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The Most Comfortable Sandals You’ll Ever Own + Comfortiva Sandals Giveaway!!

This Comfortiva sandals post is sponsored by Comfortiva, but all opinions are 100% my own.  Thanks for helping me to support the brands I love.

Comfortiva sandals giveaway featured by top US fashion blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!  I spent mine with Leighton, family and friends at the lake…and it was the perfect time to pack my Comfortiva sandals with me!  We usually do a lot of walking at the lake.  Walking around the neighborhood, along the paved path by the cabin and down the boat dock while entertaining Leighton until dinner is ready.  Comfy sandals are a MUST HAVE at the lake!

I am wearing the Gemina sandal in sand today.  I love the mixed metallic straps, 2 tan full-grain leather and one in a pretty champagne leather color.  And the straps are adjustable!  I wear medium width sandals, but sometimes it is nice to have adjustable straps in case you’re on the wider or even narrower side without having to get a sandal in a wide size that may actually end up being too wide.  But if you do need a wide, these Comfortiva sandals also do come in wide to accommodate plenty of different shapes and sizes!

I don’t think you’ll find a more comfortable shoe without sacrificing style than Comfortiva shoes!  These sandals have a molded anatomic cork insole with suede footbed lining, raised arch support, exclusive Pillowtop memory foam footbed and a flexible, slip-resistant TPR outsole.  They also have a platform heel which makes these sandals even more comfortable!  That mixed with the plush footbed ensures that you can wear your Comfortiva sandals comfortably all day and night.

I decided to let these pretty metallic sandals speak for themselves and paired them with a neutral look today, my favorite skinny jeans, a white off the shoulder halter top and a cute statement bag.  For the weekend, I swapped out for shorts though because it was in the 90’s this past weekend (woohoo, hello summer!) 

I am so excited to be teaming up with Comfortiva again today for one last giveaway.  We will be giving away the sandal I’m wearing today, the Gemina which comes in 4 different colors.  To enter, just use the rafflecopter widget below and good luck! 

Now that I have shared 4 different Comfortiva sandals with you over the last couple of months here, here and here, I would love to hear which pair is your favorite. Let me know in a comment below!    

a Rafflecopter giveaway
  1. Sharon Rooney

    The black is my favorite color of Comfortiva Gemina sandals.

    • Amy Rice

      I love the sand gold!

    • Mary Leake

      Brown sandals are my favorite color

    • Jessica Herndon

      Sand gold is beautiful

    • Janet Boyanton

      I like the tan ones.

  2. Manda

    I love the Sand Gold!

    • Carol Kretz

      I love the Sand Gold

  3. julie


    • Lesly Figueroa

      My favorite color is the Sand gold

  4. amanda

    I would pick the sand gold.

  5. Vickie

    Love these sandals! I need them!

    • Lesly Figueroa

      My favorite color is the Sand gold

      • Cliff Plummer

        Definitely the sand gold !

    • Lesly F

      My favorite color is the Sand gold

      • Sherri chastain

        I love the Gemina sandals in sand color thanks

    • Lesly Figueroa

      The sand gold is my favorite color

  6. Lisa Richardson

    I’m torn between the Gemina and Gella. They both look so cute and comfy!

    • Lesly Figueroa

      The sand gold is my favorite color

  7. Brenda Ingram

    Definitely the silver!

    • Rebecca Odom

      Though I’m inclined to say black because it’s my go-to, I really love the brown!

  8. Brenda Ingram

    I love the gladiators.

  9. Lesly Figueroa

    The sand gold is my favorite color

  10. Dana Rodriguez

    My favorite is the sand gold.

  11. Taylor Green

    I like the black ones

  12. Heather D

    I like the sand gold the most.

  13. Nicki

    I like the sand color you are wearing!

  14. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    I love the sand gold color that you chose!!

  15. jenny stratton

    I like the Captiva Gold Sand and Anthracite bronze.

  16. Anne Perry

    I like the black color sandals.

  17. Alina

    Love ’em in black.

  18. Stafford

    I love the Sand Gold the best.

  19. Brix

    The sand colored sandals are gorgeous! I’d choose those.

  20. Tara R

    Love the Gemina in sand gold, would look great with so many outfits.

  21. V. Setting

    I love sand-gold! So versatile – truly a summer sandal win.

  22. Ashley Perez

    I love the sand gold! 🙂

  23. Pam Wheeler

    My favorite color is anthracite bronze.

