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It’s My Birthday + $100 Target Gift Card Giveaway!!

Top Memphis lifestyle blogger, Walking in Memphis in High Heels celebrates her birthday by hosting a Target gift card giveaway


Happy Thursday y’all! So…it’s my birthday, and I’m not going to lie…I’m pretty excited! This year has already been such a big year! Matt and I have birthdays 2 weeks apart, so we usually celebrate 7 days after his and 7 days before mine by doing something special together. This year we celebrated in Pigeon Forge in a cabin for a couple of days, and it was SO nice!

This was also our first year to celebrate our birthdays by spending them together… in the same house… in the same state… and being married. We definitely don’t take the little things for granted! And not to mention, we are adding a 3rd baby to the family, so that makes this birthday feel even more special! Getting to celebrate it with Matt, Leighton, Amelia (next week) and baby Grayson on the way. = )

This year I wanted to do something different for my birthday. I usually do a post sharing the things I’ve learned over the year, and don’t get me wrong, I have LEARNED so much this year, and even over the last few years. But I honestly feel so blessed at this point in my life that I thought this would be the perfect time to ask YOU exactly what YOU want to see on the blog. And give back with a fun little $100 Target gift card giveaway.

I don’t know about y’all, but I have been loving Target’s clothing selection lately, like this pretty dress I’m wearing today. And it has always been a favorite for baby items, so it’s safe to say I’ve been doing a lot of online Target shopping for home, my growing bump and baby!

I also want to share my top 5 posts over the past 8 years if anyone else wants to take a little trip down memory lane. = ) It’s no surprise that everyone loves travel guides, baby wearing and fashion! = )

Dallas, Texas Travel Guide

Breckenridge, Colorado Travel Guide


Gladiator Sandals

What to Pack for a Trip

To enter this Target gift card giveaway, all you need to do is fill out this survey that should take less than 5 minutes to complete and then enter using the widget below. All of that should take less than 10 minutes. And if you’re already following me here and on social media, well, it will only take about half that time!

Thank you all so much for entering and for filling out the giveaway! It means a lot to me, and it helps me know what you’re wanting to see on the blog and social media each day. Feel free to leave me a comment below with anything else you would love to see. = ) See you back tomorrow; I’ll be sharing the best 4th of July weekend sales!

Enter this Target Gift Card Giveaway Below:

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  1. Hannah

    I love to see things to do with your kids. Especially stuff you can do around the house, examples: water ballon fight, hammocks, movies, special dinner nights, etc.

    • Laura

      Good ideas, I will work on adding that!

      • Thomasina

        I would buy lounge wear for the whole family!

      • Maranda

        Happy birthday 🎉 🎈 I would love to shop Target, for some reason I don’t shop there that often I would love to buy some shorts that actually fit my chubby thighs.

  2. KV

    I like the Mesh detail one piece shade shore blue snake print swimsuit.


      Great ideas to keep in mind

  3. Rita Walker

    I would buy more clothes.

  4. Sheila V.

    I would definitely load up on the $5 t-shirts in all colors!

    • Anel

      I would use the money for some new clothes! Almost 5 months pp, and mama needs new clothes!

  5. Steve Weber

    I would stock up on all sorts of cleaning products!

  6. Angelica

    Thanks for the chance to win and give feedback! I would buy some essentials, yummy snacks, new clothes, and maybe a kitchen gadget or some candles if I won.

  7. Sarah Hayes

    As much as I’d love to use it Towards The egg chair, Id probably Use it to buy clothes. I want to update my style more into what I enjoy and that what I think Other people Will like.

    • Mendy Dinsmore

      I took the survey. I would buy groceries with the gift card.

  8. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    I would use the gift card for more outdoor accessories- Target has such a great selection, I can’t stop buying!

  9. Karina Herrera

    Happy Birthday!

    • Suhair

      Happy Birthday🎂💐🎉 and looking great keep up the good stuff ty

  10. Elaine

    I would stock up on groceries if I were to win

  11. Jovan B.

    A comforter set and I need a little chair for my meditation room.

    • Shannon citrino

      Happy birthday!! IRS my mom’s birthday this month too, so I’d use it to buy her a gift.

