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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her + $100 Minted Giveaway!!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her featured by top US life and style blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels


V- Day is just around the corner y’all!  I’m featuring some of my favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her to share with your hubby, to buy for yourself or maybe even to get your bestie.  I feel like I just need that heart top and sunglasses.  = )

I’m also teaming up with Minted today to give one lucky reader $100.  I am in love with the art print I got from them, but they also have invitations, home décor, holiday decorations and so much more.  To enter, just use the rafflcopter widget below.

What’s on your list for Valentine’s Day?  What would you get from Minted if you won?

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  1. Brenda Cremer

    I would love some photo art from Minted it’s very beautiful.

  2. Elisabeth

    I’d love to have one of their pieces from the fine art collection. Love everything from Oh Susy! 🙂

  3. David ODonnell

    I would get a wall mural

  4. Rust

    I like many of the art prints. TheGiraffes on HolidayChildren’s Wall Mural is very nice too.

  5. Dana Rodriguez

    I would love some new throw pillows. They have some pretty ones!

  6. Regina

    If I win I would love to have our beautiful dog Beijing in a special picture frame to always have her around .last year we lost her to cancer and life hasn’t been the same.

  7. Ashley Perez

    I would love some photo art for sure 🙂

  8. Mary W

    We get our Holiday cards from Minted every year. We order birthday invitations, party invites and so much more from Minted. I would use the gift code to continue to order cards and invitations.

  9. Nancy

    If I won, I’d give the credit to our daughter. She would probably order some photo art.

  10. Jen Crecelius

    I want some new art for the walls in our master bedroom!

  11. Amy Cooley

    I love the beautiful pillows from Minted.

  12. Kristen Joiner

    I’d like a new journal so probably a personalized journal. 🙂

  13. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    Minted has the best art! We have several pieces from them throughout our house. If I won, I’d get another piece from my wishlist!!

  14. Susan P.

    I would get some stationery and a pillow.

  15. sandra

    I would get something from the home section or art.

  16. Ashley H.

    The minimalist quote photo frame for my sweet fiancé as a wedding gift!! It is more then just a gift, meaningful & stylish too! Love it!

  17. Vickie

    I would love to have the Captioned Heart snapshot picture! Love their stuff!

  18. MANDA B

    I’d love a canvas art piece!

  19. Shawn A.

    I would love some new throw pillows.

  20. Michelle Fiorelli

    love all the designs and colors

  21. Kelly D

    I might get their triangle chair.

  22. Lisa

    I would get an art print if I won. Maybe, “Island Wildflowers No.1” or “taxi, taxi!”. There’s a lot to choose from, so not sure what I’d actually pick.

  23. Kayla Harmon


  24. patricia caradonna

    I would get invitations, stationary and art decor for my bedroom.

  25. Erin Moriarty

    I would make a custom photo collage.

  26. Annette

    I’d get the the artful shelf™ – premium wood for my living room.

  27. Ashley Carroll

    I just had a baby so I’d get the picture of the bunny in the nursery art.

  28. Erin B

    The foil pressed map!

  29. Christy Peeples DuBois

    I would definitely get a Picture that one of my daughters drew years ago in elementary school and have it made into an art print.

  30. Marilyn Nawara

    So many cute things to choose from… I would get the tropicana pillows and one of the push-pin boards.

  31. Laura

    I would like to get a calendar! 🙂

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  33. Lisa

    I would get a calendar.

  34. Kimberly

    I would love to use it to buy our wedding invites!

  35. Casey Garvey

    Id love to have the amor fine art!

  36. Cynthia Gaarder

    I would get a wall mural

  37. Jeanna Massman

    I would get a Mitt and Potholder Set.

  38. Nancy

    New company to me. Love the photo art.

  39. Amy doerfler

    I love their art prints. I’d get some for our nursery!

  40. Alina

    I’d get the fun llama custom stickers for my daughter’s vday cards for her classroom.

  41. Stafford Brix

    I’m loving the foil pressed hanging bar calendar. I’d get that!

  42. Sean C

    The foil pressed Simple Hearts Valentine’s Day cards is what I’d order. They are so elegant.

