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10 Packing Essentials for Your Next Cold Weather Winter Trip + Delsey Backpack Giveaway!!

10 Packing Essentials for Your Next Cold Weather Winter Trip featured by top Memphis travel blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.


Our first trip to Lake Tahoe is in the books, woohoo! We had such a great time, and it was even more gorgeous than I could even imagine. We have a couple more ski trips planned this winter too, so I thought it was the perfect time to share my top packing essentials for your winter trip!

Top 10 Cold Weather Packing Essentials:

When you’re in the mountains, staying warm (while being comfortable) is a must! And it’s ALL about layering! I’ve listed my favorite items that you just have to pack below, and you can shop via the images or the links. If you’re going to be doing any hiking or skiing, you’ll definitely need these essentials!

1.) Waffle Top

2.) Puffer Vest

3.) Lightweight Jacket or Pullover

4.). Fleece Lined Leggings

5.) Wool Socks

6.) Waterproof Boots

7.) Earmuffs or Ear Warmers

8.) Beanie or Hat

9.) Gloves or Mittens

10.) Lightweight & Durable Backpack

This backpack is not only lightweight and durable, but it so soft comfortable and cute! Matt even carries it, so you know it is great for both men or women! I am so excited to be teaming up with Delsey today to give away one of these identical backpacks! To enter, just use the rafflecopter widget below and good luck!

What about you? Do you have any cold weather trips lined up? What are your packing essentials? Let me know in a comment below!


10 Packing Essentials for Your Next Cold Weather Winter Trip featured by top Memphis travel blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.
10 Packing Essentials for Your Next Cold Weather Winter Trip featured by top Memphis travel blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.
10 Packing Essentials for Your Next Cold Weather Winter Trip featured by top Memphis travel blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.
10 Packing Essentials for Your Next Cold Weather Winter Trip featured by top Memphis travel blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.
10 Packing Essentials for Your Next Cold Weather Winter Trip featured by top Memphis travel blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  1. Melissa

    I love the Comete 2.0

  2. Kimberly

    I love the Montrouge luggage!

    • Sarah L

      I would love to win thus bag. My favorite piece of luggage is the EGOA 25″ Rolling Duffle. Thank you for this chance!

  3. Vickie

    I would love to have this backpack. I have the matching luggage and carry on and I love it!

    • Cliff Plummer

      The Comete 2.0 Is my favorite! Love the backpack

  4. Lesly f

    I like the comete style

  5. Anne

    What fun photos – and now I really want to plan a Lake Tahoe trip! Sounds amazing.

    Love the iconic collection from Delsey.

  6. Manda B

    I love the MONTROUGE backpack!

  7. alice f

    The Comete 2.0 is my favorite.

    • Stacey Payne

      Love the St. Tropaz luggage!!

      • Jennifer Raska

        Love the St Tropaz!! 🥰

    • Tyler G

      St Tropaz

  8. Kayley

    I like the CHÂTELET HARD + carry-on spinner language.

  9. Desiree

    Never had a piece from this line but would love to try one! We love the mountains!

  10. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    I have a Delsey spinner carryon and I love it! I also love the AERO 29″ Expandable Rolling Luggage – it’s next on my list to get.

  11. Kelly D

    I like the Sky 2.0, 2 wheeled carry on luggage.

    • Matthew V Alaniz


  12. bn100


  13. Jessica

    Wool socks are absolute must-haves indeed. Great list dear! Thanks for this.

    Jessica |

  14. Carol

    I love Delsey luggage and I would love this backpack!

  15. Marianna

    I like the Clavel 19″ carry on

  16. monique s

    I like the 2-Wheel Underseater from the Executive collection

  17. Kristy Wolfgang

    I like the ST. TROPEZ luggage piece.

  18. Amanda

    I think the CHATELET SOFT AIR VIEW ENTIRE COLLECTION is my favorite!

  19. Jessica Peeling

    I love the Montrogue backpack!

  20. Janine Markham

    The Engagement carry-on is so cute.

  21. Tammy S


  22. Bonnie Peeling

    I love the purple Sky Max!!!