  12. Andrea Engelhardt

    I live close to a Target and would be thrilled to win this!

  13. donna porter

    I would say a swimsuit but since we are not going to be able to take our beach vacation this year due to covid I would probably just purchase some grocery items. These also comes in handy since we are shut in more we are eating more..LOL

  14. Dandi D

    I would probably get some cute nursing tanks and tops for when my new little one arrives!

  15. Sharon Rooney

    If I won I would probably buy some tops for summer and some stuff for the new puppy.

    • Megan Wilson

      Happy Birthday! This would go towards a new carseat for my son if I were to win!

  16. Sheila Vives

    What wouldn’t I buy at Target. I am moving so I would buy some new linens, and I would take a look at their outdoor furniture.

  17. Braden


  18. Dawn Kaestner

    black strappy sandals

    • Angela Kern

      I would love to get new towels and sheets

    • Amy Turnbull

      I love Target and i would love to buy clothes for myself rather than for my son.

  19. Rachel Travis

    I would get some decor for my toddlers bedroom!!

  20. Denise Luscan

    Probably some summer clothes!!

  21. Bryan Vice

    We just had a baby girl on my birthday 5/25 I would buy some baby clothes/ diapers Target is one of my favorite stores

  22. Chelsea W

    I’d like to buy a new swimsuit from there!

  23. Ashley B

    Love your fashion and mommy posts! What a fun giveaway!

    • C.Rose

      Happy birthday. I would buy some clothes for my children.

  24. Melanie

    been eyeing a large planter and stand 🙂

  25. Tiffany S

    I would buy a new bedding set if I won.

  26. mami2jcn

    I took the survey. I would buy sandals.

  27. Michelle Fiorelli

    Happy birthday!!! I love your blog and fashion info!!

  28. Casandra LaMonaca

    Took the survey ✅
    I would buy school clothes for my daughter and do a little Christmas in July shopping for her.

  29. Nina

    Happy Birthday!!

  30. Kelly D

    I took the survey. I would buy pajamas.

  31. Brianne A.

    I think I’d buy new jeans! Kind of wearing mine out!

  32. Lisa

    I would love to get some skin care products.

  33. Kaitlin

    Love Target! I would buy some postpartum must haves- comfy joggers, pjs, etc!

  34. Maureen

    I took the survey.
    From Target each week I usually purchase some groceries and then also Kevita.
    I get vitamins and books and we bought our pots and pans there as well.

  35. Sandra

    I took the readers survey. I would want to buy home decor, a new book and a black romper, but I would probably buy diapers.

  36. Lesly F

    I would love to buy clothes for my kids

  37. Donny

    I like to buy movies at Target.

  38. Jessica Staley

    I would get some cute décor for my back porch.

  39. Shanna Uptergrove

    I would love to get an outdoor rug for our back porch!

  40. Tiffany C.

    I love that dress on you! If I won the Target gift card I’d buy baby stuff. We are currently waiting on our second adoption and could get a placement any day now!

  41. Rosie

    I took the survey, and I went back as I’m not sure if I was supposed to put my email in, that is what I get for doing this late. I was on Target site today looking at activewear, esp hoodies and leggings. I need long sleeves and ankle length for when I’m outside – Target has so many nice options, nice dress collections now, too!

  42. Francine Anchondo

    Clothes for my kids

  43. Philip Lawrence

    I took the survey. If I won, I would buy some new clothes at Target.

  44. Aubrey Daniels

    Happy birthday! I’ll be 36 soon! Hope you enjoy your birthday month!

  45. xjanelx78

    If I won, I’d buy a 3 drawer storage tower, and I’d use the rest towards a basinnet for my sister who is currently pregnant.

  46. Dawn Ballo

    I would buy clothes and shoes. Happy Birthday 🎂

  47. flattc

    Catchy title!

  48. Susan,TN

    Happy Birthday!! Hope u have a great day!! And thx for celebrating ur big day with ur readers. If I won, I will buy a portable ice maker. We live full time in a RV and the freezers r small. Therefore we never have ice. I want to be able to have ice at my disposal.. lol

  49. Isabella

    I would buy grocieries

  50. Seyma Bennett Shabbir

    I would love to buy clothes for myself.