  43. Casandra LaMonaca

    I would get some wall art for my daughters room.

  44. Sabrina Zehner

    I’d get clothes or jewelry if I won!

  45. Courtney H.

    The Turtle Children’s Stationery!

  46. Rebecca O.

    I would like to buy the Ice Canyon unframed art. This would look great in our home.

  47. Misty Davis

    photo art

  48. veronica sandberg

    So much to choose from but canvas art looks great.

  49. Lauren

    I would get a print for my living room.

  50. Ken Ohl

    I love the Turtles Childrens Stationery

  51. Malorie Schroeder

    I would love to buy some holiday decor! I don’t think you can ever have too much 🙂

  52. Anne Scott

    I love their unique and pretty tshirts!

  53. Dawn Kaestner

    I would get a foil pressed map for my husband.

  54. Katy

    Their artwork is so gorgeous ?
    I would splurge.

  55. Laura Martin

    I love the “Glisten”” foil print

  56. vickie james

    i would love to get a wall mural !!

  57. Abe Liandro

    maybe the artful shelf

  58. Tammy S

    Something for my daughter’s room

  59. Cheryl Everitt

    I would love to have some awesome personalized stationery.

  60. miranda

    I would choose Valentine’s Cards

  61. Serena P

    I would get a pin board for my daughter to take to college

  62. Nicole Powell

    Sunglasses. I sat on my good ones.

  63. Eva Mack

    new grandson coming this month…lots of pictures

  64. Nicolle

    I love the jungle chair

  65. Christina Puff

    I would definitely get some home decor, something to spruce up my house now that alot of the renovations are done.

  66. SuezzyM

    I love love, love Minted! The artwork, the gifts, something for me and something to give. I love the stationery.

  67. Melissa Moore

    I’d get some fine art for my office

  68. Nickie

    I would buy a calander

  69. beth shepherd

    I like the canvas. Thank you

  70. BIll

    I would buy a unique print

  71. gary

    I would like some personalized gift tags

  72. Andrea Darst

    I could definitely use some new artwork!

  73. Emily Smith

    I would love to get the Little Artist Shelf, 4′ in soft gray. My boys are always creating and it would be the perfect place to display their art.

  74. Emily Marker

    I would get a foil map of my hometown.

  75. Philip Lawrence

    If I won, I would get Valentine’s Day cards for my friends.

  76. Shelly C.

    I love photo art and would love this.

  77. rana durham

    i would buy pinboards and journals.

  78. Marilyn

    throw pillows for sure

  79. Helen

    My little girl loves deers. Everyone she sees is her deer, so I would have to get her the reindeer love girl’s short sleeve tee.

  80. Anne

    I love these Valentine’s ideas, but what I really want to try is one of Minted’s cool wall murals!

  81. Shelly

    Adorable…I just saw another cute minted creation for valentines too. Love this idea.

  82. Nancy Loring

    I would get the picture of the Zebra. I like black and white pictures.

  83. Marie Beauregard

    I would love to get some artwork for our bedroom. I love to Painted Venice cityscape

  84. Danny Goode

    love their art prints

  85. shannon zeidan

    I would get the heart snapshot photo mix print. We got married in November, and this would be fun to do with some of our wedding photos.

  86. B. Bachman

    I would love to get some art for my newly painted bedroom!

  87. Derek

    Thank you cards for our wedding!

  88. Alex Montana

    Love the heart sunglasses! Would probably get a pair of them for my upcoming cruise!

  89. Angela P

    I would love to get an art print or some custom throw pillows for my new apartment!

  90. Jessica S

    I would finally get some photos done to put up from our wedding last year.

  91. Nanette Olson

    I would buy some fine art prints.

  92. Catherine Lewis

    I would get the Climbing Succulents stationery.

  93. Annmarie Weeks

    We have a big crabfeast in the summer. I’d love to get some invitations made up for it!

  94. Margaret King

    I love the beautiful pillows from Minted.

  95. Isabella

    A picture frame

  96. Cheryl Montgomery

    Jewelry of course

  97. Karin

    My hubby is on my list, of course. I’d get him some new throw pillows.