  24. Allyson Tice

    love thevanthracite bronze!

  25. Vidya P

    I love the sand gold color because it would go with many of my outfits!

  26. the cape on the corner

    i love the ones you are wearing. i bought a pair of silver ones that look similar, otherwise i’d say those!

  27. Tammy S

    Sand Gold is so pretty! Love that one

  28. Sue Brandes

    I like the black ones.

  29. Mary W

    I like the black color choice

  30. Linda White

    sand gold is my favorite color

  31. Rosemary Lukenbill

    sand gold

  32. Kim Naumann

    Sand gold is my favorite!

  33. Jacinia

    I absolutely love the sand gold wedge!

  34. carol n

    I love the sand and gold

  35. Sheila V.

    I love the sand gold color the best.

  36. Lisa O.

    Sand Gold

  37. Shavalerie Thurman

    there’s a white/gold slingback sandal which is beautiful for summer.

  38. adina cohen

    Love love the Sand Gold!

  39. Simonne Soileau

    I like the Sand. Cute!

  40. Maria Sellers

    I would love the Sand Gold.

  41. Judith Bayer

    I like them all but the sand gold color would go with my wardrobe the best

  42. Tonya Smith

    I like the black & the white Gemina Sandals

  43. stacy potter

    I like the neutral brown beige

  44. valerie simons

    black I have big feet


    I love the brown.

  46. Annmarie Weeks

    I love them all, but especially in the black color!

  47. Christina Andre

    Sand Gold are my favorite! So Cute!

  48. Nichole Garzone

    They’re all nice colors but my favorite is black

  49. ros

    Love the black ones

  50. Shanna

    I’m so in love with the sand gold!

  51. Sharon R

    The bronze ones!

  52. Niurka

    Sand gold

  53. Pat Schieffer

    Looks like sand gold is the winner.

  54. Jessica

    They are beautiful!!

  55. Courtney H.

    Sand Gold!

  56. Lori A.

    My favorite color is the black pair

  57. Cynthia

    Brown ones 👍

  58. Lisa

    My favorite color of the Comfortiva Gemina sandal is the sand gold. I think that color would work with about any color of outfit I might wear.

  59. Leslie C

    I love the Sand Gold!

  60. Gricelda Castro

    GEMINA | black

  61. LeAnn Harbert

    I like the sand gold pair.

  62. beth shepherd

    I like the sand gold. tHank you

  63. Sunnie

    I like the sand gold and the black ones.

    • Kelly Wilson

      Sand gold

  64. Alex Montana

    Sand Gold are real cute

  65. Heather Herndon

    I love them all, but it would have to be the black.

  66. Philip Lawrence

    My favorite color is sand gold for the sandals.

  67. Adriana chavira

    these shoes look comfortable and pretty. can’t wait to try them myself!

  68. deanna hanson

    i love the black ones

  69. Helen

    I like the sand gold ones the best.

  70. Nicole Martin

    I love all of the colors and styles! The Skylyn ones in black are especially cute!

  71. Rena Walter

    The brown Sand Gold looks good, that is my favorite.

  72. Nancy Rexroad

    i Love the Sand Gold !!!

  73. carol johnson

    I would like this sand color. Have a good day.

  74. Sandra Williams

    White platino

  75. Jennifer Hess

    Love the Brown

  76. Donna Follmann

    Definitely the sand gold!

  77. anna maria dimaria

    They look so cute with your outfit!

  78. Onyinye Elochukwu

    My favorite is definitely the sand gold color.

  79. maureen

    I like them in the black colorway. I actually do not have any sandals in black

  80. Jennifer Niswander

    I love the sand gold pair!

  81. Gwendolyn jordan

    Sand Gold

  82. Cheryl Montgomery

    Sand Gold, I could sure use some comfortable and stylish sandals, I have arthritus and really need some

  83. Jama Linn Vestergaard

    I love the sand gold!

  84. Jama Linn Vestergaard

    sand gold!

  85. Beth Hern

    I love the Sand Gold.

  86. jacqueline nikolish

    GEMINA | sand gold Love those colors
    been looking for a nice soft sole sandal.

  87. Danny Goode

    love the sand gold

  88. Mary Rutter

    I like the sand gold

  89. Anne Scott

    Black is my favorite

  90. lauren knott

    Love the sand gold!

  91. Paula

    Sand Gold is my favorite

  92. Lucinda Knelsen

    I would love to wear these sandals out, but I doubt I would be as glamorous as this model! They black are my style and they look super comfy!



