many fun shoes.

  135. Dolores Miranda

    I love the Lauren Mid Wedge!!

  136. James Libbey

    Sherpa Sneakers are adorable!

  137. Kayte CookWatts

    The West Hampton sandal is SO glam! I’d wear those all summer.

  138. yumi

    Love the different styles. Like the rainboots and would love the black mei boots

  139. Ken Ohl

    think my wife would love the Lauren Mid Wedge

  140. Elaine

    My favorite pair of Jack Rogers shoes are the MEI SUEDE SNEAKER! Love the black pair.

  141. Lori Q

    I love them all, but especially the CHARLOTTE SUEDE BOOTIE

  142. Jaye Smith


  143. Debra Dominguez

    Call me old school, but living in FL I can’t help but love the Classic Jack that I can wear all year.

  144. Judy Zerbe

    The Sherpa’s, of course! I also love the selection of boots that you offer!

  145. Elise

    I really like the Mei Bootie, would love to win a pair!

  146. Lissa Crane

    I love the MEI SUEDE SNEAKER that you have on in this post! It’s fashionable and looks super comfy!

  147. Julie Tardi

    SHERPA SNEAKERS looks so nice and comfy

  148. Deb Ford


  149. Amy

    I love the Gingham Jacks in pink. So cute for summer!

  150. Lynda Walls

    I absolutely love the Mei Suede Sneakers in black!

  151. Christina Cohen


  152. Rija

    The MEI Suede Sneakers in dove grey are my favorite

  153. James Weaver

    The CAMERON SUEDE OPEN TOE BOOTIES are very cute and sexy

  154. Jaris S

    I like CHARLOTTE suede boots !

  155. Grace Morimoto

    I love the sherpa sneakers. They are cute and look so comfortable!

  156. Scott Irvine

    The sherpa sneakers

  157. Sunnie

    I like the pippa suede bootie.

  158. heather padilla

    the sherpa sneakers, the straw bag,and several shoes and sandals

  159. Susana Higuera

    I love the cameron suede open toe bootie!

  160. Kim

    I absolutely love the Mei Suede Sneakers.I would get alot of wear out of them.

  161. Brenda Ward

    Appreciate the intro to these shoes, they appear to be comfy cozy, so am entering the contest, thanks kindly for the opportunity!

  162. Michelle Fiorelli

    I love my Jack Roger’s booties.

  163. Celena Metzger

    I love the Charlie suede booties!

  164. shirley delp

    charlie suede bootie

  165. Jennfer Belanger

    Comfort. Style helps too

  166. Melissa Dailey-Hardman

    Definitely love their shoes they are super cute!!

  167. Melissa Dailey-Hardman

    I definitely love those shoes! Super cute! ??

  168. Christine A.

    My favorite is the Layla bootie.

  169. Rosanne

    I like Jack’s Demi Wedge shoe

  170. Lauren sloan

    I love the sherpa sneakers, definitely different and cute and comfy looking

  171. Frankie Pinnix

    My favorite shoes are the “Lauren” mid wedge! ?❣️

  172. Val

    These Sherpa sneakers are everything!

  173. connie55007

    I really thought them as house shoes at first and they look so comfortable and warm. Seems I always have cold feet

  174. shannon zeidan

    I really love the gingham jacks.

  175. Lavaldia

    Do not have any of these shoes but would love to try some.

  176. Lynne Z

    I love the Mei Suede Sneaker in black

  177. Amber

    The Sherpa sneakers! My daughter wants them so bad!

  178. Sharon Hickman

    Love all of your shoes! Especially the flat sandals!

  179. Brenda

    I like the Classic Jack Flat Sandals because they remind me that winter will be over eventually in the midwest! 🙂

  180. Dimaris Papaleo

    Love the Charlie suede bootie.

  181. Dana Andrakowicz

    The Sherpa shoes are amazing!!!! Perfect for upper michigan weather!!!!

  182. Tammy Liscio

    This is a huge yes for me. Beautiful cold weather outfit

  183. Elizabeth Wallace

    I love the natural flat jack sandals!

  184. Jacqueline Smith

    I love the style, looks very comfortable.

  185. Angela Kern

    I don’t own a pair but I love these! I would love to own them!!!

  186. Lauren Donley

    These are adorable!!!

  187. Erin Ellis

    I love the Carter Seersucker Sneakers!

  188. Robin Pearson

    I don’t have one pair I like the most. But I guess the sneakers would be the best.

  189. gloria Schulte

    I love the KALI SUEDE BOOTIE

  190. Lucy

    They are cute would like to win

  191. Jael

    My favorite Jack Rogers are my classic jack sandals. Those Sherpa boots run a close second

  192. Kathy Linklater

    I like the Anna sneaker

  193. bambi

    i dig the mei sherpa, you cant go wrong with monogrammed sandals in the summmer 🙂

  194. cassandra register

    This is amazing.

  195. Janet Hilliard

    My favorite shoes is sandals

  196. Erin Johnson

    I REALLY love the Mei Suedes

  197. Julie Ray

    Jack Rogers Serpa Sneakers I so want a pair now that I seen these! 🙂

  198. Kim Cowgar

    My favorite pair is the CHARLIE MIXED MEDIA BOOTIE

  199. Tyler Ginter

    I think I prefer the Sherpas

  200. Jen Rodrigues

    chloe-classic-boot-black are amazing and perfect for winter.





  203. alessandro pampolino

    sandals my fave

  204. Sharon Anderson

    They look so comfortable!

  205. Sonya

    I Love the mei suede sneaker. Too cute

  206. Michelle Horstman

    Natural jacks’ flat sandals

  207. Young M

    Sadly I haven’t heard of Jack Rogers, but I am a shoe addict!