  23. Angelica

    I absolutely love their Weekender Duffel! It’s so cute and practical! 😍

  24. Megan B

    Aero Luggage Set

  25. Patricia Smith

    love blue devan

    • Jennifer C

      LOVE the Engagement Carry On!

  26. Candace P

    I really like the Engagement carry-on!

  27. Nicki

    I like the Paris backpack

  28. Thuy N Vu

    I love their Chatelet spinners

  29. serena


  30. latanya

    the DEVAN

    • Aubrey Scott Daniels

      Moncey set is my favorite looks very durable

  31. Kenya F

    I’ve always loved the CHATELET HARD AIR 24″ Spinner Upright in the brown.

  32. Melissa Storms

    I really like the Egoa carry on bag the most.

  33. Robin Abrams

    I like the BELFORT DLX

  34. Janet OBrien

    I really like the TITANIUM set in black

  35. Sharon Rooney

    I like the CHÂTELET HARD +
    28″ SPINNER LUGGAGE. It is so pretty and classy. I especially like that it has spinner wheels.

  36. Christina Hammock

    I love the Aero collection because of the great color options. I like luggage that stands out so it’s easier to find at baggage claim. 🙂

  37. Dee Parker

    ST. TROPEZ 21″ EXP. CARRY-ON SPINNER – mostly because I like the name!

  38. Karley Moore

    I like the Clavel. They have lots of fabulous pieces!

  39. Lisa Babs

    I love the SKY MAX 2-WHEEL UNDER-SEATER. I love just being to store my back under my seat (being short I can not reach the overhead compartment). I do take buses and trains mre than airplanes anyways. Plus, it comes in purple and comes with wonderful pouches.

  40. Kat

    The Titanium International Carryon Spinner in purple is my top choice.

  41. Sheri Newell Anderson

    It’s sooo hard to choose just one favorite but I love the MONTROUGE 3 piece set!

  42. Vikki Parman

    I love the sleek design of the executive collection. It looks like it would hold up against some aggressive baggage handling!

  43. Kristen L.

    Love the chalet soft air tote bag!

    • Maureen S

      SKY MAX 2-WHEEL UNDER-SEATER, I hate to pay for priority access, so nice to know under the seat b is still an option in case of emergency

  44. Cynthia Richardson


  45. Debbie a Terry

    Carry-On – It is so beautiful!

  46. sarah

    I like the Titanium collection.

  47. Mary

    Clavel carry on.

  48. lori clark

    st tropez spinner is so cute in pink

  49. Lisa Chesnut

    I like the Aero 21″, I like a roller bag to take on the plane since a lot of times i do not check my luggage.

  50. Linda

    I like the ST. TROPEZ collection

  51. Teresa Fowler

    Love the Clavel View 30″ Exp spinner upright. Thank you

  52. Paige Byrd

    Outfits are adorable

  53. Rose Reeder

    My favorite is
    EXECUTIVE COLLECTION and hope to win this sweep to use to travel to Memphis.

  54. Angela Knight

    I love the Aero 29″ rolling expandable. It’s fashionable and practical all at once!

  55. zevah r steres

    i love this awesome backpack! it would come in handy on a weekend getaway!!

  56. Eva Mack

    High quality

  57. Eva Mack


  58. Chelsea


  59. frank

    I like the Aero the best

  60. Francine ONeill


  61. Monique Hanson-Keeler

    I love the Devan!

  62. Carol Clark

    Montrouge luggage

  63. Lisa W

    So many nice choices but truly love the Montrouge luggage

  64. Brenda

    I ❤️ The Chatelet Hard Air 24” Spinner Upright …🍀🤞🍀🤞

  65. Susan P.

    I won a large Delsey suitcase a couple of years ago and love it. I use it for road trips where I don’t have a size limit on the suitcase.

  66. Michelle Horstman

    This backpack! I really love it all!

  67. KV

    I like the Turenne Spinner.

  68. Sarah

    I love backpacks so aside from the
    Delsey Paris Chatelet Soft Air Backpack I really like the Montrouge backpack.