  51. Calvin

    Cargo shorts, and some chinos!

  52. Casey Garvey

    I definitely need some tee shirts and new undies!

  53. Kate Finn

    I would buy some of the new Sun Squad merchandise, like a cooler.

  54. Xia Lee

    Would buy diapers and wipes

  55. Leland Lee

    Would buy groceries

  56. Janine Markham

    Probably just the essentials but of course all the things I don’t need because it’s Target. LOL

  57. Erin J

    Some new clothes for this strange new start back to school!

  58. Anne S

    I would buy some of their great food products

  59. Chantessa

    If I won I would buy myself a new swimsuit and my baby some diapers and wipes. ❤️💜💖💜❤️

  60. Chantessa R

    If I won I would buy me a new swimsuit and some hair products and also stock up on some diapers and wipes for my baby.

  61. Sheryl Holden

    I need summer shorts, Bermuda style


    JULY 2 is my birthday also! Happy belated birthday.


    I would love a new duvet or new sheets.

  64. linda ricotta

    happy birthday!!!!

  65. Lucy Bertoldi

    Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy:)

  66. Brianna

    That is so sweet! My birthday is in January so it’s always cold and my husbands birthday is in September and usually falls on Labor Day. Hope you have a great weekend.

  67. Jeremy McLaughlin

    Would buy clothes.

  68. Natalie Hartmann

    I would love to buy a new bedding set!

  69. Charles Sedano

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one.

  70. Jessica W.

    I tried to take the survey but it was under site maintenance. I would buy a new swimsuit from Target.

  71. tammy

    Would buy some new accessories!

  72. Stacey

    We are weaning our 3.5 year old from nursing to go to sleep so I would buy new bras for the first time in years!

  73. Susan Taylor

    I would buy a new toy to have at this grandmas house

  74. Rachel Lee

    Honestly, I’d buy baby/kid stuff from target 🙂 or some homeschooling supplies. I have a 4.5 year old & am due with #2 at the end of october

  75. Carolyn Daley

    I would use the gift card towards groceries and buy Scoob on Blu-ray when it gets released later this month.

  76. Kimberly L Rutkowski

    I would buy a snow cone machine and a slip and slide for the kids in the neighborhood to have fun with.

  77. Brianna Cruz

    This would be awesome for me and my daughter

  78. Gabrielle

    I would stock up on pet supplies for my adorable terrier.

  79. Margaret S Porter

    I need some new sheets

  80. Susan Christy

    I’d buy some new pj’s and all the tie-dye I can!

  81. Jenny Hansen

    I would use the $100 as part of a new tablet

  82. Alice F

    I took the survey and I love that you ask the Readers what they want to read. Also Happy Birthday to you! If I were to win, I would buy some Scented Candles…Target always has the best selection of Candles.

  83. SueEllen Williams

    I would buy some new pens, check out the Dollar Spot, and find some other goodies.

  84. Ashley B

    I’ve had my eye on an owlet monitor for our baby due in September!!

  85. alessandro pampolino

    will buy some home decor..its awesome

  86. Nelle


    • Jessica Walker

      Happy birthday to you! I would buy clothes for my daughter if I won.

  87. Calshondra Williams

    Happy Birthday! I love shopping at Target. If I won, I’d put it towards some grocery and necessary essentials. Thanks for the chance.

  88. Angela Heerde

    I would buy clothes.

  89. Britton S

    a blowup pool or slip n slide

  90. Fredrick Pauly

    I would give it to my wife and let her buy whatever she wanted.

  91. Nicole Martin

    I would probably buy something for my new house.

  92. Wendy Pesce

    I would buy baby clothes for my new granddaughter

  93. Kimberly Harrison

    I’d stock up on groceries, thanks for the chance to win! 😉

  94. Shayna Brookman


  95. Carla Moschetti

    I would buy socks, undies, bras and new pajamas.

  96. Annalisa Kraft Linder

    I would by an air fryer I have been wanting one for a long time.

  97. Billie Rowel

    I would buy toys for my 3 year old nephew to play with outside. Thanks for the chance!

  98. Brandie

    I’d split it between necessities and something fun for the summer!

  99. Anne Higgins

    I have some birthdays to purchase gifts – one would be a LEGO set our grandson wants only available at Target. Thanks for the help paying for it!