  208. Holly Benjamin

    I like the Mei Suede Sneakers! These are cute and look super comfy!

  209. Rachael s

    Charlie textile boots for new England weather. Winter storms needs boots like this!

  210. Doris Taylor

    Oh my these look amazing!

  211. Brandon Sparks

    I like the JACKS FLAT SANDAL

  212. Tracey G

    I love the Palmer espadrilles though here in Maine I won’t be able to wear them for a few more months.

  213. Jessica

    Loving the pop of color and pattern from the bag and scarf dear. Such a cute and cozy look.
    Jessica |

  214. Alina

    I’m loving the Pippa Bootie and those sneakers you are wearing!!

  215. Stafford

    The Palmer Espadrille is super cute!

  216. Brix

    Oh…the Gingham jacks are so adorable especially for SPRING!

  217. Sean

    Loving the Carter Seersucker Sneakers!

  218. Barrie

    I love the MEI SUEDE SNEAKER for my daughter. She’d love them…so stylish!

  219. Rust

    My favorites are the LAUREN MID WEDGE in Cognac.

  220. Kim Henrichs

    I love the flat sandal in camo midnight!!

  221. Terri S.

    I like the Charlie Mixed Media Bootie.

  222. Sharon Rooney

    I love the PIPPA BOOTIE in black. They look so comfortable.

  223. Patricia C

    I love the Charlie Suede Booty

  224. Karen L

    Charlie Suede Bootie

  225. Elizabeth Miller

    They have so many I like. I really like the Charlie suede booty for the cold snowy weather like today.

  226. Andrea Darst

    I am obsessed with the KALI SUEDE BOOTIE!!

  227. Audrey Stewart

    MEI SUEDE SNEAKER / These are the ones I need for work.

  228. nickie

    I like the

  229. Helen


  230. Stephanie Ann

    I absolutely love the Georgica Sandal in black!

  231. Abigail

    The Kali Suede Booties are super cute!

  232. Jessica Swearingen

    Love Vharlie mixed media bootie black

  233. Casey B

    Head over heels!

  234. rana

    i am in love with sherpa so warm and fashionable

  235. Catherine Guzik

    Gotta be these Sherpa Sneakers

  236. Natalie Schilla

    My favorite pair are the KALI SUEDE BOOT.


    Love these shoes.

  238. Crystal

    Those shoes look really comfortable. I need a pair

  239. Pamela Smith

    They are so cute and look so warm! Thanks for a chance!

  240. lisa lawton

    Love the Layla bootie!!

  241. Pamela Smith

    How cute and look so war.

  242. Bobbi Hornaday

    These sherpa sneakers are adorable.

  243. Angel Mendez

    ♡Sherpa Sneakers

  244. Wendy Forbes

    The Tori suede bootie in black is my favorite.

  245. Nancy

    I like these the best: MILLIE SUEDE MOCCASIN in the tan color.

  246. Pamela Smith

    These are adorable…..thanks for chance!

  247. Pamela Smith

    These shoes are adorable!

  248. Robyn S Byrne

    my favorite are the MEI Suede Sneakers

  249. Amie D Jensen

    I just LOVE the sherpa ones. I’m sure they are comfy and warm.

  250. Michelle S.

    Millie moccasins

  251. Cinthia W

    I’d rock the Charlie Suede Bootie all fall and winter long.

  252. Lindsay

    I love Sherpa in the winter! Those shoes look so cute and cozy

  253. Valerie L

    I really love the CHARLIE MIXED MEDIA BOOTIE

  254. Sandra Rippon

    Super cute!

  255. Shanah Backman

    I love the CARTER SEERSUCKER SNEAKER in blue

  256. Charlotte McKee

    OMGOSH! These are so cute. Why have I not heard of this place before???

  257. Teresa Kunberger


  258. Dee Parker

    I like the Carter Seersucker Sneaker in red.

  259. Kena Bublitz

    Love the awsome products.

  260. rebecca

    LOVING this look girl!!!! The perf sweater and shoes!!

    xx rebecca

  261. Denise Windley

    My favorite style, which happens to be on sale at the moment, is the MARLOW SUEDE BOOTIE. They are lovely!

  262. Rania R.

    MEI SUEDE SNEAKER are my favorite !! So beautiful

  263. Sandra Watts


  264. Rebekah

    So unique,.I love them!

  265. Carrie Lancon

    I love the Thea Wedge

  266. Eric Sieckmann

    MEI Suede Sneaker!

  267. Janine

    Love the “I do” sandals!!

  268. Gal Colleen

    Sloan mid wedge

  269. Jess Scull

    omg! Add to cart IMMEDIATELY on those sneakers! Love them!


    Those are so adorable and look so soft and warm!

  271. Lisa Brooks

    I love the flats

  272. Diana Haggerty


  273. Hannah Garrett

    I loooove the seersucker sneackers!

  274. Dawn Ballo

    I like the Anna Sneaker.

  275. Sandy Reis

    I love the sherpa ones or the Chloe classics

  276. Mindy Ausseresses

    Love the Sallie rain boots

  277. Dawn


  278. Cliff Plummer

    The Chloe classics are my favorite

  279. Linnzie Pieper

    The Cameron suede open toed booties!

  280. Tonya Atkinson

    My favorite pair are the CHARLOTTE SUEDE BOOTIE

  281. Sarah

    I love the Carter Seersucker sneakers!

  282. Jean

    Love all the boots. So cute.

  283. Cassandra D

    The Palmer Espadrille wedge.

  284. Connie S

    Love these! Love the layla

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