  69. Marni Greene

    I love the Aero,

  70. patricia caradonna

    The Devan 24″ Expandable spinner upright is my favorite.

  71. elishia bakle

    I love the clavel model its cute and sleek!

  72. Jennie C Roman

    The Montrouge in blue is so great! I need it!

  73. Stephanie V.

    TURENNE – carry-on

  74. Donny

    Anything clearance

  75. shannon cunnane

    I’d wear it all.

  76. Amy Cooley

    I like the St. Tropez Spinner.

  77. Yukti B.

    My fav is the CHÂTELET HARD +

  78. Tara Richardson

    The Chatelet hard collection looks great!

  79. Alex Montana


    • Kelly


  80. Irina

    Love Chatelet backpack

  81. Bonnie

    Love the back pack!

  82. Suezzy

    I would love to gift my daughter in law that beautiful backpack

  83. drmoe21

    looks nice

  84. Candace Galan

    I love the St. Tropez!

  85. Andrea

    Great stuff

  86. Miranda

    Clavel 19″ carry on

  87. Ellen B


  88. Rust

    I like several, but the HYPERGLIDE
    2-WHEEL UNDER-SEATER is one of my top picks.

  89. beth shepherd

    I like the devan

    • Kimberly Singh

      I love the St. Tropez luggage the best!

  90. Susan


  91. Dorothea Collington

    COMÈTE 2.0 or CLAVEL

  92. Nataly Carbonell

    I like the TURENNE 3-piece set!

  93. Lisa N

    Very nice luggage! Love the stylish designs!

  94. Shannon

    Love the MONTROUGE set in blue!!

  95. Kim Henrichs

    I love the Aero carry on!

  96. Deb Cohen

    Love the ridges styling on theDevin luggage oh and love the blue!

  97. Marci

    Chatelet hard air

    • Quanda Dykstra

      The BROCHANT large 27-inch case

  98. Monica D

    The spinner carry on definitely!

  99. Ann

    One of my favorites is the Chromium Lite – 21” Expandable Spinner Carry-On. It looks SO nice!

  100. Philip Lawrence

    My favorite piece of luggage from Delsey is the Chatelet Hard.

  101. angela smith

    I love the Turenne piece

  102. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    I like the CHATELET HARD AIR

  103. Blanca Marissa Garza

    The clavel carry on is so cute

  104. Rebecca B

    I like the St Tropez.

  105. Donna M

    The ST. TROPEZ Luggage!

  106. Jean noeton

    Thank you for the great giveaway

  107. Celeste Phillips

    I love the MONTROUGE

  108. Cynthia Egersdorfer

    This backpack looks amazing!

  109. Leigh Law

    Glad I found this! We are headed to CO for a “real snow” weekend – hubby and me and 4 teen+ kids. I’ve been planning clothing for weeks because we are in GA and obviously don’t have “real snow” clothes. This helped me A LOT and hopefully we can be as cute as the pictures!

  110. Leigh Law

    Chatelet Hard carry on spinner

  111. Annmarie Weeks

    I love their Aero rolling luggage in purple!

  112. Ashleigh Hack

    comete 2.0

  113. Cece

    CHATELET SOFT AIR Shoulder Bag

  114. Dorothy Rodgers

    That Delsey backpack is too cute!

  115. Nancy Dyer

    I love the Hyperglide 4-Piece Nested Set.

  116. Stacie


  117. Brenda K Boone


  118. Nancy

    I love the Devan carryon in blue. The color will stand out in baggage claim, if I ever have to check it instead of putting it in the overhead compartment. And I love that it would fit in the overhead compartment, if there’s room for it. The hard side keeps my stuff safe, yet it’s expandable to fit all my post-vacation souvenirs.

  119. Crosson47

    So much super cute stuff, want it all!

  120. Tray_m

    I love the St. Tropez carry-on spinner

  121. sandra

    i like the DELSEY Paris Helium Titanium Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

  122. elizabeth


  123. Riane

    I love the TURENNE 30″ spinner – sleek, sturdy, and I can spin and dodge through the airport!

  124. Devon

    I love the boots, such a cute look!

  125. Charles Sedano

    Would love to win the bag!