    I love this:


    Customizable with 30 of your favorite photos — available in a variety of styles and backgrounds.

  99. sandra

    i might get the leo FOIL ART PRINT


    some awesome art prints!

  101. latanya

    serif date memento

  102. Jessica Marinaccio

    Save the date cards

  103. Jennifer Reed

    I think I would get some placemats for my dining room. I am liking the shibori diamonds placemats from Minted.



  105. michelle hill

    I haved always wanted a wall mural so I would love to win and add a new look to my livingroom

  106. Tiffany S

    I would get a burst throw pillow.

  107. Lauren Donley


  108. the cape on the corner

    so many great art prints. i love the one called spring botanical, a very abstract floral.

  109. Katherine S

    I’d get some cute new throw pillows for my couch!

  110. Mary Rutter

    I would get some art work

  111. stacy

    i would get a few shirts

  112. Tracie Cooper

    I would love to make a photo calendar!

  113. Rachel Darensbourg

    I’d choose some wrapping paper

  114. Dolores Miranda

    I would get some wall art for my home!

  115. Nancy Cooper

    I’m redoing my bedroom and would love some cool new art.

  116. Amanda Ellis

    I would love to get some art!

  117. Brigitte Bauman

    I would purchase a thrive pillow because I love colorful home decor.

  118. Michele

    I would so buy some new home decor!!

  119. Angela Kern

    I would order some calendars if I won!

  120. Lo

    Oh wow some of the art on there is to die for.

  121. Meg

    I’d love to get the foiled map for my mom!

  122. Juliann

    I would love to win this! I could definitely use to prints for my office. 🙂

  123. Leslie Slusarczyk

    I would love an apron from them. It’s awesome that they have pockets in them too!

  124. Tara Peterson

    I love their art! Also love their cute pillows and home decor.

  125. Jon Heil

    Not sure whatever Mom would want


    I would get the “shes blooming LIMITED EDITION ART”. Very nice !!!

  127. Bill Shearer

    I’d give the gift card to my wife so she could buy what she likes.

  128. Nadine L.

    I’d get some new home goods for my place!

  129. Danielle Coulter

    We just moved into our first apartment and in need of new wall art!

  130. jniswander

    Love Minted’s products!

  131. Melissa Storms

    I would get the Bloom notebook for myself and personalized journals for my family.

  132. Valerie L

    a wall mural

  133. Beth Hern

    I would love to get some new art for our master bedroom.

  134. Christina Hawkins


  135. James Stringham

    I’d probably get a wall mural for the grandkids.

  136. Samantha Kelley

    I would buy paper invitations to my first housewarming party.

  137. Megan Carey

    I would get a foil press maps of the places I have been.

  138. Renee Gallazzi

    I would love to be able to purchase some art, hand bag, or jewelry.

  139. James Lee

    I would love a Foil-Pressed Art Print of my city!

  140. Lauren Peterson

    I’d get some wedding invitations.

  141. Rosanne

    I would get invitation to a memorial service I am doing for my brother

  142. Angela Saver

    I would get the Tri Tri Again Pillow
    In the square 40 x 40 in the slate color! Love it!

  143. Rachel Clarke

    I would get the Arrowhead thank you notes.

  144. Lisa

    Throw pillows can never have too many

  145. Kenneth Seay


  146. Aubrey Daniels

    I love the photo art, pillows, and napkins! My bedroom could use a little tlc! They have really cute things on their site!

  147. Hugh Woodard

    My walls are bare in a few areas. A win will allow me fix the problem and help me look hip to my two girls.☺

  148. Karen R

    I would love some photo art!

  149. cassandra register

    How wonderful is this!!!!!

  150. Trishia

    There are Soo many things to choose from but I would get the personalized stationary.

  151. Maureen Blatz

    One of your beautiful pictures

  152. Tray

    I love sending mail, so I would get pretty personalized stationery.

  153. Samantha James

    Home decor I haven’t gotten a birthday present in 4 years

  154. Kim Henson

    I would choose something beautiful to hang in our bedroom!

  155. robin s.

    I would probably order the Valentine photo cards.

  156. meghan

    A new print for my daughter’s room!