  100. Meredith Brooks

    Happy Birthday!!
    If I won I would love the Cravings by Chrissy Teigen 5qt Cast Iron Enameled Dutch Oven. I also love the “Stars Above” pajama/lounge wear Target has. They are so soft & comfy! Thanks for so much for the chance to win!

  101. Gal Colleen

    I would buy summer plates, dishes, etc from Target if I won.

  102. monique s

    I would get clothes or housewares, i.e. some new cutlery

  103. Lula Ruger

    I would buy a few gifts for my daughters baby shower

  104. Roy Cagle

    I believe I may invest in some new glasses for my vision.

  105. Amy Jo

    Took the survey! I would buy the many craft items in my cart from Target-to keep the Little busy!

  106. Rachel D

    I would buy treats for my two dogs and the all the fixings for a banana split party for my family while we are social distancing!

  107. Sarah Cool

    I have so many family and friends that have July birthdays (8 I think 😬) so I would love to buy some bday gifts 🎁 such as board games and home related items.

  108. Christine Coppola

    Great minds think alike!!!

  109. Sarah Cool

    I have so many family and friend who have birthdays this month (8 I think 😬) so I would love to buy some birthday presents 🎁 such as board games and things for the home. Happy Birthday 🎊 🥳

  110. KariLorr

    I would get some outdoor items to decorate my balcony.

  111. dana

    I’d buy Kombucha; I’m hooked

  112. Saegan Anderson

    I need a new blender so that’s what I would get from Target!

  113. Cheryl B

    I would buy new towels and bath mats for my bathrooms.

  114. Marisela Zuniga

    I would buy some house decor

  115. mary rudy

    Happy birthday! I would buy all kinds of snacks from Target!

  116. Morgan H

    Happy birthday!

  117. Geena O'Banion

    Thank you for this opportunity to win. If I were to win I would buy a couple of items: like headphones. I would also buy clothing for summer.

  118. Richard Hicks

    I would get pet supplies.

  119. Sara Zielinski

    I would buy Netflix Stranger Things Handheld Arcade Game

  120. Jon Heil

    Junk food or household items

  121. Lisa David Carr

    Happy Birthday! I would spend the gift card on some things to spruce up our home decor. Thank you!

  122. Ranae

    I would buy some home decor and board games!

  123. Abigail Gibson

    I would buy groceries.

  124. Starr McDaniel

    I would put the $100 toward a robotic vacuum.

  125. kathy Persons

    Clothes for growing grandson~

  126. Eva Mack

    toy shopping for legos

  127. Kelly KImmell

    Since it is getting closer to back to school, I would probably buy school supplies.

  128. Nerlande

    I would buy clothes

  129. Molli Taylor

    i would get a new tablet for my kids!

  130. Amber

    I would buy a new swimsuit for myself as I think Target has a nice selection.

  131. Luisa E

    Thanks for the giveaway! If I won, I’d like to get the Pillow Top Hammock Chair for the patio, and maybe some planters.

  132. Kim Henrichs

    happy birthday!!
    I would get some summer stuff for around the house!

  133. Christina Gould

    I would buy bedding from Target if I won. Thanks for the giveaway!

  134. paige chandler

    I would get new pajamas from Target

  135. Kim Pickett

    I need some picture frames. I have so many awesome photos that are in drawers. I want to display them around the house!

  136. Tara L

    I’d love to purchase this Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Camera – Red

  137. Natalie

    If I won I would buy a new mop, groceries and workout clothes at Target!

  138. Beth B.

    I would probably buy food and other household necessities.

  139. Susan Smith

    I would buy a pair of boots for the Winter.

  140. Allyson Tice

    i would buy new curtains for my kitchen!

  141. Olivia Parker

    I would buy outdoor backyard space items and flowers to decorate a space to hang out.

  142. Ashley c

    I took the survey! I would get some new clothes for my son. He is growing so fast

  143. Alisha Lecroy

    I took the survey. I would buy decor for my home.