  126. Heather

    Love the egoa carry-on bag

  127. Jill Marie Hudak

    Love the CHATELET SOFT AIR weekender duffle! So cute!

  128. Jodi Daugherty Adams


  129. Cindy Merrill

    The Montrouge luggage looks lovely, but I need a backpack.

  130. Angela Kern

    I love the pink st Tropez bag

  131. Beth B.

    I really like the Devan. I like the hard sided pieces.

    • Traci A

      Love the carry on spinners

  132. Gary

    I like the Aero

  133. Jama Linn Vestergaard

    Oh. love the backpack!

  134. Delano Jennings

    Chatelet Hard Spinner

  135. yvonne galindo

    devan collection

  136. Gayle Watkins

    I don’t own any Delsey luggage, but if I were to buy any, I would get the HYPERGLIDE29″ EXPANDABLE SPINNER UPRIGHT in Peacock. It really suits my travel needs and I love that color. It stands out from all others on the baggage claim belt.

  137. Vicki Bonagofski

    Quilted underseater tote

  138. Amanda Merrell

    I love the backpack!

  139. Kelsey Vinson

    St tropez is beautiful

  140. Jessica DuBose

    I love the CHÂTELET HARD

  141. Tiffany S

    I really like the Turenne Spinner.

  142. Barbara Meeler

    I really like BROCHANT

  143. April Morin

    I like the Soft Chatelet Shoulder Bag.

  144. Peggy Doty

    QUILTED underwater Tote

  145. Jamie Martin

    Clavel for me.

  146. Bill La Barge

    I like the ST. TROPEZ luggage piece.

  147. Margaret Koehler

    I like the Chatelet hard 24 inch in white. Also this great backpack!!

  148. Audrey Stewart

    I love the CHATELET SOFT AIR
    WEEKENDER DUFFEL. I liked so many things!

  149. Kim L.

    I love that Delsey Chatelet pack. Adorable. Nice post and info.

  150. carol n

    I love the CHÂTELET Spinner

  151. Ellie Wright

    I like the CHATELET HARD AIR

  152. Cynthia Megill

    I love the ST. TROPEZ, it’s beautiful

  153. Soraya M

    I love the Delsey backpack! Very cute

  154. Jae Park

    My favoritepiece is the Clavel in Pink. TYVM!

  155. Andrea Darst

    I love the ST. TROPEZ 21″ EXP. CARRY-ON SPINNER in blue!

  156. Stephanie Ann

    I love the St. Tropez Hardside Spinner.

  157. Vera P.

    My favorite is the pink ST. TROPEZ

  158. Pamela McKinney

    I love the St. Tropez collection.

  159. Jennifer Johnson

    I like the AERO collection

  160. Hay

    My fav bag is the St. Tropez!

  161. DJ

    THE EGOA Rolling Duffle would be fabulous for trips! I’d love to win it!

  162. Brenda Henson

    I’m the Chatelet Soft Air, it is so classy

  163. Jeanne Turman

    in Peony
    29″ Expandable Rolling Luggage

  164. Patricia Hoffmeister

    Chatelet Soft Air

  165. Jeremy Jorgensen

    Nice Pack.

  166. Celena Metzger

    Wool socks and cute warm boots!

  167. Celena Metzger

    I love the ST Tropez carry on spinner!

  168. Karen Hoover

    I love the Devan – the carry-on is perfect size.

  169. Charlette Bond

    Devon 21″ expandable

  170. Julie Ray

    Executive collection

  171. Kim Naumannn

    I like the Titanium set!

  172. Dawn

    I like the CHÂTELET HARD + carry-on spinner.

  173. Jessica

    I love the CHÂTELET HARD.

  174. Em

    The Skymax 29″ looks nice!

  175. Rija

    I like the Quilted underwater tote in Black !

  176. Kathleen zolondek

    This back pack would be a great addition to our trip to Ireland this spring. Matches his luggage

  177. Amanda Tolar

    I’d love to have one (or six?) of the hardside spinners! The last time we flew my stupid roller bag was CONSTANTLY flipping over on me. Ughhh.