  157. Amanda

    I would get the stationary and a foil pressed map, everything is so beautiul.

  158. Sunnie

    I like the wee staredown wall mural.

  159. Amy

    I would get some stationery!

  160. Tamara

    I love the wall murals, I would buy the mesmerize wall mural, its very bright and artsy, it would look perfect in my hallway! 🙂

  161. Morgan Hammond

    Love the shirt , sunglasses and crockpot ???

  162. April Morin

    I would order art for my bedroom walls. I love the Chickadee print as well as the Arrangement in Rose and Teal print.

  163. Joy Runge

    i would like to get a custom pinboard

  164. Ashley Harvey

    I would get some new artwork. They have such a great selection!!

  165. Amie D Jensen

    I think I would get something holiday related.

  166. Ruby

    I would get a pinboard.

  167. Allyson Tice

    i would pick a childrens apron and an adult apron! for me and my daughter!

  168. Erica

    I am looking at their wall art and I would get something nice to put on my wall.

  169. Meredith Laney

    A fun art print

  170. Ambrea

    I would love a print to brighten up the dinning room.

  171. Colette

    I would love any of they’re beautiful pillows

  172. Carolyn Daley

    I would love to get the “Love You To The Moon & Back” custom photo art.

  173. Kathleen DeCicco

    I would get some art for the naked walls in my home!

  174. Young M

    I’d probably get something to decorate 🙂

  175. Janet Hilliard

    Awesome Giveaway

  176. Teresa A

    curtains, pillows

  177. alessandro pampolino

    custom art

  178. Terry

    I would chose some type of wall print for my living room wall.

  179. Shannon Orton

    Dylans Candy Bar- having a grad party and this would be perfect!

  180. Denise Windley

    I would get one or two FOIL-PRESSED MAPS. They look nice.

  181. Michelle Bush

    I’m loving some of there Pinboards.

  182. jeremy mclaughlin

    Would get new pillows.

  183. Tom Griffith Jr

    Heart sunglasses for my wife. perfect look for Vegas!

  184. Kristina Mc

    I am planning to buy wedding invitations from there soon!

  185. Christina S.

    I would love a child mural for my daughter’s room

  186. Eric Sieckmann

    I would buy something for my wife.

  187. Brandon Sparks

    If I was lucky enough to win the first thing I would buy would be the simple style MEN’S SHORT SLEEVE TEE

  188. Abigail

    If it didnt expire Id save it for next year’s holiday cards – they have beautiful styles!

  189. Heather Kaufman

    I love the frosted heart snapshot mix® photo art

  190. Laura Lanza

    home décor things

  191. Eileen Boyce

    I love the heart sunglasses.

  192. David Heath

    I love the beautiful pillows from Minted.

  193. Hannah Garrett

    I would definitely get me some holiday decor! Love me some Christmas!

  194. Andrea p.

    I would use it for our holiday card cards! Amazing giveaway!

  195. kristi

    if i won i would get the The Cold Fuzzies picture, it is the cutest little baby penguin ive every seen !!

  196. Angelica Dimeo

    I would like the Jungle Fun throw pillow.

  197. Erin Sellers

    I would love a new set of napkins?

  198. Carie Dukes

    Yes please

  199. Megan Wilson

    I’d get the heart snapshot mix! Beautiful way to display memories and loved ones! ?

  200. Sarah

    I’d get the Heart Snapshot Mix!

  201. Cliff Plummer

    Wedding invitations and holiday cards!

  202. Laurie Nykaza

    HEART SNAPSHOT MIX® so cute love the heart with my son having a heart transplant i collect them.

  203. Rebekah

    Love the sunglasses

  204. Cassandra D

    I would purchase a Fine Art print from Minted.

  205. Jessica Herndon

    Would buy new pillows

  206. Tyler Ginter

    I’d probably pick up a fine art print. It would’ve been Valentine’s cards if it wasn’t too late.

  207. Jessica

    Cute picks dear, especially the skirt. Love it!
    Jessica |

  208. Melissa Dailey-Hardman

    I would definitely get a couple kid aprons and a photo wall art and maybe something from where the heart is art photo. There’s so much cool stuff It’s definitely hard to choose!!

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