  144. Kristen Osborne

    What I would buy from Target? Probably school supplies for my daughter. She will need them even if we homeschool.
    Happy belated birthday!! It was my 37th yesterday 👍😁

  145. Nancy Cahill

    I am brand new at reading your blog. I found it fascinating. I will let you know very soon what other things I would like to see in it, if that is ok. I hope I can still be entered in your generous contest. At Target I would buy some summer tops, as I don’t have very many right now.

  146. Tracy Robertson

    I would buy some clothes for work. I just started a new job and will be working with the public for the first time in 10 years. My wardrobe definitely needs an update!

  147. Melissa

    i would buy some household supplies!

  148. Melissa

    happy birthday!

  149. Sarah

    Happy Birthday! So excited you are having a baby boy!!

  150. Antoinette M

    I would purchase bedding.

  151. Vanessa E Park

    I would buy lots of t-shirts!

  152. Kayla Doan

    Clothes and makeup

  153. Tina Reynolds

    I would use for my youngest kiddos upcoming birthday

  154. Suzanne

    I would get sheets

  155. Whitney Rowley

    I would probably buy fun toys or clothes for my 8 month old!

  156. Laurie Nykaza

    I would love the Two-Tier Organizer with Dividers Frost/Gray – Madesmart for my bathroom

  157. Hesper Fry

    I would use it towards food to help with my grocery bill.

  158. Stephanie Liske

    I would get some clothes.

  159. Emily B.

    I could buy some new nightclothes from Target.

  160. Carolsue

    I would buy some party supplies for my daughter’s upcoming birthday

  161. Rosanne

    I would like a iRobot Roomba 960 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum

  162. Stacy

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday and thanks for thinking of others. I know it will be a blessing for whoever wins.

  163. Sara

    I would get some dresses

  164. Margaret Smith

    I’d love to treat myself to a set of new pots and pans.

  165. Amber L Azelton

    I would buy a laptop

  166. Laurie Penman

    I would buy some things from the clearance aisle! I’m always shopping there! I love to upcycle things and I can always pick up something cool in the clearance section that I can either save for a gift or put to good use in my place!

  167. April

    I would save it for back to school supplies!

  168. beth shepherd

    I would buy new shoes for my son. Thank you

  169. rita leonard

    I love the makeup at Target

  170. Lisa Ellison

    i would buy groceries

  171. Sandy Klocinski

    I will probably by pictures for my living room

  172. ae minx

    I’d get some new workout clothes

  173. nickie

    Clothes and makeup

  174. Melissa Storms

    I would buy myself a couple outfits if I won.

  175. Kimberly C

    I would buy pajamas and a few things for my new niece!!

  176. Renee T

    I’d buy some groceries. Thanks.

  177. Debbi Wellenstein

    I need some new pillows for our bedroom.

  178. sandra

    i might get the 70″ Sliding Door Transitional Wood TV Storage Stand – Saracina Home

  179. Heather

    I would buy kids clothes. Always growing.

  180. Cynthia C

    I would get birthday gifts for my nieces.

  181. Melissa

    I would buy clothing!

  182. Julie

    Housewarming presents for my brother and his now wife! 💛

  183. Melinda

    I think I’d probably buy a pair of bike shorts. I’m intrigued by this trend, though I might wind up returning them for something else!

  184. brittany doerfler

    If i won I would buy some school clothes for my always growing kiddos.

  185. Michelle H.

    I took the survey. I would get the Instant Pot 8qt Duo Crisp Combo Pressure Cooker Air Fryer.

  186. Kimberly B.

    i’d buy a swimsuit and some summer sandals.

  187. maria gentry

    Love your fashion articles! I would definitely love to use this money for some new shoes!

  188. Lauren Hecker

    I would probably buy groceries with the money, I can always use more groceries.

  189. Sonia L

    I would buy household products and educational dvds for my son.

  190. Brooke

    Can never have enough fashion and fitness!

  191. Manda

    A gift for my daughter’s 10th birthday!

  192. Tabathia B

    I would use it for school clothes for kids

    • Vickie

      I think I would buy home decor.

  193. james jenkins

    Gotta get goodies, always, for the fur babies; costs more than you’d think.

  194. Gordon

    Doggie treats!

  195. Keeley Sullivan

    I would buy school supplies for my child.

  196. Edye

    Happy birthday!! I would get some new boots!