  94. Deborah Beyer

    The sand gold Geminis are my favorite!

  95. Amanda Patterson

    Gold is definitely my favorite!

  96. Susan Smith

    My favorite color is the Sand Gold

  97. Anna Pry

    all cute, i like the anthracite bronze

  98. Michelle S.

    I love the black in these!!

  99. Susan Ghotra

    The sand gold looks awesome!

  100. Tracy R

    white platino

  101. Betsy Barr

    I love the black sandals! Look so comfy!!

  102. Lizzette


  103. SN


  104. Cheryl J

    Love the black, goes with everything

  105. Beatrice P

    Sand Gold is my favorite

  106. Tiffany S

    My favorite color is the black sandals.

  107. Jenny S

    I’m the lone bronze voter! I really love the colors.

  108. Janet OBrien

    I love the black sandals.

  109. Carolsue

    I like the Sand Gold the most

  110. Diana Shenderovich


  111. Melissa Meredith

    Sand Gold

  112. Sarah Oswald

    I would probably choose the Sand told color.

  113. Nancy

    Black for me!

  114. Melynda Sartain

    love to win

  115. Amie Jensen

    Love the gemina

  116. Amie Jensen

    I love the blacks ones

  117. kelly light

    I love the sand/gold. Not my usual choice but, just something about it!

  118. Annamarie V

    I like the sand gold it would go with most everything I have.

  119. Seyma Bennett Shabbir

    I love the Sand Gold. It looks amazing!

  120. Kathy Linklater

    I like the black sandals.

  121. Kristen Joiner

    I like the basic black. They would go with so much.

  122. yvonne galindo

    Black sandals

  123. Ronda Gorman

    The Sand Gold. Gorgeous.

  124. Ken Ohl

    Love the sand gold

  125. Diane Sabatini

    I really like the Sand Gold colored sandals.

  126. Jeanne Coulombe

    I love the Gemina sandals in color black

  127. Nicole Bowers

    The SILVER Comfortiva Gemina sandals are my fave.. so Gorgeous.

  128. Deb Ford

    I love the sand gold!!

  129. drimeth

    Definitely the black!

  130. Marilyn Nawara

    Sand Gold

  131. Beth B.

    The sand gold is my favorite color – neutral will go with most things!

  132. Melissa Cunningham

    I like the anthracite bronze

  133. Bonnie

    Sand color

  134. AEKZ2

    My favorite is the Anthracite Bronze

  135. Terri Giles


  136. Pearl Perez-Crooks

    I am loving the sand colored sandals.

  137. Jennifer Belanger

    love the black ones ty gl all

  138. Tina Barker

    The Sand Gold is my favorite!

  139. Melissa Storms

    I like the black the most.

  140. mami2jcn

    I like the black ones best.

  141. Anita Duvall

    I think I like the Sand Gold the most. They would match so much in my closet.

  142. Nancy

    These are such cute sandals. My favorite color is the sand gold.

  143. monique s

    I like the black ones

  144. Barbara Lima

    Gemina, Sand Gold

  145. Karen Hoover

    I love the pink Gladiator sandals! The tassel style are great also.

  146. Julie Bickham

    I like the black ones.

  147. Lucia

    sand gold

  148. Candace P

    The Sand Gold is so pretty!

  149. Barrie

    I like the sand gold like you’re wearing. they would match with just about everything!

  150. Brenda Cremer

    These sound so comfortable and the black ones would go with everything!

  151. Erin

    Sand gold is my favorite.

  152. Laurie Nykaza

    I like the sand gold they are so cute

  153. Lisa Babs

    Adorable yet comfortable sandals that also come in wide!?!?! How awesome. Although I love them all, I think I’d go with the Black.

  154. Brittany Potter

    My favorite color of Comfortiva Gemina sandals is definitely the rose gold! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and amazing giveaway!

  155. Beth Hoppe

    I love the anthracite bronze color!

  156. Mimi F

    love the sandals- perfect for summer

  157. Charlette Bond

    I love Camel color for summer.

  158. Kelly Kimmell

    I like anthracite and bronze best.

  159. Mary Cloud

    I like the Black Sandals

  160. Lisa Lawton

    Love the Sand Gold ones!

  161. Sandra Lee Davis

    Hop my pictures in the sandals look as good

  162. Jenny Curtis

    The black design is my favorite color! Love how it sets off the tool work on the leather!

