5 More Weekends of Summer + Kortni Jeane Swimsuit Giveaway!!

Mommy and Me Kortni Jeane Swimsuit featured by popular fashion blogger, Walking in Memphis in High Heels


On Me:  Top c/o // Bottoms c/o

On Leighton:  Top c/o // Bottoms c/o

There are only 5 more weekends left of summer…so you better believe we’re going to make them last!  We have been playing outside at the splash park, on the trampoline, at the park, at the lake, and we even have a fun little Nashville getaway planned soon before fall is here.  At the beginning of summer, there is always that one swimsuit I get for Leighton that she just loves and wears almost all summer long, and this adorable little alligator one from Kortni Jeane is it this year!

You might remember us sporting some our other favorite Kortni Jeane swimsuits over the years here, here and here too.  I’m excited to also be teaming up with KJ today to give away $100 to one lucky reader to get yourself a Kortni Jeane swimsuit or your little!  To enter, just use the widget below and good luck!

What is your favorite style suit from Kortni Jeane? Let me know in a comment below!

Mommy and Me Kortni Jeane Swimsuit featured by popular fashion blogger, Walking in Memphis in High HeelsMommy and Me Kortni Jeane Swimsuit featured by popular fashion blogger, Walking in Memphis in High Heels Mommy and Me Kortni Jeane Swimsuit featured by popular fashion blogger, Walking in Memphis in High Heels Mommy and Me Kortni Jeane Swimsuit featured by popular fashion blogger, Walking in Memphis in High Heels Mommy and Me Kortni Jeane Swimsuit featured by popular fashion blogger, Walking in Memphis in High Heels
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  1. Vickie

    I love the ruffled around top suit! So so cute!

  2. Katherine

    I just love these matching swimsuits!! You both look adorable and the pink color looks fantastic!

    Katherine | http://www.oneswainkycouple.com

  3. Sandra

    I like the high-waisted bottoms and swing top.

  4. Allyson Tice

    I love the double ruffle one piece! so chic!

  5. Kayley

    I liked skirted bottoms, so my fave is the High-Waisted Skirt. I’d get it in Galapagos Green and pair it with the Sweetheart Peplum Top in the same color.

  6. Caroline

    I like the tied up bottoms and swing or v neck tops! You girls are adorable

  7. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    Your matching suits are SO CUTE!
    I really like the Off the Shoulder Top and Cut High Bottoms in the Tiled Blue print.

  8. the cape on the corner

    i am a fan of the flounce top, for sure. going to mexico in jan, so of course would love a new swimsuit to take!

  9. Nailil

    These swimsuits are so pretty. I love how they have mama and me styles.

  10. Nicole

    You too look absolutely adorable! I’m so sad that summer is coming to an end, and my favorite swimsuits are definitely one pieces, with a little bit of a cut out detail!!

  11. Tara Fuller

    omg this cuteness overload melts my heart! so sweet!

  12. Kelsi

    I love the Netted Sweetheart Top!

  13. Deborah

    Oh how adorable! I love matching swimsuits and the color and pattern that you’re featuring here is super cute!

  14. Stephanie F

    Twinning in swimsuits are too cute! Love it!

  15. Anne S

    High Waist one piece is my favorite but she has lots of cute suits!

  16. Lori Clark

    Swing top and extended high waist bottoms. So cute and fun!

  17. Pam Flynn

    High Waist One Piece

  18. Deborah McClure

    I like the high waist one piece.

  19. April Frank


  20. Judith Bayer

    Love the MINI HIGH-WAISTED BOTTOM. It would look awesome on my granddaughter.

  21. Joyce Harrell

    I love the high waist one piece

  22. Ashley

    I love these swimsuits!! I have always wanted matching KortnI Jeans Swimsuits for my daughter and I. Thank you for the opportunity at this giveaway! I love your blog and will be visiting it again soon?

  23. Jess

    I love the Mom and Me styles!

  24. Natalie Hartmann

    Love the netted sweetheart one!

  25. Monica Dykeman

    They are all really cute but I love the high waisted bottoms!

  26. Gloria Luongo

    I love the high waisted botttoms.

  27. drimeth

    The netted sweetheart top is adorable!

  28. harolde

    Men’s Swim Shorts are my favorite style.

  29. Kathleen Walsh

    I like the flounced top with the all ruffled up bottom. Cute.

  30. Nicole

    I loved the highwaisted vneck

  31. Deborah Beyer

    I love the swing top.

  32. Dana Rodriguez

    I really love the scalloped top in Ice Cream Floral with the tie up front bottoms.

  33. Nicole

    High waisted one piece was my favorite! ?

  34. Lissa Crane

    I love the NETTED SWEETHEART TOP! it’s perfect for my figure!