  178. Linda Brady

    The Hyper-glide makes my travel life a breeze!

  179. Corey Olomon

    I like the Devan.

  180. Lindsey Kleinjan

    No cold weather trips in the forecast, but I live in the upper Midwest, so cold weather essentials are part of my daily life. Sorel Boots and my insulated Columbia Coat are my essential winter items.

  181. Jessica

    Beautiful options!

  182. David Heath

    love the Montrouge luggage!

  183. Seyma Bennett Shabbir

    I love the color and design of the ST. TROPEZ collection.

  184. april vogel


  185. Susan Taylor

    COMÈTE 2.0 is awesome. Great carry on



  187. Richard Hicks

    I love their CRUISE LITE HARDSIDE 2.0

  188. Lauren Peterson

    I like the skymax upright spinner that’s expandable and 25″.

  189. Heather M

    My husband and I are going to NYC for a winter weekend getaway.

  190. Kayla Doan

    Executive collection.

  191. Abe Liandro

    I love the Montrouge luggage!

  192. Laura McDonald

    I love the Helium Titanium large and am buying it!

  193. Lisa McFarland

    chatlet hard + spinner

  194. Chris

    You should combine 7 & 8 on your list and add in a water bottle!

    I could really use a good hard sided case of just about any size.

    • Laura

      Great idea! You have to stay hydrated!

  195. wen budro

    I really like the Titanium luggage. It looks stylish and super durable.

  196. Sarah Parone

    Love your style!! Happy New Year 2020!

  197. Tim B.

    Sky Max is my favorite.

  198. shannon zeidan

    I really like the clavel.

  199. Rita a

    Love the turenne

  200. Rosanne

    I like the Aero Spinner Luggage Set

  201. Becky

    My favorite price is the St Tropez in pink!

  202. Teajay

    There are so many terrific ones to choose from, but I really like the Montrouge expandable carry-on!

  203. Janelle Inlow

    Love the St. Tropaz! Love your trip pics also!

  204. Jana Walls

    The Aero Collection for sure.

  205. Karrie A Millheim


  206. Julie Bickham

    I like the TURENNE carry-on.

  207. Diana Shenderovich

    would love to win .perfect for travel

  208. Kim Bakos

    The Belfort DLX

  209. Ashley c

    I love the st tropes

  210. Candie L

    I like the CHROMIUM LITE. Thank you

  211. Christina O

    My favorite is the sky max carry on.



  213. Shea Balentine

    I like the devan 24″ expandable… such a pretty shade of blue!

  214. Gina Gallagher

    I love the BELFORT DLX Spinner Carry-on!

  215. wendi

    I don’t know yet! I am excited to find out!

  216. Leah Shumack

    The carry on spinners are my favorite pieces!

  217. Erin

    I love the ST. Tropez spinner.

  218. Wendy McBride

    My favorite is the Montrouge 3-
    Piece set. Carry-on bag, laptop case, and essentials bag.

  219. Jared

    Can’t beat the brochant!

  220. Lorri K

    I love the CHÂTELET HARD + because you can never under-anticipate how hard travel is on your rolling bag. Nothing worse then dragging a broken bag through the airport

  221. Colleen Boudreau

    I like the AERO 29″ Expandable Rolling Luggage.

  222. Dave McCausland

    I like the The Comete 2.0.
    I would to get the Delsey Backpack
    Thank you for the chance and good luck to everyone 🙂

  223. Amber Kolb

    The ST. TROPEZ in light pink is so beautiful! I’d love it for our trip to St. Maarten this year!

  224. Heather

    Ohhh I want that backpack!

  225. Patricia Biggar

    I like the MONTROUGE CARRY-ON DUFFEL BAG in blue…just seems like I’d get so much use out of that piece of luggage.

  226. Gloria Luongo

    AERO 29″ Expandable Rolling Luggage

  227. Kaitlin Talanca

    I love the Aero luggage in plum!

  228. Janine Vance

    The Devan

  229. ae minx

    I really like the Montrogue backpack

  230. Katrina D Conant

    I like the executive series..thanks for the chance!

  231. Cassandra D

    Montrouge Backpack.

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