November 6, 2020

My Third Trimester Bumpdate + High Risk Pregnancy Update

Third Trimester Bumpdate + High Risk Pregnancy Update featured by top Memphis mommy blogger, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.


Can you believe I am actually getting this post up early this time?! I figure once baby gets here, I’ll be a little preoccupied and busy with typing up his birth story, so it’s time to go ahead and document the third trimester before we’re in the fourth trimester! I’m 39 weeks right now, and I’ve gained 28 lbs so far. Much better than 38 lbs with Leighton. My goal this time was to stay around 30 lbs so I’m feeling good about that!


I don’t know if it was just coincidence that we traveled to Texas this week or not, but I feel like the heaviness, back pain and uncomfortableness started to hit a little this week. It was still NOTHING like morning sickness, but I could tell we were hitting the third trimester for sure. For some reason I got sick to my stomach several times during these weeks. But overall, I still felt pretty good.

I would just get out of breath and uncomfortable quickly. I quickly found out the following week that this was mainly because I was diagnosed with polyhydramnios. This basically means that I have high levels of amniotic fluid. This happens in 1% of pregnancies and really can’t be pinpointed as to what causes it.

Basically it can lead to pre-term labor possibly and a lot of uncomfortableness for me and difficulty breathing. I definitely would get out of breath quickly and felt like the baby was up in my lungs lol. It was nice to at least know what was going on. The good thing is that the doctors were aware and started monitoring me weekly with a stress test and a BPP ultrasound just to check in on me and baby.

We also found out that that I had velamentous cord insertion, which means that the umbilical cord is attached to the edge of the placenta instead of in the middle. Luckily, they have been monitoring it, and it doesn’t look like it is causing any issues at all.


The beginning of these weeks were about the same as the ones before, but now I am going weekly to the doctors to check in on me and baby. Baby is measuring great, growing quickly and starting to breath on his own. My blood pressure has still been perfect each week, and everything is going great still! I also started noticing Braxton Hicks around this time along with baby’s kicks getting much, much harder and often all throughout the day.

The main annoyance around this time was the breathing difficulty and the back pain. Around weeks 33 and 34, I felt absolutely terrible. For about 2 weeks straight, I was absolutely miserable and felt sick and couldn’t sleep but about 2-3 hours per night. It was a rough couple weeks, but thank goodness it started the week after our anniversary, so we were at least able to celebrate with dinner and a hotel stay downtown. = )


I still have lost feeling in one of my toes (weird right?!) and my hands and feet fall asleep easily. I didn’t experience this with Leighton, but I’m sure it’s due to blood circulation and nerves and will all be back to normal after baby is here. 35 weeks was Leighton’s fall break. I was back to feeling great. Baby had dropped even more. I had already been dilated 1.5 centimeters. The breathing has gotten so much better, and my back hasn’t really been hurting either. I do get exhausted if I’m on my feet too much and do too much around the house (typical for me.)

My joints feel looser, there is a lot of pressure, and I’ve been carrying this baby so much lower than I ever carried Leighton. I never dilated with Leighton, nor did she ever drop, so this pregnancy has been the complete opposite the entire time! I’ve started sleeping better again and am getting 8 hours of sleep at night again. Sometimes it does take me a while to fall asleep though. But that’s okay, because I’ll just walk around the house at 11pm and do laundry and dishes while Matt sleeps lol.

I’m still having Braxton Hicks everyday with lots of tightening in my abdomen and lower back. It just happens at random times all throughout the day and lasts for several minutes each time. I am still feeling great, and baby and me are doing great too. If baby doesn’t come this week, we will most likely get something scheduled for next week, but hopefully our stubborn boy will make his appearance on his own. = ) I can’t believe he will be here before we know it, and I’ll be typing up his birth story soon. = )

Third Trimester Bumpdate + High Risk Pregnancy Update featured by top Memphis mommy blogger, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.
Third Trimester Bumpdate + High Risk Pregnancy Update featured by top Memphis mommy blogger, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.

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