  35. Angie S

    I need to be covered and I need a two piece. I really like the Sweetheart Peplum top with the high waisted bottoms. Cute style and good for us modest gals!

  36. Candace Galan

    I like the one piece high waist

  37. sarah s

    I like the Tie-Up-Front Bottoms and Swing Top.

  38. tammy

    Love them all!

    • Ava

      Love 3D Floral Bottoms

  39. monique s

    the flounce top

  40. Amy D

    The tied up top is unique and stylish.

  41. Michelle Fiorelli

    Love the swim suit and you are brave to take pics in one and post. Lovely photo of you both.

  42. Vikki p

    Like the high waist one piece

  43. Cassie

    I love KJ

  44. Keri Barhorst

    I like the twin ones

  45. Keri Barhorst

    It is hard to pick just one

  46. Rebecca O.

    My favorite style would be the racer back top with the floral cut out bottoms. I like the ice cream floral.

  47. Laurie Nykaza

    HIGH-WAIST ONE-PIECE is such a cute style i would love to wear swimming

  48. Tara Peterson

    I love the peplum high waist bottoms in black and the swing top in gray white stripe or the red stars!! Would also love to get my mini a suit!

  49. Marci

    I like the high waist one piece

  50. Casandra LaMonaca

    I love the sweetheart peplum top and the tie-up-front bottoms.

  51. Erin M

    I love the swing top.

  52. Kileen

    These alligator swimsuits are the CUTEST!! I need to get them for my little girl and I!

    cute & little

  53. Jenny Hansen

    I love all the options! And I would LOVE to match my daughter!



  55. Marissa Miles

    I like the racer back to and the flower cut out bottoms! I also LOVE the minis. Definitely want a matching suit with my little someday!

  56. Brenda Cremer

    The netted sweetheart top would be my top pick, but all of them are so cute it would be hard to pick.

  57. Ronda Patrick

    I love the V-NECK TOP with the blue flowers!

  58. nichole

    High wasted one piece

  59. Kelly D

    I like the HIGH-WAIST ONE-PIECE in true blue.

  60. Morgan Klein

    These are the cutest bathing suits! I am obsessed !


    So pretty in pink!

  62. Michele Soyer

    I love the double ruffle one piece.. It is adorable….

  63. Nikki

    Love these!! Super cute & sassy!

  64. Tami Faurote

    I love the black netted sweetheart top!

  65. Amy Howard

    Love the tie bottoms and off the shoulder top!

  66. Margaret Papetti

    I love the sweetheart netted top and the Who Wears short skirt bottoms!

  67. Judith Carlow

    I love the scalloped top ! it’s so cute !

  68. Cheryl Montgomery

    The high waist one piece

  69. Audrey Stewart

    I love the flounce top and bottom in the Fruit Salad print.

  70. Gricelda Castro


  71. Amy Gangloff

    off shoulder top

  72. Rebecca B

    We really like the peplum bottoms.

  73. Janell G

    love the sweetheart replum top

  74. Karley Moore

    I like the Double Ruffle One Piece. It is super cute!

  75. carol naes

    I like the ladder back top

  76. Kelli A

    I like the Peplum bottom in the red stars pattern and the top that goes with it. I like the idea of combing different tops and bottoms for a new fun look.

  77. Sheila V.

    I love the green Cascade bottoms & the top pictured with them.

  78. Jennifer Juenke

    I love the ruffled tops and the bottoms. So hard to choose LOL!

  79. Christina Cohen


  80. robin s.

    I really like the Mini Romper One-Piece that they have. My little girl would love that for when we go to the pool.

  81. Sandy

    My favorite is the DOUBLE RUFFLE ONE-PIECE

  82. Diana

    I love the fruit salad print!

  83. Latanya


  84. Sharon Wu

    omg these are so cute babe! i love the matching set. flounce and ruffles are so fun for summer!

  85. Alyssa m

    I love the matching sets!!

  86. mariya a levtonyuk

    so cute

  87. Kerri

    3d ruffle bottoms!

  88. Alina


  89. Stafford Brix

    My favorite is the Tie-Up-Front Bottoms and Swing Top.

  90. Sean C

    The netted sweetheart one is adorable and I’d get it.

  91. Blaire Ruch

    The scalloped top!

  92. Starla

    Oh my goodness, you two are precious! I absolutely love the Double Ruffle One-Piece in the heather grey stripes!

  93. Theresa J


  94. Mellissa C

    I like the double ruffle one piece in the ice-cream floral.

  95. Celena Metzger

    I LOVE the High-Waisted Short Swim Skirt in
    The ice cream floral design!

  96. Rhonda

    We have suits but not as cute as these!

  97. Tracy Robertson

    I love the Double Ruffle one piece in True Blue!

