January 14, 2021

How to Make Time for Self Care: 10 Easy Ways + Beauty Package Giveaway!!

How to Make Time for Self Care: 10 Easy Ways featured by top Memphis lifestyle blogger, Walking in Memphis in High Heels

Y’all have heard me talking about making time for self care before (here, here, and here are just a few examples!). For us mamas, self-care is something that I feel so passionate about. In my opinion, you can’t be a good mama and never take care of yourself or make time for yourself. You may be a mom but you’re still a person. That person still deserves some me time.

But, as a mom, I know it can be hard to make time for yourself (hello mom guilt). So I thought it would be helpful for y’all to share some tips on making time for yourself for some self-care.

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How to Make Time for Self Care: 10 Easy Ways 


Give Yourself Permission

For me, this is absolutely #1 for me. I don’t know about y’all but for me, I often find it hard to just give myself the grace and permission I need to take some time for myself. Know that it’s something you deserve, and something you need to be a better mama. Give yourself that permission to take care of yourself. You’ve earned it, mama!

Try to Let Go and Delegate

Even though there are often roles and responsibilities we inevitably fall into, right? But if you’re looking for a way to get some time to yourself, try to delegate some stuff to your partner, or to your older, more trust-worthy kids and (going back to my #1) give yourself permission to just let it be and relax. The house (and yes, maybe even the mess) will still be there when you get back, even if it’s not in perfect condition.

Let your Partner Handle Bedtime

If you’re a SAHM, you’re with the kids all day, every day. You’re taking care of breakfast, dressing them, entertaining and feeding them all day and then, typically, you’re also dealing with dinner and bedtime too. But when it’s realistic, let your partner handle bedtime and dinner clean-up and give yourself even just that hour or so for your me time. It’s perfect because your kids are occupied anyway with baths and getting ready for bed so they’re less likely to bust in on your me time.

Find Outside Help

I know COVID has changed a lot, but if you’re comfortable getting a sitter, hire one for the night and either get out of the house, or have the sitter keep the kids entertained so you can take a long, hot bath and just totally relax.

Start Small

Sometimes I think we can often get stuck in this idea that self-care has to be this elaborate event. In reality, even just taking 15-20 minutes for yourself each day is absolutely self-care. Sitting down with an actual hot cup of coffee, locking yourself in your bedroom to apply a mask, painting your nails…these are all things that are amazing for your mental health

Re-Think your Mornings

I know it can be hard to think about waking up even earlier than you already are. But, truth be told, the quiet in the mornings before everyone gets up can be so peaceful. If you can swing it, try waking up even just half an hour before everyone is a great way to get in some me time

Take Advantage of the Time you Spend Waiting Around

Start to take note of the time you spend waiting. Waiting in line at school pick up, at doctor’s offices, or at sports practices takes up a lot more time than you think. This is actually a great opportunity to try and get in a little me time. Read a book, journal, enjoy the latte you picked up from that local coffee shop on your way over there

Have play Dates with Other Moms

I’ve always found a great way to get in some me time is by hanging out with my mom friends. We can head to a playground, let the kids play and chat more or less uninterrupted.

Make Self Care a Priority

If you don’t see it as a priority, it will be harder to make time for it. Start seeing yourself as just as much of a priority as your husband and your kiddos. Think about how much time you spend on them. You deserve this time for you too, mama.

Schedule Self Care In

This one seems kind of odd, I’ll admit. But, just like you’d schedule your annual check-up, a massage or anything else for yourself, take a look over your week or your day and find a way to fit it in! Book an appointment with yourself. Have your people call your people 😉

What about you? How do y’all find ways to make time for yourself? Let me know!

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182 thoughts on “How to Make Time for Self Care: 10 Easy Ways + Beauty Package Giveaway!!”

  1. My biggest concerns would be fine lines and aging skin. Also wrinkles. I have sleep apnea and wearing a full facial mask is making my face start to have fine lines.

  2. Christy Peeples DuBois

    Extremely oily skin at age 52, wrinkles and large pores. Thanks to niacinamide and acids my concerns are fading slowly. Consistency is the key with skin concerns, self care……
    Great post. My two girls are grown but it’s still important to make time for self care. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Biggest concerns at the moment are skin dullness, tiredness and dryness. Working from home (or living at work however you look at it) I rarely leave home or get out in the fresh air the day seems to get away from me, I get everything delivered, and all my kids are doing homeschool. Before I turn around in a day it’s already dinner time, I’ve found my skin and everything else seems to have just gone down the drain at the moment.

  4. My biggest beauty concerns are dehydrated skin with some redness on cheeks. I also have a difficult time finding foundation that matches my skin tone. The paler shades are always to orange or yellow.

  5. My hair is super dry from coming home and washing at the end of my shifts and always being pulled into a ponytail to stay out of the way of my mask and stethoscope.

  6. My biggest concern is that I’ve been working so much and not getting enough sleep that I’m getting nasty bags under my eyes that aren’t going away

  7. As I am getting older my skin is becoming intolerant to products I’ve been using for years, testing new products is now sucking all the moisture from my once normal zones:(

  8. I really don’t worry about the fine lines and wrinkles. I feel like I’ve earned them along with my gray hair at my advanced age (just turned 81). I don’t like my belly fat however. No matter if I gain or lose weight the midsection innertube is always there.

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