Faster Way to Fat Loss Free Round Giveaway!!

Faster Way to Fat Loss Giveaway featured by top US life and style blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels

Hey friends! Can you believe another month of workouts is down?! In February I focused on eating healthy and running again. In March I added in more core work, and in April I increased my mileage. This May I plan on adding back in more strength training and can’t wait! It’s time to up the cardio and up the weights!


To celebrate another month down, I’m partnering with Heather from My Life Well Loved and Alex McClune to give away a free round of Faster Way To Fat Loss with Alex! Whether you’ve been working out and eating healthy for a while and have plateaued or are looking to start, you will love FWTFL!

To enter, just use the rafflecopter widget below and good luck!

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  1. Hillary Conheady

    I’ve heard so many great things about faster way to fat loss! What a great giveaway!

  2. Brenda Cremer

    I NEED a faster way to weight loss.

  3. Emely Turish

    So happy to hear about your goals!! I have set a few work out goals for myself this month.

  4. Sarah Lindner

    Awesome giveaway!! Faster way to weight loss? Sign me up!!!

    xoxo Sarah

  5. Shelly

    So many friends have seen success with this program. Glad you have too!

  6. Nina Tekwani

    What a great giveaway. I bet this is an awesome program!

  7. Greta

    You gals look amazing! Sounds like a great system!

  8. Barrie

    I want a FASTER way to exercise when it’s unbearably hot outside and walking is overheating!

  9. Jennifer Bennett Crecelius

    I’m unfamiliar with the program, but I’d love to try! I need it!

  10. Chrissy

    I would love tips on staying consistent and sticking with it – I end up getting frustrated and giving up!

  11. suet

    need a faster way for fat and weight loss

  12. Jennifer D Raska

    I am a stay at home mom of two boys ages 2&3 with another due in June. I have not had the opportunity to lose any weight in the last 4 yrs and started out at 135 and now I am 208 lbs. After I have this baby it will be my last so I am needing to lose all my baby fat. This seems like the perfect opportunity to learn how!!!😍

  13. ronr

    looking for a plan to get back into shape

  14. shannon zeidan

    This is wonderful! Im always looking for new tips and tricks as well as fun ways to eat healthy and stay on track.

  15. Kathy C

    I’m just now finding this program but am looking forward to finding out more.

  16. Cheryl Everitt

    I’m very impressed with this Faster Way Program.

  17. Lisa

    I haven’t heard of it before today, but I’d love to learn about it.

  18. Jean Millsap

    I’ve got news for you, as you age, nothing happens fast so I’m really hoping with this method!

  19. Jamie Martin

    How about ways to stay healthy in the sun? No one wants heat stroke whilst exercise.

  20. vickie couturier

    id like to see how to loose a few pounds fast

  21. Michelle Fiorelli

    I love FWTFL – you always have the best taste in everything! 🙂

  22. John Joseph

    I would like to see combo of diet and working out to lose weight real fast. Thank you!

  23. Stephanie

    Such a cool opportunity. I’ve been telling my husband he should do this, so I may enter the giveaway just for him haha!

  24. Donna Porter

    I am all for eating healthier and working out. I do want to lose weight.

  25. samantha

    I would LOVE a quicker way to drop these extra pounds!

  26. Sarah Mayer

    How to stay healthy when you’re traveling. What to eat, how to eat it, when to eat it…

  27. melissa hanson

    A faster way to workout and get my heart pumping when I don”t have the whole hour I try to get in. Thanks!

  28. lindsay henige

    I would be most excited about getting cardio back in my life!

  29. Rajee Pandi

    I love to have flat tummy

  30. Paula Gillespie

    I am not familiar with this program but I definitely could use a faster, easier way to lose weight and help keep it off.

  31. Jennifer Sitz

    Lots and lots of recipes

  32. Natalie

    I would like to see more recipes and tips on how to not feel hungry and eat healthier foods.

  33. Amie

    I would love to learn about a better lifestyle to improve my overall health in addition to losing weight. I would also be interested in new recipes to help achieve this.

  34. Cassandra D

    Plan and goals for fitness.

  35. Holly Galvan

    You are so fit! I would love to get easy recipe guides.