  98. C Skanes

    I like the high waist one piece swim suit.

  99. Steph

    I like the mini high waisted bottoms

  100. Beki

    I love the matching mommy and me bathing suits.

  101. trys

    i love the floral bottoms and ruffle top?❤?????

  102. Sandra Watts

    I like the one piece, high waist suit.

  103. Katrina Weiss

    the All Ruffled Up bottoms

  104. Kristina

    What you’re wearing is really cute!

  105. Amelia Drew

    I love the off the shoulder top and high waisted botooms!

  106. Marilyn Nawara


  107. Jessica

    You two are sooo adorable! Loving the twinning swimsuit, so cute on you!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  108. Michelle knight

    The swing top

  109. Philip Lawrence

    My favorite style is the Men’s Swim Trunks.

  110. pat jasmin

    I want to see the swimsuits.

  111. Beth Hern

    Love the V-NECK TOP. So very pretty!

  112. MamaD

    I like the ruffled up bottoms ?

  113. Trina Chadwick

    I like the style
    In the photo’s
    because the colors and they are more modest

  114. Charu Nagarajan

    I like the blue v necked top and the ruched bottom

  115. Azanique Rawl

    Okay, y’all are adorable! I’m totally entering the giveaway 🙂

    -xo, Azanique | http://www.lotsofsass.com

  116. Angela Kern

    I love the double ruffle one piece

  117. Sarah Hayes

    the v neck top is cute with the flower cute out bottoms

  118. kari Russell

    I love that flounce top!

  119. Kim Hertel

    Definitely the high waisted ice cream bottoms with the scoop back top in grey and white stripe!

  120. Rachel V

    I love the swing top with the high waisted bottoms.

  121. April Morin

    I love the netted sweetheart tops and the all ruffled up bottoms.-especially in the pink and white polka dot bottoms. So cute!

  122. Joy Runge

    i like the flower cutout bottoms and the scalloped top

  123. Ashley Williams

    Mini romper! Oo all the minis who am I kdding?!

  124. Lisa

    Oh how cute! Love the style & pattern!

  125. Grace Mitchell

    I love the Flounce top!! So cute and wearable.

  126. Kayla Coleman

    The mini swing top for little girls are so adorable!! ?

  127. Eva Mack

    I would like to try ALL RUFFLED UP BOTTOMS…

  128. Jennifer H.

    I like the TIED-UP TOP and the HIGH-WAISTED SKIRT.

  129. Brittany Potter

    I really like the Double Ruffle One-Piece. Thank you for the chance!

  130. Ashley Mains

    I like the high-wasted skirt

  131. beth shepherd

    I like the flounce top and bottom.

  132. Amy Rocke

    High waisted bottoms and skirts.
    All front tie bottoms.
    What skirts?

    Very interested in most all of the products. Perfect for my body type and age.

  133. Cathy Le

    I like the scalloped top.

  134. Aubrey Scott Daniels

    I love the mommy and me nothing suits!!

  135. Kayla klontz

    I absolutely love the mommy and me sets withall the cute ruffles!

  136. Ashley B

    I love the TIED-UP TOP and the CASCADE BOTTOMS

  137. Megan Wilson

    I like the off the shoulder top and cascade bottoms!

  138. Kobi Carpenter

    I really like the v-neck top. With my figure it would look good on me 🙂

  139. laura bernard

    flounce tops!!

  140. Laurie

    He all ruffled up bottoms and the racer back top! ?

  141. Chrissie N

    So cute!

  142. Sher Kurwa

    The one featured on your blog! Thank you!

  143. Vicki l Barnett-owens

    I like the all ruffled up bottoms, those are so cute

  144. Rivka

    I like the flounce top in true blue.

  145. Brenda

    I love the all ruffled up bottom swimsuit

  146. Maria

    I love all the swimsuits but my favorite was the TIED-UP TOP swimsuit.

  147. Mary Cloud

    I like the High Waisted Skirt

  148. Kelly Freeman

    I want the MINI ROMPER ONE-PIECE for my seven week old baby girl!

  149. Jamie Vogt

    I love all of them!

  150. Julie

    I love the ruffled one piece in black. Actually love them all

  151. Cassandra D

    The double ruffle one-piece.

  152. Kelsey Vinson

    I love the mini romper one piece. Especially the ice cream floral

  153. Natalie Schilla


  154. Amanda Contento

    Such a cute bathing suit. love it

  155. Mitchell Hamilton

    My pick would be MEN’S SWIM SHORTS “Oranges”

  156. angela mumford

    i love this site

  157. Sarah

    I love the scalloped top!

  158. Stephanie Grant

    I love the Double Ruffle One Piece.

  159. Lindsay Fairbrother-Henige

    Oh my gosh, so cute!