  163. Maureen Blatz

    The brown are my favorite

  164. Angela Williams

    I love the anthracite bronze color option.

  165. Sierra


  166. Young M

    Sang Gold or White Platino would probably look good on me. 🙂

  167. Mary Ann Purvis

    I like the black neat but also the sand and bronze!

  168. Anna Smith Gartner

    Metallic for sure!!

  169. Marlene Ann Bresnen

    I love the black

  170. courtney hennagir

    The black ones are my fave just because they are a little more versatile which is great because I think I would want to wear them with everything!

  171. Stephanie

    Love the black ones

  172. sarah

    I really like the black color.

  173. Sarah Hayes

    I think sand gold is really pretty. i would have a tough time choosing

  174. drmoe21


  175. rana durham

    i love the cork color.

  176. Amanda D


  177. Janet Hilliard

    I love the black one

  178. Michelle H.

    I am waffling between the Sand Gold and the Anthracite Bronze.

  179. Christine Queen

    I like the three color look

  180. Joy Runge

    Black is my favorite

  181. Shirley Emitt

    I really like the Black.

  182. Tabathia B

    I like the black color

  183. Elizabeth Boston

    Black is my favorite!

  184. Joan

    The White Platino is so fresh for summer.

  185. Jamie Martin

    Black or silver.

  186. Stephanie

    Love the ones you’re wearing but also the Rabea!

  187. Catherine Guzik

    The Sand/Gold for this glitzy lady!

  188. Carey Cole

    Sand Gold are my favorite
    (Black is second)

  189. Kaila

    Sand gold!

  190. Jennifer Sitz

    Sand Gold

  191. Abigail

    I like the Sand Gold as well!

  192. chelsea w

    The sand gold is so pretty. You can dress them up or down.

  193. Paula

    I love the featured sand gold shoes. They’d be really great for the boardwalk.

  194. Tara Peterson

    I love the sand/gold color that you have! So pretty!! Also love the gladiator sandals you have from this brand as well!

  195. latanya

    I would get the black color

  196. Janine Hwang

    I’d pick black

  197. Pat Marlow

    Black goes with everything, doesn’t it? So, BLACK!

  198. Pat Marlow

    Black goes with everything, so BLACK!

  199. Paige Byrd

    love the rose gold

  200. Norma

    Gemina Sand Gold

  201. Rajee Pandi

    white platino

  202. Crystal Bailey

    The anthracite bronze sandals are my favorite!

  203. Sheila Ressel

    The black color is my favorite.

  204. Melissa Hartley

    I love the Anthracite Bronze!!
    Thanks so much.

  205. Christina Hawkins

    Love the white!

  206. Heidi

    I’m all about the black sandals!

  207. Brandy Gano

    My favorite color is tan

  208. Peggy Johnson

    My favorite is the White Platino

  209. Leah Shumack

    The black are my favorite!

  210. jacqueline

    the ones you have on are my fav but the white platino are fun too!

  211. Carie

    I like the silver the best💗

  212. Eva Mack

    black for day or night

  213. Kathy C

    I like the Sand Gold and the Black

  214. Rebecca B

    I like the Sand Gold.

  215. Carol S Moore

    I love black!

  216. Jessica Gipson

    I love the black.

  217. Michelle

    Black is my favorite!

  218. Sheryl Edwards

    Love the sand gold!

  219. linda ricotta


  220. Carolyn Reilly

    I love the anthracite bronze!

  221. Amanda C

    The Sand Gold sandals are so cute!

  222. Elle

    I like anthracite bronze.

  223. Shawna Yonts

    I love the black ones!

  224. Colleen Boudreau

    I like them in black.

  225. Stephanie

    I like the the Skylyn ones in black since they would go with anything.

  226. Elizabeth J Hicken

    Black is always my go to sandal.

  227. Elaine Powell

    Sand Gold is my favorite.

  228. Sarah

    The black pair is my favorite

  229. Dawn Kaestner

    Black–they go with everything!

  230. Audrey

    I like the anthracite bronze!

  231. Celia M Russo

    sand gold

  232. Lily Wolfe

    I love the anthracite bronze

  233. Casandra LaMonaca

    I love the sand gold color sandals. Such a pretty color and reminds me of summer.

  234. Cassandra D

    I like sand gold.

  235. Kelly Freeman

    Sand gold is my favorite

  236. Sandra Preti

    Love the Sand Gold

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