  197. Steph Hess

    Love it

  198. Rebecca Weiss

    I’d buy a cute dress and sandals for the summer! I also like to check out the home decor section.

  199. Heather Kaufman

    I took the survey. I would buy a few new dresses.

  200. Amanda Saltsman

    curtains we are moving into our dream home

  201. Leah Shumack

    I would use it for some new jeans!

  202. Steffi S.

    Lots of organizing stuff for homeschooling.

  203. LeAnn Harbert

    I will get my granddaughters some clothes and outdoor toys.

  204. Pat

    I would buy some summer t-shirts.

  205. Julieh

    I would buy a shabby chic bedspread set from Target.

  206. AEKZ2

    I would buy some school supplies for my kids.

  207. Tiffany Banks

    I would buy my kids clothes and myself some decor for my house

  208. Sarah Oswald

    i would probably buy clothes for my kids thanks for the chance to win!


    I need new duds….

  210. PJ

    Some weights, probably kettlebells.

  211. Sarah L

    I’ll get groceries!
    Thanks for the contest.

  212. susan smoaks

    i’ve got my eye on some new joggers from Target and maybe a new swim suit too.

  213. judy gail shaffer

    great prize to get birthday gift for my daughter

  214. judy gail shaffer

    I would purchase a birthday gift for my daughter

  215. Louis A Davila

    I would definitely load up on the $5 t-shirts in all colors!

  216. Alaina M.

    Target I am waiting for a book shelf to go on sale.

  217. Audrey Stewart

    I would buy Friskie’s Canned Cat Food for my elderly rescue cats I shelter.

  218. Patricia Biggar

    I’d buy some kitchen tools at target if I won.

  219. annette campbell

    I would buy a charger and case for my iphone

  220. Kayla Klontz

    I would get my children some school supplies.

  221. Kelly Freeman


  222. kelly grant

    Happy Birthday. I would prepare for school with it.

  223. Sarah

    I love your blog and keeping up with you and your family!

    I would buy my 13 year old a new comforter set.

  224. Gabrielly

    I would buy some summer clothes.

  225. Rust

    Happy belated birthday! I’d love to shop at Target for large planters for my cane begonias.

    • Buddy Garrett

      I would buy groceries and household essentials.

  226. Elizabeth Miller

    Now that out beaches have opened up, we have just found out that my teen has no bathing suit and actually since she has done so much yoga, jogging, and P90 durng the lock down that she really needs just about all new clothes for the rest of summer, and the fact that her birthday is this month, I would let her have it to splurge and get some clothes.

  227. Donna

    I would buy a new vacuum. My old vacuum really needs to be replaced.

  228. Rebecca B

    Happy Birthday!! I have been looking at TV consoles, Target has a couple that would work great in my space.

  229. Amy Nick

    i would get myself some new tank tops

  230. Sheri Newell Anderson

    I did the survey! I would probably spoil my grandsons with some new outfits from Target, such a fun store!!

  231. Nicole Fall

    I would buy baby stuff!!! I’m going to be an aunt in the beginning of September!!!!!!!!

  232. Erin Walsh

    New bath towels.

  233. wendy lee klenetsky

    Thank you for offering such a great prize!

  234. Shirley Emitt

    I would buy school supplies.

  235. Sand

    I’d spend it on some new workout clothes!

  236. Arlinda

    Girl, you know the answer is clorox. Hahaha, just kidding. I would buy a dress and a pair of shorts and some cat toys.

  237. Laurie Emerson

    I would buy some summer clothes as I admit I have gained more than a few pounds over these past months.

  238. Sarah

    I would buy some dresses and sandals if I won! I love Target!

  239. Betty Curran

    I would buy a new office chair. Now that I’m working from home I need something that is comfortable for 8 hours a day.

  240. Ashley Mains

    I would get me some new clothes!

  241. Cliff Plummer

    Household items , been a long few months at home and we are Def bin need if a lot

  242. Cassandra D

    Instant Pot Duo Nova and decor for the home.

    • Lily Kwan

      I would get groceries.

  243. Jerry Marquardt

    I would order the Shark ION Robot Vacuum R76 with Wi-Fi from Target.

  244. Susan Marina Brown Lane

    I would get back to school things for my daughter!

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